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I use to come here when the original owner ran it and a couple of times after he died and his wife took over. The last I heard it had closed but it seems she just sold it to new owners. I became aware it was still open after seeing a coupon in a coupon book.

I go every Thursday to this shopping center so we decided to give it a try and was pleased to see it was basically the same.

Allen ordered the Reuben (Hot corned beef, sauerkraut, thousand Island dressing and swiss cheese on rye) $11.50 with a side of Coleslaw ($1.25) and a diet fountain cola ($2.50) while I had the Rachel (Hot Pastrami, sauerkraut and melted cheese on rye) $11.50, Coleslaw ($1.25) and a cola ($2.50)

We decided to split the sandwiches. They were both piled high, in the center, making it a little difficult to handle but we managed. The Meat was, at best luke warm, was tasty.

Though not a complete service restaurant the food is delivered to the table. You place your order and you pay at the cashier’s just telling what you had, which is, as far as I can tell, the honor system though the deli guy does write up a check when taking your order.

I don’t get the shouting of “Sunway” whenever a tip is put in the jar at the register–a reference to NYC? Or just advertising the Subway restaurants, which is what it made me think of when I heard it! LOL

Our bill came to $29.66 plus a couple of bucks in the jar and a “Subway”.

The New York Marina Deli does live up to the style of the Carnegie or Stage Delis in NYC but not as loud or crowded!


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New York magazine July 10-23  



As soon as I saw this article I was transported back to New York City in the 1960s and buying a book about eating in New York for $5 and under and working my way through the book.

One restaurant I definitely went to even before the book was ”Paddy’s Clam House – 215 West 34th Street – The lunch at this seafood favorite across from Penn Station changed daily, but it consisted of soup, an entrée and side dish, a dessert, and a beverage for $1.29.” When I joined Weight Watchers in 1967 this was one of the places I always went for fresh fish.

I remember a Spanish restaurant in New York where we were seated next to Barbra Streisand. We traveled all over the city eating in all sort of ethnic restaurants which I am sure don’t exist anymore.

In Fort Lauderdale, except for fast food places and even then, it is hard to buy a dinner for less than $25 or a lunch for less than $15 including a soft drink or coffee! (And that’s using a 2-4 1 coupon or a groupon.)

Heck it is hard enough to find a cola or coffee for less than $2.99-$3.50

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Just as I won’t stop reading a book no matter how bad it may be I find it almost impossible to walk out of a movie theatre until the end credits start.  I watched “Ingrid Goes West” for 90 boring, never-ending, slow dragging minutes wanting to walk out though I was sort of taken with Aubrey Plaza’s performance in the title role but the last 7 minutes made me glad I stayed as not only did her performance reach an even higher level but the whole picture crystallized into what the screenplay writers Matt Spicer, who also directed, and David Branson Smith wanted.

Up to that ninetieth minute, the film seemed to be aimed at the current generation and their total involvement with smartphones, Instagram, social media, mores, manners, and comments. We meet Ingrid, after time in a psychiatric hospital, whose mother just died leaving her $65,000. Ingrid is basically a cyber stalker and becomes intrigued with Taylor Sloane (played by Elizabeth Olsen) who is famous for having thousands of followers on her Instagram account and becomes even more famous shilling products.

Ingrid takes her bag of money, leaves Pennsylvania and takes off for Los Angeles, rents a house from Dan (O’Shea Jackson, Jr.) a screenwriter who is obsessed with Batman and is writing a film, so he believes the next Batman film. After concocting a plan to meet Taylor she becomes her BFF and insinuates herself with Taylor’s husband, Ezra (Wyatt Russell) who claims to be an artist of some sort. Then enters what is to become Ingrid’s nemesis, Taylor’s brother Nicky (Billy Magnussen) an amoral coke addict and alcoholic who is very aware he is a muscle gym guy without any inhibitions.

While we know Ingrid can be and has been violent in the past and we see her in all sorts of moods from feeling ecstatic to a deep sadness there is that sense of craziness about her that will come to the forefront, along with the violence.

The screenplay and the characters are all over the place and there are constant shots of smart-phones with Snapshots and Instagram lines but the focus is on Ingrid and her acts in the last 7 minutes show who she really is and makes up for a lot of scenes that don’t make sense or are just fillers for the film.

Aubrey Plaza makes the film what it is and though she has done TV and a few other movies this should be the one that makes her a star if the audience can sit through the first 90 minutes!

Movie trailer


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There are times when I wonder if the critics saw the same movie as I did such as the one I saw this afternoon, “Good Time”. This movie has an 83% (out of 100%) rating and there are many 4-5 star reviews and except for watching Robert Pattinson after the first 5 minutes of dying his hair bright blonde I couldn’t find any redeeming features. Yes it is interesting to see how far he has come, in the acting department, since the “Twilight” series but the screenplay by Ronald Bronsteing and Josh Safdie, the direction by Josh and Benny Safdie and the photography of Sean Price Williams are helter-skelter, with plenty of violence in most of the scenes.

There is some interesting acting by Pattinson, Benny Safdie and Buddy Duress but equally embarrassing ones by Peter Verby and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

As bad as the movie is, though Pattinson and Safdie do their best to make it good, the ‘music’ by Oneohtrix Point Never provides one of the most horrendous scores this year, if not decade.

In spite of the critic’s reviews I can’t/won’t recommend “Good Time”.

Movie trailer


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Is it me? Have I seen too many movies, including all the classics, since I started going to the movies, at least once a week, for 75 years? Yes, I am old and I do use the closed caption hearing when watching television though my NET doctor says all is okay. I have no problem when talking with people but I have problems understanding movie talk, especially when they use accents.

Having had a rough 5 days with sick friend I wanted to go see something light, funny and, possibly, a no brainer. I really enjoy Channing Tatum in movies and I have also enjoyed Steven Soderbergh’s “Ocean’s 11, 12, 13” and their collaboration with “Magic Mike” plus I was somewhat intrigued by “Introducing Daniel Craig as Joe Bang” so I decided to go see “Logan Lucky”.

“Logan Lucky” is a redneck, Southern heist film along the lines of the Ocean films. Along with Tatum and Craig other members of the cast are: Adam Driver, Seth MacFarlane, Katie Holmes, Katherine Waterston, Farrah MacKenzie, Hillary Swank to name a few. The screenplay was by Rebecca Blunt along with some excellent photography by Peter Andrews. Though it takes place in West Virginia most of it was photographed in Georgia.

“Logan Lucky” is the second picture I have seen this past week, the other being “Wind River”, which were pretty much given high marks and I don’t understand why. I read most of the Rotten Tomatoes reviews and still shrug my shoulders.

I don’t/won’t recommend “Logan Lucky”.

I still don’t get the “Introducing Daniel Craig” unless it is to introduce him as a very funny guy and the opposite of James Bond but that’s stretching  it.




Movie trailer


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A lot has happened in the past 5 days and I finally got a little relief today.

Allen had a stroke in his left leg and fell on the floor in the kitchen at 11:45 PM and had to crawl to his bedroom to get his phone and call 911–previously, the past 3 weeks he lost sight in his right eye.

I lost count of how many doctors he went to who sent him to another!

He had an MRI of the brain then of the body plus all amounts of blood extracted.

One doctor said he had a blood clot in his brain–another said he had cataracts that would have to be operated on but they feel there is something else and can’t do that operation until they find  out what—and on and on and on.


He really needed someone to live with him 24/7 and some friend suggested Tommy–a 19 year old kid who worked in a bowling alley 5 nights a week. Allen said he would give him free room and board plus $200 a month and that he would have free use of the car, etc.,  That lasted 2 days and then he had the kid come down and pick me up, take him where he wanted to go and I had the car.


I don’t want to get into Monday as it started at dawn and went on for 70 hours–well it seemed like that. We had to go to another eye doctor–3 hours there–then get prescriptions filled–then stopped at Winn Dixie because he needed food in the house–I won’t get into his NOT having meals delivered because it cost money–then there was the patient evaluator nurse who spent 3 hours asking questions and (poor lady) had to listen to Allen ramble on (telling stories I have heard at least 15 times)  I won’t get into her warning him that he can’t live alone–that he had a choice of 1) a nursing home  2) going into a living assistance place or 3) get someone to live with him or she would have to tell social services


She suggested (actually told him what I have been telling him for months) that he had to get a medical alert because even if someone lived with him they might go out somewhere and he could fall again.


I could go on and on and on but finally I made him call Mike who had said he would rent out his condo which he owned and would move in with Allen without charging anything–Mike has money left to him by his lover of many years and who died in his 90s so Mike knew/knows how to take care of someone.


All I know is I sighed a huge sigh of relief when Mike showed up and agreed to move in BUT Allen can be and is very bossy–his way or the highway—and so is Mike.


I am going up to talk to Mike on Thursday to tell him some of the things the social worker said he needs to get/have plus work out some routine, etc., etc.


I will probably take Allen to his doctor appointments and, of course, the Thursday routines we have been doing for years–I did talk him into using the walker (top of the line) that Phillip used and left when he died and Allen agrees it is better than the cane.


Oh yes did I forget to tell about on Monday after running errands coming home and he fell and hit the concrete right outside his door?


In any case with Mike in his place today he didn’t sound as depressed (rightly so) as he had this past 5 days.


Since December he has been going downhill but in the past 3 weeks it was very noticeable–I don’t know if that will change or will continue which sort of stays with me.


Okay enough–won’t bother you anymore unless it is major news.


PS I blamed Allen for the 10 pounds I put on this week!! :O)

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