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Birds, flowers and rain!   1 comment

It’s no secret that I love Mother Nature and she never ceases to amaze me.  From now until November we will have rain, usually early morning and evening, with sun in-between. All I have to do when I wake up in the morning (well, late morning) is look out the window and I know 1) if we had rain and 2) if it was heavy or light. If you look at the lower right picture with the 2 birds and the picture on the second row, second left, with the one bird you know we had a sun shower, a light rain while the other pictures (you can only see 3 of the flock in the second picture on the right) we had a heavy rain–a rain heavy enough for the birds to walk and peck at the worms, seeds and insects that the rain has brought up.  Oh, yes, the puddle the 3 birds are walking, and eating, across, which is out my front window, also lets me know it was a heavy rain!

Then there are the flowers! Indoors I always have blooms whether it is gardenias, geraniums, holiday cactus or Cuban yellows.  The Cuban flowers are very easy to grow as I originally started with a small branch I took off  an outdoor plant and since then, taking little bits of the ‘mother’ plant I now have 6 plants throughout the apartment that are constantly blooming. Sadly the bloom only lasts a day and has no aroma but they always add a little sunshine to my place.

Last, but certainly not last, I mentioned the orchid in the tree outside my rear window that has bloomed again a year later. It tells us it is Autumn every year right on time. It is a deep purple but today when I went outside I noticed a white bloom on the lower side which hasn’t been there before so I am keeping an eye on it–to see if it is a new plant, an offshoot of the old plant or??????????

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It is Still Summer!!!   1 comment

Inline image

#1 I got up this morning to find my Christmas cactus loaded with buds and a few blooms but it is only September!! Okay people are already talking about Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and wishing their life away but not me. I don’t celebrate the end of summer until it is the end of summer! So we only had a high of 91–that doesn’t mean it is winter!!

#2 Can’t pick on the Cuban flower because that blooms all year round–this plant is on the edge of my desk–all I have to do is break off a piece from the original plant and I have a bloom in a few days.

#3 Allen has had a pizza ‘thing’ so we go to Big Louie’s a few times a month–best in town!

#4 The first one is an reflection of me in the water at The Point while the others are what I am surrounded by—love it!

#5 The orchid in the tree outside my window–getting a darker purple every week

#6 Don’t tell me summer is over!! :O)

#7 Back to where we were summer 2020

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Fred, Grace and Henri   Leave a comment

It is a combination of rainy and hurricane seasons which means hot, humid and wet days.  For a week Fred, first a storm, then a tropical storm and maybe when it gets to Florida a hurricane. It was supposed to hit sometime over the weekend and everyone got prepared. Friday came and a little shower in the morning (well, someone told me as I sleep in the mornings!), Saturday came and went and on Sunday there was talk of another system in the Atlantic and it would be called Grace and possibly head to Florida.

On Monday it seems that Hurricane and/or Tropical storm Fred decided that they didn’t want to stop in Fort Lauderdale and went into the gulf and turned north heading for the northwest coast of Florida and going through Louisiana up through the Carolinas. Instead we were presented with Grace and Henri with the latter going towards Bermuda and then north over water but Grace might be a threat to Fort Lauderdale.

On the 6 PM news Bette Davis shows Grace going south of us and I looked out the window, the sun was shining a group of gliders and canoes was going by so, even though I know the weather here from now until November can change on a dime, I decided to just sit back, relax and maybe, just maybe, plan a walk tomorrow!

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The Eye, restaurants, peppers, weather August 7 2021   1 comment

Though not completely clear the eye is almost clear of red so that, with the conclusion I don’t need a pacemaker, health news is good!

I don’t know how old that pepper plant is now—at least a few years–and still sprouting peppers, red, yellow and green!

Thursday Allen I went to Tipico Cafe for lunch after shopping and, as always, it was good. Allen had the combo stirfry while I had the Ropa Veja.

The next day, after seeing “Swan Song” it was Subways and though Allen had his usual meatball and and I had my usual turkey I made a mistake by ordering both on one of their new wrap breads which we both didn’t particularly care for as it wasn’t toasted nor did the wrap bread taste good–next week back to the garlic cheese bread!

So far yesterday and today has been rain free and full of sun and now at 6 PM the sky is clear so we may not get those evening showers!

Life is good!

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Dogs, weather and food!   1 comment

Time for my new dogs of the month and they are so easy to take care of plus being house broken! :O)

The weather has been a typical summer in Fort Lauderdale except a little warmer than usual–a few days of ‘feel like’ over 100 degrees. The rain has followed a pattern of either rain during the night or early morning or early evening. If it is during the night it is usually long and heavy rain whereas early morning or evening it might be heavy but very seldom lasts more than 30 minutes. Of the past 7 only on one day did it rain for 6 hours with a few heavy downpours causing flooding. Luckily for us it usually rains more south of us, mainly in Miami or out west of Fort Lauderdale.  I know when I wake up in the morning around 10-11 AM everything is dry!

Slowly, but surely, we are getting back into our routine of eating out Thursday and Friday with Thursday being a little higher priced, full service restaurant like Big Louie’s or Tequila Sunrise and Friday more sort of fast food like Arby’s, Subways or in-between both like IHOP for an omelet or burger.

I do like going out to the movies every Friday but with the way the virus is multiplying again here movie theatres and touring Broadway theatres could go dark again.Looks like the only thing I can depend on are the dogs!!!

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Summer/rainy season in Fort Lauderdale 2021   1 comment

We are having a HOT day here–‘feel like’ over 100 degrees–but that is expected in Fort Lauderdale in the summertime—only problem is the older I get the less I can handle the heat!! And you can’t jump in the ocean because the water is warmer than the air temperatures and the sand burns your feet but I LOVE living here!!This afternoon:  


2:25 PM90°F RealFeel® 102°Real Feel Shade™ 98°

The ‘rainy’ season is from May to September while the ‘hurricane’ season is from June to November so we have a double whammy from June to September. You’ll often hear ‘Well the rain will cool it off,” but that’s not true as it raises the humidity.

Mother Nature keeps in mind that we have many tourists here so it usually ONLY rains in the morning OR evening so they can go out and spend money!

I, usually, get up at 10 AM and by that time if it has rained everything is dry except for the water around the trees and in the driveway outside our building door! Another good sign that it has rained are the birds out on the fence looking for their meal whether it be fish from the canal or worms from the land.

By the way rain or not, morning or night you can always spot a few canoes in the water.

We have been pretty lucky in Fort Lauderdale as we have only had 2 hurricanes that have caused damage in the past 16 years and we can do without another one for the next 16 years!!  It seems Miami and north Florida get more hits than we do.

Time for a walk down to The Point.

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Iguanas and Hurricane Elsa   1 comment

All of a sudden there seems to have been an explosion of Iguanas around. The thing is they are so well camouflaged you are almost on top of them before you know they are there! (Except for the 2-3 babies I have seen who are too fast running away to get a picture of!) These two didn’t put their head up until I stepped on a branch alerting them I was around. As long as I didn’t get too close they continued eating until they felt I was a danger to them and then they ran, very quickly, to the nearest tree and climbed it as fast as they could!

They really are fascinating to watch and so far they don’t seem to do any harm to humans and/or animals but I binged the following so if you want more information here you go!

Regarding Hurricane Elsa—right now we are having sunny, hot, humid weather with what looks like rain clouds starting to drift in. Most weather reports have Elsa missing us here in South Florida but not sure about North Florida. Here is the latest report:
Will keep you up to date!

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Will Hurricane Elsa hit Fort Lauderdale?   1 comment

Hurricane Elsa is coming but exactly where no one knows–not even the experts! 

 Photos #1 show Elsa hitting us squarely while #2 shows it missing us completely.

In the weekly forecast #3 has ‘depends’ on Elsa for Monday & Tuesday while the #4 photos were taken at 3 PM, Sunday, July 4th–sunny, warm, beautiful day in South Florida.

Will Hurricane Elsa hit us tomorrow, completely miss us, will we just get the outer bands of possibly heavy rains or will it just be another week of ‘rainy season’ with showers every day?

IF I don’t post anything Monday or Tuesday you will know our electricity is out due to Elsa!

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Welcome to Fort Lauderdale July 2021   1 comment

Right now it looks like Hurricane Elsa may be heading our way but that can change plus until then we are having sunny weather–with evening showers–fit for dogs, cats, birds and humans!

 The Karen Bay waters are smooth with various water vessels flitting about.

As you can see in the bottom left photo though the Queen Crepe Myrtle tree is beautiful in bloom they are also messy as the blooms fall.

Doesn’t matter day or night Mother Nature always provides views for the eyes whether it be a full moon outside my window or a ‘sun shower’ though you can’t see the rain coming down in the last picture.

Happy 4th of July!

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Wind gusts, breezes, temperatures, the canal and, YES! BETTE DAVIS!!   1 comment

1, 2 & 3) Bette Davis (yes, that’s her name!) is our ABC evening weather forecaster and she is great! She smiles, laughs, feels empathy and sympathy and looks great. Okay on another note she is very accurate. We have been having 3 great weeks of what we call ‘tourist weather’–yes it seems that with temperatures in the high 80s it would be warm, even hot and, maybe, uncomfortable but that is far from the case. The dew point and humidity is VERY low, especially for this time of the year, plus we are having ocean wind gusts sometimes going in the high 29 or low30s miles per hour which makes sitting directly in the sun, with that breeze, very comfortable!

4) I will have to take another picture in a month–this is an orchid that blooms every year since Irene put it on what I call our Wilma tree!! When hurricane Wilma in 2005 hit us it almost demolished the tree and though it took a year or two it came back fully. In fact, they have to trim it every hurricane season as it has grown so much.
Back to the orchid–a few years ago Irene put it in the tree and it bloomed beautifully and then the plant disappeared but the following Spring and every Spring since it comes back and blooms beautifully! More pictures to come!

5) It is pretty hard to see but on the left is a guy working/cleaning the yacht and they have a full-time crew cleaning, it seems, 24/7!! One of the guys said since it is so open to the elements you have to keep at it–worse than owning a home!

6) The house across from me is getting ready for Memorial/Decoration Day and their annual BBQ! Those are 2 inflated Uncle Sams!

The rest of the pictures are sights I see looking out my window. This time of the year, with the great weather, people are out on the water on all sorts of crafts plus the big boats coming and going from and to the islands.

Life is good!

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