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Roasted Capsicum and Cowboy Caviar

Or for that matter Cowboy Caviar??


“The large, mild form is called “red (bell) pepper”, “green (bell) pepper”, or just “bell pepper” (depending on color) in North America and the United Kingdom and typically “capsicum” in New Zealand,[8]AustraliaSingapore and India. The fruit is called peperoni or “paprika” in some other countries (although paprika can also refer to the powdered spice made from various capsicums).” (From Wikipedia.)


The ingredients in this jar are: reconstituted Tomato (43%), Onion (fresh & rehydrated), roasted Capsicum (13%) rehydrated red pepper, sugar, reconstituted lemon juice concentrate, rice bran oil, vinegar, citrus fibre, salt, ginger, spices, smoked paprika, locust bean gum (410) mineral salt.


(An aside: one should never read the ingredients in a jar of food!)


In any case, how do I know if I am eating American, Australian or New Zealand capsicums?


Then I went to coles.com.au   (https://shop.coles.com.au/a/a-national/everything/search/Coles%20Capsicium%20chutney?pageNumber=1)  and that confused me even more. It says “Sorry no results have been found for ‘Coles Capsicum chutney'” 


So what am I eating? Who made it? Is it an Australian or New Zealand plot to rid the world of Americans?  Or just the opposite? Why aren’t red peppers just red peppers?


And then we have Cowboy Caviar but that’s another post!

And this is here for no reason at all!

Samson movie--coming soon



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“My Son the Waiter: A Jewish Tragedy”–review   Leave a comment

Brad Zimmerman wrote and stars in this one-man show that is playing at the NSU Art Museum’s Art/Horvitz auditorium.

He was a waiter for 29 years and I was one for 38 years and we both are Jewish so I thought this might be a fun show. Upfront I must admit I am not a fan of standup comics or most one-man shows and I thought it was brave of Mr. Zimmerman to book his show from February 1-March 25 doing 6 shows a week.

Reading his credits I was surprised that I haven’t heard of him. His show played off-Broadway for 15 months, he has opened shows for Billy Crystal, Gary Shandling and Joan Rivers. He had a role in “The Sopranos” and had taken his show across the country.

He originally came to New York to be an actor but was a waiter for 29 years before he took a lesson in stand-up comedy and decided to pursue a theatre career writing and performing this play.

In my opinion, most of his 80 minutes take place ‘yesterday’. He tells many old waiter jokes and talks about old comedians, many who aren’t with us anymore, using one-liners that were funny then and are funny now. The Jewish and waiter jokes take up too much of his act while he is more effective talking about his personal life, though even there his ‘mother’ jokes are mostly cliches.

At the age of 62, Zimmerman could easily pass for late 40s, early 50s, works out and is still trying to get his act together and while this show entertains it is still not a finished piece. He is doing another show called “My Rise to the Middle” which he is doing for one night only on Sunday, March 18, which he bills as a sequel. It might be interesting to see “My Son the Waiter: A Jewish Tragedy” before the 18th and see his progression with “My Rise to the Middle”.

For tickets go to http://www.MySonThe Waiter.com or call 1-855-448-7469

PS As he says on stage and on his web page–he is looking for a date!

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“Winchester” is based, very loosely based, on the true story of Sarah Winchester, widow of William Westchester, whose family started the famous Winchester rifle.

After his death, Sarah was left very rich and lived in a 150+ room house that she constantly worked on it having construction done 24/7. The house, today, is a California magnet for tourists.

With such a large house, directors Michael and Peter Spierig, who also helped Tom Vaughn write the screenplay, it all seems to be confined to the same walls, rooms, hallways, windows, stairs and the one big bell clanging.

The main story is about Sarah being haunted by the ghosts of the people killed by Winchester rifles and that story is a bunch of clichés that is filled with violence and not a scary moment.

When Helen Mirren’s presence can’t make a movie better you know you are in a movie worth skipping.

Movie trailer


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In ‘the good old days’ when they had double bills in the movie theatres consisting of 2 movies, a cartoon, a newsreel, coming attractions among other things “The Commuter” would be the B feature on the double bill.

“The Commuter” is a ‘popcorn film’ where you check your logic at the door, sit back in the auditorium chair, eat your popcorn or whatever you buy, enjoy and forget as you walk out the theatre.

Liam Nesson is our hero who can do no wrong and even lies for no reason by saying, in the movie, that he is 60 when in real life he is 65! Guess what? He is a commuter, which is shown in the first few minutes, married, has a kid and gets married after 10 years on a job and at one time had been a police officer.

When the movie settles down he is on his way home and after sitting in his chair and opening a book to read he is approached by Vera Farmiga with an offer he can’t refuse, as only happens in a movie. The logic goes out the air with the proposition just as we see Neeson in fights that would kill normal men while he just gets up and fights the next guy or does minor, compared to other, deeds like falling off a train and jumping back on!

Just recently Liam Neeson said he is too old to keep on making action movies but keep on he does and makes it look easy. I, personally, wish he would make a ‘serious drama’ like he used to now and then.

The cast has the usual suspects but anyone with crime movies will guess the villain before it hits the halfway mark. I have yet to see Vera Farmiga give a bad performance and though she is seen briefly on screen just hearing her voice for a lot of the screen time is intriguing. With a fine supporting cast on the train, Adam Nagaitis as conductor Jimmy offers needed humor.

Director of photography, Paul Cameron, along with director Jaume Collet-Serra, offers some dazzling camera work including a fight on the train that uses everything on hand along with arms, legs, train seats, windows, an ax, a gun, etc., constantly moving from train car to train car.

“The Commuter” is for Liam Nesson fans, crime/thriller fans, train fans, B movie fans and a film to see on a rainy day to forget whatever troubles you might have and giving your brain a rest!

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