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Wind gusts, breezes, temperatures, the canal and, YES! BETTE DAVIS!!   1 comment

1, 2 & 3) Bette Davis (yes, that’s her name!) is our ABC evening weather forecaster and she is great! She smiles, laughs, feels empathy and sympathy and looks great. Okay on another note she is very accurate. We have been having 3 great weeks of what we call ‘tourist weather’–yes it seems that with temperatures in the high 80s it would be warm, even hot and, maybe, uncomfortable but that is far from the case. The dew point and humidity is VERY low, especially for this time of the year, plus we are having ocean wind gusts sometimes going in the high 29 or low30s miles per hour which makes sitting directly in the sun, with that breeze, very comfortable!

4) I will have to take another picture in a month–this is an orchid that blooms every year since Irene put it on what I call our Wilma tree!! When hurricane Wilma in 2005 hit us it almost demolished the tree and though it took a year or two it came back fully. In fact, they have to trim it every hurricane season as it has grown so much.
Back to the orchid–a few years ago Irene put it in the tree and it bloomed beautifully and then the plant disappeared but the following Spring and every Spring since it comes back and blooms beautifully! More pictures to come!

5) It is pretty hard to see but on the left is a guy working/cleaning the yacht and they have a full-time crew cleaning, it seems, 24/7!! One of the guys said since it is so open to the elements you have to keep at it–worse than owning a home!

6) The house across from me is getting ready for Memorial/Decoration Day and their annual BBQ! Those are 2 inflated Uncle Sams!

The rest of the pictures are sights I see looking out my window. This time of the year, with the great weather, people are out on the water on all sorts of crafts plus the big boats coming and going from and to the islands.

Life is good!

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A Day of winter and then summer hits!   Leave a comment

#s 1 & 6) Except for a couple of Spring-like days (temperatures under 90 degrees) we seem to have gone from late Fall to summer while the calendar has March 20 as the first day of Spring!

Whatever the season the birds know to come to the mall for a ‘snack  #2) under the right chair near the leg and #3 on the AC looking to see what there is to eat!

#4 & 5)  The Holiday plant has decided to bloom–maybe for Earth Day–who cares? The blooms are always welcome!

#7)  A stop at Big Louie’s for spaghetti and meatballs plus garlic-loaded hot rolls for lunch.


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Fake News from the weather channel?!?!   1 comment

Inline image

Look at the date and time on the upper left hand corner in the left picture and then the right!It wasn’t this cold during the Ice Age when I was born in Fort Lauderdale!! Now this would qualify as a cold wave in South Florida yesterday or could it be the definition on Fake News?I may have to go to Tennessee, New Hampshire, Maine or Rhode Island to warm up or even better to New Zealand or Australia where it is summer!

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Just saying   Leave a comment

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I might be knocking on your door Tuesday and/or Wednesday morning and/or afternoon!!Who says we don’t have 4 seasons here–and it is still only Fall!

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King Tides Before and After   1 comment

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King Tides leave parts of South Florida flooded

Unless you live in South Florida you really don’t understand ‘if you don’t like the weather wait a few minutes and it will change’!  The ‘before’ pictures were taken between 1-2 PM while the ‘after’ was taken between 5-6 PM. Between the King Tides and the rain and the sun we from to floods to completely dry streets.

The City of Fort Lauderdale is experiencing standing water in low-lying areas throughout the community. Conditions are expected to continue. We encourage neighbors to watch for standing water and drive with caution in low-lying areas, including: • Harbour Inlet • Las Olas Isles • Rio Vista • NE 32 Avenue, south of East Oakland Park Boulevard, on the barrier island • SE 2 Street along the Himmarshee Canal

And the snow egrets come during and after the rain for the worms and then we don’t see them when the sun is up!

Before & After–see the last two pictures above

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King Tides   1 comment

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King tides are sort of a look into the near future as sea levels rise. Combine closeness to the moon, rainy weather, wind and near-hurricane conditions and we get floods. 

Each year the tides get more severe along with the flooding and traffic becomes completely hazardous as our streets aren’t ready for the water that quickly becomes curb high–where there are curbs!

I love Mother Nature–especially when I am inside and dry!–even when she gets a little nasty like today (and the next couple of days!) yet combines everything to make the area surrounding us look so different.

And, yes, the snowy egrets are back for their snacks!

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Isaias–hurricane, tropical storm or just a rainy day?   1 comment

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It started last Monday showing the path of a new storm coming directly at Fort Lauderdale. By Friday the path had veered to the west so it looked like we just might get the outer bands of a hurricane. On Saturday it was declared Tropical Storm Isaias and there could be high winds and heavy rain but when to expect all that was constantly being moved.We had somewhat heavy winds and now and then patches of rain but nothing we haven’t seen on a regular day during the rainy season. I believe I may have heard some heavy rain overnight but the parking lot didn’t show that and though we had a few drizzles today we had a lot more brightness if not more sun.
At 4 PM I took the 3 pictures with the smileys and we all know that Larry and Lenny the lizards wouldn’t be out if bad weather was brewing!! There are a family with baby lizards but those little ones are so fast I haven’t been able to get a picture of them—yet!In any case, it is hurricane season and a lot is happening out in the Atlantic Ocean between Africa and the US so don’t know what the next 4 months will bring. Stayed tuned!

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Virus, weather, retraction   3 comments

Virus and weather bad news day

Let me start with the retraction–I wrote a post about July 4th no one getting shot by a stray bullet and then today the lead story in the news was a 7-year-old swimming in his grandmother’s pool was shot by a stray bullet. He wasn’t killed but the bullet went through his arm. Imagine how the grandmother felt! I don’t know about where you live but in South Florida they celebrate July 4th shooting their guns and pistols. There are usually half a dozen fatalities!
We started off the weekend with a notice on our doors telling us there are more people with the virus at Gateway. No names, no what building there are in, no who they may have interacted with so now people aren’t talking to each other!
The summer rains have finely come. We get dark clouds coming in as an advance warning, then some thunder and lightning followed by about 30 minutes of very heavy rain followed by the sun coming out and the humidity going high. It can happen either in the morning and/or usually around 5 PM. We used to call it tourist rain when it happened around 5 because it got the tourists off the beach into their hotel so they could shower, take a nap and then go out for dinner.  The two pictures on the right were taken at 11 AM!!

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At least I like heat & humidity!!   1 comment

July 1 2020 weather calendar dogs avatar

I am hoping it helps–on my July avatar I have ‘WEAR A MASK’!
My July calendar dogs have the right idea–even if they are having miniature cups!!
It is no surprise that June was a hot and humid month in South Florida! If you look at the last picture you will see our low overnight is 85 degrees! And yesterday we broke the record for daytime temperature in Miami while Fort Lauderdale was 2 degrees below. In any case, the last 10 nights in June broke the records for high lows overnight.
The actual temperature very seldom hits 100 degrees but the ‘feels like’, because of the humidity, has been over 100 a few times this year already!!!
So far the Sahara Dust seems to be going around Fort Lauderdale and there hasn’t been much rain which at least holds the humidity down a bit.
Here’s a look at what is ahead this summer!

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I don’t want to hear how warm it is where you are!!   1 comment

Cold Spell November

CURRENT WEATHER 4:42 PM 62° F RealFeel® 59° Cloudy
Mainly clear TOMORROW 11/18 76° / 63° Partly sunny and pleasant
I don’t want to hear how warm/cold you are–we are not only having a cold spell we are also having King Tides!! If it gets any colder I trade the shorts for long pants!!
PS Notice how it gets warmer the later it gets!

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