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It is summertime in Fort Lauderdale–one of the ways to tell is just look at Bette Davis, our weather forecaster(#2), pointing to the next 7 days–actually it is a little cooler as our highs for the past 4 weeks has been close to 93 degrees making the ‘feel like’ temps near or above 100 degrees

One of the guys (3) who have their boat docked at Gateway enjoying his day on the water!

All my pepper plants are showing the green and red peppers–I am getting a good crop this year!

Okay, get used to it–the calendar tells it all and you will be hearing the preparations as I go along–right now it looks like I may hold the party at Big Louie’s because 1) I never had a birthday party there 2) it is one of my favorite restaurants and 3) Sergio can put out a new buffet spread plus pizzas and their great garlic rolls. Nothing definite yet as I have a few other restaurants to try out plus new ones open every day!


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STREAMING REVIEWS JULY 2022 PART 1   Leave a comment

1) “Summerland”–Netflix–British film–1 hour & 39 minutes–synopsis: In 1940 Alice Lamb, lives in a cottage by the seaside in Kent. She has lived in the village since before the start of WWII, and tolerated the harassment by local children who thought she was a witch because she was a loner. As part of the war effort, the brusque and reclusive writer is entrusted with the care of a young boy, Frank, who left London where it is unsafe. Alice had not volunteered to be a host and does not want to care for him as she fears it will interfere with her work  but reluctantly agrees to let him stay believing that he has nowhere else to go and she will be able to be rid of him in a week. As she begins to accept Frank’s presence, she recalls her relationship with Vera, a fellow student at university who wanted to be a novelist and with whom she fell in love. Vera breaks Alice’s heart when she decides to end their relationship not because it was considered taboo, but because she has a strong desire to be a mother and it could not be possible with Alice– was it just 9 years ago when I saw Gugu Mbatha-Raw star in “Belle” and “Beyond The Lights” that I thought  she would be a huge star but as beautiful as she was and a first rate actress and even become more beautiful that hasn’t happened–I thought at the time, and I still think so, her name has worked against her–a young lad Lucas Bond steals the movie with one scene near the end between him, Gemma Arterton and Gugu Mbatha-Raw

2) “Life Itself”–Prime–American Film–1 hour & 57 minutes–synopsis: as a young New York City couple goes from college romance to marriage and the birth of their first child the unexpected twists of their journey create reverberations that echo over continents and through lifetimes–Dan Fogelman, who wrote and directed “This is Us” does the same with this film–going back and forth in time he knows how to make the cliches move you–he makes old stories seem new and has an excellent cast to work with–we don’t really know where it is going until it gets there–I recommend it for people, like me,who believe in life and love.

3) “Beauty”–Netflix–movie–1 hour & 35 minutes–synopsis: a young black singer on the brink of  a promising career finds herself torn between a domineering family, industry pressure and her love for her girlfriend–a singer you never hear sing? A drama with no drama? A load of legendary black singers and yet Judy Garland is used for the major point? Then there is the guy next door and what’s that all about? This is a movie in search of a movie!

4) “Two Summers”–Netflix–French series–season 1–6 episodes–4 hours & 35 minutes–synopsis: group of friends get together 30 years after one of the members died in an accident–a relaxing vacation turns into a nightmare when some of them are being blackmailed for a sexual assault that took place 30 years before–the series goes back and forth in time and I really couldn’t tell who was who regarding the younger selves–who is threatening them all and who cares? This is a 4 and a half hour series that could have been told in a 2 hour movie and telling it in a linear fashion would have made it so much easier to follow not to mention there be some resemblance between the your people and their older selves.

5) “Mambo Italiano”–Prime–Canadian Film–1 hour & 39 minutes–synopsis: when an Italian man comes out of the closet it affects both his life and his crazy family–a by the numbers film taking place in Montreal, with comedy and expected number laughs, loud outrageous parents, one gay guy and another who doesn’t know, a neurotic sister, etc., yes all there but still entertaining–give it a try when you want something and don’t have to think–smile, even laugh now and then and afterwards don’t give it a second thought!

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It all started a week ago Saturday when I got a message “paper jam” on my printer but I couldn’t find/see any paper jammed! John came over and he couldn’t find any either! I had the  EPSON XP 430 for 4 years as of April 16, 2018, so I wasn’t surprised it finally gave up! I needed a printer and I needed it NOW! (Hey, I am only 21–still a kid!) I went on the computer and looked for a wireless computer since I was getting a new one and could do without a couple of hanging cords. I saw a ‘wireless’ computer for $89 at Target (top left and center picture emphasize  “WIRELESS”) and even though I thought the price was too low I ordered it. The web page said I would get it by Tuesday if I ordered before 5 PM so I did just that–it would be the second lie they told me!   

The first lie was that it was wireless and in very small print on the web page it said USB cord not included. It didn’t arrive Tuesday and on Wednesday I inquired about it and was told that it wasn’t in stock and as soon as they get it they ship it out. I canceled the order and went hunting again and decided to get another one advertised as wireless (LIAR!) for a little more money from Office Depot because they guaranteed delivery that day and they did get it delivered around 8 PM! I opened the box and the first thing I saw was an electric cord that has to be plugged into the wall.I looked all over the box and no where did it say you needed a UBS cord if you wanted to use it with a desktop computer!John had an extra cord but it didn’t help. He suggested I call the support number which I did and I was on the phone for 3 hours!!! It seems I had an infection (Did the computer get it from my infected blood?) in the computer. He would not call it a virus. In any case after 3 hours on the phone and a charge of $196 it worked!

Got up this morning, turned on the printer and I had a message of ‘a paper jam’!!! Once again I was on the phone but this time I had a virus called the Trojan and it would require his going through my computer. No, I didn’t scream, rant or rave, even when he told me it would cost $249.99 and because I was a senior there wouldn’t be a tax charge (?) and I would get a credit for the $196 because at this point I knew technology was the winner and I was knocked out of the ring!

It has now been working for an hour and so far only cost me an outlay of $709.52. I haven’t seen the credit reflected on my charge card (heck, how did you think I was paying for all this?!) and from something the second said I have a feeling that initial charge was a scam!!!

Oh yes, I signed a ‘deal’ to get the ink at half price and only when I need it BUT if I printed more than 700 pages in my trial period of 6 months it would cost more. More than 700 pages in 6 months? Heck, I ‘printed’ more than that because I forgot to add that the printer spit out pages without print on it the ONLY was I could stop it was to turn off the printer.I won’t and haven’t even gotten into trying to get rid of the old printer and not getting the ink cartridges I had in that machine that I couldn’t use but John could have nor did I mention Office Depot charges for recycling printers if  turned it in.

Last but not least HP and Office Depot talk about saving trees–won’t talk about how many trees were killed this week with my printer plus I am left with the thought that maybe, just maybe, if I had gotten rid of the virus I could still be using the 4 year old printer!

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STREAMING REVIEWS–MAY 2022—PART 2   Leave a comment

1) “Grace & Frankie”–Netflix–Season 7–Part 2–12 episodes–5 hours & 34 minutes–end of series–this series reminds you of early television when a show ‘invaded’ your house and brought pleasure with each episode but except for a small attempt allowing for age and how it changes you they want to, and do, entertain you–it opened with the husbands (Sam Waterson & Martin Sheen) of the 2 women leaving them to live with each other and the women asking “What now?”–the 4 leads are dynamite as are the rest of the cast but the spotlight is on the 2 women and they deliver–Tomlin gets a laugh just with a look and with Fonda they work together like the pros they are but, obviously, enjoying their friendship–a great, fun show to stream!

2) “Ozark”–Netflix–Season 4–part 2–7 episodes–7 hours & 8 minutes–another series coming to an end–while each season had its ups and downs Laura Linney & Ruth Langmore–the former never giving a bad performance and the latter equaling her, basically, making her a new star–there is a lot of gambling, drug dealing, double crossing, not as much sex but dealing with families relationships–I wasn’t happy with the ending with certain cast members but unlike movies/shows from years ago this, in most cases, shows that crime does pay! Richard Thomas and Veronica Falcon give strong support.

3) “Oprah And Viola”–Netflix–Special Event–48 minutes–when you hear Viola Davis talk about hearing rats eating her porcelain doll you can feel how it means to be poor if you never were –she is talking with Oprah about her book, “Finding Me–A Memoir” and while I like Oprah I LOVE Viola Davis–a few quotes from her/her book: “My dreams had to be bigger than my fears,” “When faced with empathy and compassion you know you are being seen” but it is her talk with God about the type of man she wants is laughable, heartening, romantic and you can hear her waiting for His answer–Viola Davis is a force of nature and Oprah, one herself, knows just what to ask so we get to know the woman behind the actress–definitely a MUST SEE!

4) “Russian Doll”–Netflix–season 2–7 episodes—3 hours & 27 minutes–like season 1 season 2 doesn’t make much sense but Natasha Lyonne who stars in it and co-wrote it holds your attention just like she did in the previous season–instead of living the same day over and over this time she has gone back in time to 1982 and not only is she herself she is her mother too–it doesn’t have to make sense, just listen to the wisecracks–she sometimes plays her mother while other times Chloe Sevigny does, sometimes she is on a subway in NYC and sometimes it is 1962 and in Germany or Russia or who knows–and a plus is having Elizabeth Ashley as a tie between mother and daughter.

5) “Elite”–Netflix–Spanish series–season 5–8 episodes–6 hours & 12 minutes–it is a repeat of the first 4 seasons–the couplings, uncoupling, the crying, the changes, the gay or straight, the is he or she or isn’t, he did what! There are mostly old characters with a few new ones thrown in and possibly one shocker regarding who is having sex with who but all in all if you watched the first four seasons you’ll like this season and the way it ends–somewhat logical!

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Spielberg’s “WSS” second viewing, Big Louie’s and Cathy!   1 comment

(See my complete original review of THIS version  )

“I was very apprehensive of seeing the new movie version of “West Side Story” as I saw the original 1957 Broadway production 7 times–don’t know how many times I have seen the 1961 movie–plus how many remakes can you say are even as good as the original let alone better but I’m just a ‘Broadway baby’ so I was keeping my fingers crossed that it would completely surprise me. It did surprise me even possibly more than when I saw  “West Side Story” the first time on stage or on film.”


This is my second viewing of the Spielberg version of “West Side Story” and for some reason of all the stage productions I have seen and all the times I have seen the first version I was most deeply affected watching it today–a beautiful film which I do want to see again and again!


Before the movie Emir and I met Allen at Big Louie’s as I wanted the two of them to meet–we had a large pizza with olives, pepperoni, onions, mushrooms and sausage–each had 3 slices–delicious as always!


To top it all off when I got home Cathy had made a plate of meatballs, sausage and rigatoni for me for supper!

Some days are better than others and this was one of the better days of the past 4 months!

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FINALLY A BREAK!   2 comments

I went to sleep at Midnight last night, got up at 10 AM and at 11 AM a new nurse with a new, simpler IV hookup showed me how to work it. Seems easy enough that even I might be able to do it by myself.An hour later everyone had left and I went back to sleep until 6 PM!The nurse suggested I start drinking electrolytes to build up my energy so I went to Amazon and ordered some to be delivered tomorrow.I do have an appointment to see my primary doctor on Monday and I have a list of questions. Tomorrow I plan to stay in bed all day.I do want to thank everyone for your concern and comments and I promise I will get back to all but right now I am still worn out.Will try to get on with all the ‘drama’ and a thank you to the nurses Carol, Dwight and friends John and Allen because I am so  miserable being miserable and holding such dire thoughts

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“Dune”–movie theatre review   1 comment

As nicely as I can put it “Dune” is the most boring movie I have seen in 80+ years of movie going! I have a feeling that unless you have read the book it is based upon you will be as lost as I was after the first 30 minutes of this 2 hour and 35 minute film. I was so bored I had no desire to even try to figure out what the story was about!

Yes, it is filled with special effects but after the sand shifting and/or swallowing up people what seems every 2 minutes it gets boring!

What is outstanding is the musical for at least the first half hour and then it becomes just loud noise.

There are a few spots where subtitles are used and I wish they had been used throughout the movie.

On the plus side are a lot of the cast members such as Josh Brolin, Oscar Isaac, Rebecca Ferguson, Javier Bardem among others and though Timothee Chalamet has that sad, confused look down pat he really doesn’t have much else to portray.

Oh yes, besides the cast, the first special effects, the beginning 30 minutes of soundtrack music the other plus is the ‘praying mantis’ look of the airplanes.

There is a part 2 being produced now and I will NOT be there to see it!

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1) “She’s Out of My League”–Amazon Prime–movie–1 hour & 44 minutes–started watching it thinking it was “Out of My League” (see below)–boy meets girl, boy loses girl, audience cheers for boy to get girl–he’s a 5–she’s a 10–will it work? CONVINCING ENOUGH THAT YOU WILL CHEER FOR HIM TO BECOME A 10 FOR HER!

2) “Before/During/After”–Amazon Prime–1 hour & 23 minutes–boy meets girl–boy gets girl–boy and girl get divorced–story is a basic one about a marriage breaking up but the writer tries to approach it from a different angle–many ‘bits’ played by Broadway names–DOESN’T QUITE SUCCEED BUT TRIES

3) “Clive Davis: Sound Track of Our Lives”–Netflix–documentary–2 hours & 4 minutes–loads of clips and loads of praise for Davis–some by Davis–the man made many a “STAR”–responsible for many hit songs–many clips of Manilow, Warwick, Aretha (who seems to be all over these days) but mainly of ‘his’ star Houston–A LOVE SONG TO AND BY DAVIS WHO DESERVES IT

4) “Annette”–Amazon Prime–movie–2 hours & 20 minutes–a wife on the rise and her husband on the way down–“A Star Is Born”? not quite–a almost all sung through film to tell an old story with no chemistry between Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard and a puppet for a child–TOO MANY NEGATIVES

5) “Out of My League”–Netflix–Italian movie–1 hour & 31 minutes–she’s sick–an ‘ugly duckling’ in her words–she is sick with a short future ahead of her–he is rich and handsome–she has 2 gay friends but it doesn’t help–guess what happens–ALL CONTRIVED AND NO ITALIAN ‘HEAT’

6) “Count Me In”–Netflix–documentary–1 hour & 21 minutes–the best band drummers talk for and to themselves–even had my favorite from years ago Gene Krupa–CERTAINLY A LOT OF NOISE AND THE JAM SESSION AT THE END SHOWS HOW BEAUTIFUL NOISE CAN BE

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A week in Fort Lauderdale September 2021   1 comment

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I don’t know how/if this will work but I am giving it a try. It is a video made up of photos I took this week from the day it rained so hard for 5 minutes I couldn’t see outside my window!

Five minutes later the sun came out and 10 minutes later it looked nothing happen! The weather for the week is typical for September–over 90 every day–rain, usually in early afternoon or at night.

Not having pets I have to depend on my calendar dogs–different pets every month.

Ate out at JMark’s where I had mussels in a not too good sauce and today at THE TOP HAT where I had a combo corned beef and pastrami sandwich.

No movie today as I was held up at the dentist!

Rain, heat, snow or what have you all I have to do is wait a few minutes and there will people going up or down in the canal.

Oh yes, between looking at the canoers and the rain I will, surprisingly see an orchid come back after being gone for a year—year after year after year!

Last, but not least, the latest grandson of Gateway–the kid will not smile unless I take the camera away and then he shines!!

Tell me if you see my video “A week in Fort Lauderdale September 2021” and/or others!!Kizoa Direct access to the Kizoa Online Application : the best online software for creating videos, movies, slideshows. Or this one!!

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Streaming Reviews–August 2021–Part 6   Leave a comment

1) “The Accompanist”–Amazon Prime–French Movie–1 hour & 33 minutes–Frederick Keeve stars, directed, wrote the screenplay and wrote 4 of the songs plus performing one–now if he had hired a director, writer and some actors this might have made sense–or even a movie–GUESS FREDERICK KEEVE KNOWS WHAT THIS FILM IS ALL ABOUT–I DON’T/DIDN’T
2) “Inventing David Geffen”–Netflix–documentary–1 hour & 54 minutes–there is a lot said about Geffen being a wheeler and dealer, competitive–mean spirited–a ‘get even’ type–but it is never shown–all we do is see him smiling, being mister nice guy–INTERESTING DOCUMENTARY IF YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT DAVID GEFFEN BUT ANYONE FAMILIAR WITH SHOW BUSINESS WON’T LEARN ANYTHING NEW HERE
3) “Grace & Frankie”–Netflix–7 part series–part 6, 13 episodes and 7, 4 episodes–8 hours and 21 minutes–this has been a fun series with Tomlin and Fonda a great team as are Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston as their exes–it is fast moving and touches on a lot of subjects–STREAMING, WITHOUT ADS, IT MOVES FASTER AND IS BETTER TO WATCH 4 PROS AT THEIR BEST
4) “Boys”–Amazon Prime–Dutch film–1 hour & 17 minutes–English subtitles handled very badly so watching film depends on your understanding what’s happening and that is very basic–NOTHING SPECIAL–ANOTHER FILM ABOUT TEENAGERS AND SEXUALITY –DIFFERENT IN THAT THERE IS NO SEX
5) “Tennessee Queer”–Amazon Prime–movie–1 hour & 30 minutes–Jason Potts returns home to Smythe, Tennessee, after living in New York City a few years–decides to have a Gay Pride Parade–CORNY OLD-FASHIONED FILM THAT WILL DRAW YOU IN AGAINST YOUR BETTER JUDGMENT
6) “Lady Boss”–Netflix–documentary–1 hour & 36 minutes–who was Jackie Collins? Her public image? The famous and best seller writer? Mother of 3 and wife of 23 years to a man who adored her? The sister of a famous Hollywood star?–“LADY BOSS” IS A PR PRODUCTION AND YOU WON’T KNOW ANYMORE THAN YOU DID ABOUT JACKIE COLLINS–NO SCENES BETWEEN HER AND JOAN BUT THE LATTER SAYS NICE THINGS ABOUT HER YOUNGER SISTER

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