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Scarves, mittens and ear muffs needed!   Leave a comment


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September 2017 Part 2 Mother Nature versus Human Nature   Leave a comment

Cut down Her bushes, vines, change Her landscape and She will retaliate with hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and volcano eruptions!!

Your monthly dartboard!

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Hurricane Irma Part 2A   Leave a comment

Hurricane Irma  2A

Just before the rains started


3 minutes later

Right now it is a question of how long before the electricity goes out!! Miami already has 40,000 outages while Fort Lauderdale 6,000.

I have made a few vidieos—including my first one with the camera but want to get caught up before the Internet goes down.

A few notes:

  1. 5.6 million ordered to evacuate—don’t know how many did
  2. Fill garbage bags with water
  3. TimLaFonatinesuggested going to to get an idea of what is happening
  4. Though Irma is now supposed to hit the southwest harder than the southeast which is a bit better for usbut wewill still get tornadoes, floods, heavy rains and winds

5 Fort Lauderdale under curfew from 4 PM until ?????

  1. Got the penny and water set up! :O)

Hurricane Irma 1 Calm before the storm   Leave a comment

Calm before the storm?


Sorry about all the noise in the background.

I am going to try and make a video every day around 5 PM from the walkway outside my door to show IF there are any changes over the next few days. We have 5 trees and 3 buildings surrounding my backyard.

First time I can recall all 3 movie houses are closed.

Right now ‘they’ are saying it will hit the Florida southwest as a category 5.

All flights from and to the Fort Lauderdale airport will cease at 7:45 PM

Curfew on the beach tomorrow.

I learned something new that I am going to try. I have cooked up and frozen a load of food. It is suggested that you put a glass of water in the freezer and when the water is frozen place a penny on top. From the time the electricity goes until the penny is on the bottom of the glass your food is okay—at that point chances are the food will be spoiled.

Hopefully the electricity won’t go out—if you hear from me tomorrow you know it hasn’t!!! LOL

Whatever happened to the winter of 2016-2017 in Ft. Lauderdale?   Leave a comment

Part 1

Part 2


Be sure to see the last slide so you won’t hate me too much and did you spot the bluebird in the collage? He is exactly in the center of each picture.

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While some cities in the Northern United States of America have been having 7-9 days of snow in a row we have been having record high temperatures, one day reaching 90, for weeks now.

Wherever you look there are beautiful flowers blooming outdoors and indoors, boats are cruising along, paddlers are busy going up and down the new river and one has to decide whether it is a pool or beach day.

As the old commercial use to say, “Come on down!”


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All of these photos were taken where I live at the Gateway apartments in Fort Lauderdale.

The first few were taken at what we call The Point! You see speed boats to yachts going up and down Karen Bay plus you will usually see Bill fishing. In this shot he caught a fish that he said was rare in these waters called lizard fish. It was too small—looked like a lure—so he threw it back.

There are always flowers no matter where you look at any time of the year but just in case I keep a ‘few’ growing in my apartment. These geraniums, on the south window sills, have been blooming for weeks while on the ‘table’ I set up in the east window is the Christmas to my unbirthday cactus blooms ongoing.

Whether it is the sun in daytime or the moon at night there is a certain light that envelopes our city.

While we have many birds here from wild parrots to woodpeckers to bluebirds every once in awhile you will see a dove sitting on a branch tree, all by himself, just observing the world around him.

And if you didn’t know it was winter/January all you have to know that it is time for “All-U-Can Eat pancakes” at IHOP! For those who are cold in 77 degrees temperature or most over air conditioned restaurants there is always Ox-tail stew which I had last week still working my way through the Cabo Blanco menu!



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