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January 9, 2015

The body is a marvelous thing but it certainly can betray you when you least expect it!

Through the years I have been unable to sleep in cars, planes, trains, buses, watching a movie or a television show but put me in bed by myself and I can sleep through anything! I have slept through tornadoes and hurricanes, maintenance and exterminators coming in to do their job without disturbing me for a minute.

Once my head hit’s the pillow I am out. I always have been able to sleep solidly 8 or more hours without getting up once but at a certain age you know you will be getting up in the middle of the night a few times to urinate but even then I have no problem getting back to sleep.

It seems as soon as I hit 62 and retired my body started acting up. It might be paying for all the years I ate wrong, smoked, drank to excess and basically abused it but even then I have been able to live with whatever came along whether it be an aorta valve replacement, congestive heart failure, COPD, PAD, etc., including getting diagnosed with diabetes2 this past November.

Well since this past Sunday my body has been double crossing me! It is the same pattern every night: after 2-3 hours of good sleep I wake up with a sharp pain on/by my left hip. When I say sharp I mean on a scale of 1-10 it is a 10. As long as I sleep on my right side all is well but as soon as I turn on my left I am up and hurting.

Don’t know what is causing it but I do know if I say something to my primary doctor it means going to specialists, getting X-rays, cat scans and spending a lot of time going to and from doctors. I am not ready for that yet! By the way it does not hurt when I am awake!

For those who say “Age is just a number” or “You are as old as you feel” try to tell yourself that after you hit 60!

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A MAN TURNS 30–HAPPY BIRTHDAY   Leave a comment


I have been going over old blogs with intentions of deleting them when I came across this one that I wrote 7 years ago to a fellow blogger–he has come a  long since 2006 and is leading a life by example for those coming up behind him!
Hopefully your 30s won’t be as tumultrious as mine were but from what I have read, and talking to other men, it is 10 years of many changes.My 30s were a remarkable decade on a rollar coaster ride–I went from being a little fish in a HUGE pond to a HUGE fish in a small pond then back to the little fish in a HUGE pond again.
IF I had to pick one decade of my life that was the most interesting it would be the 30s.

I started off living in a very cramped studio apartment in NYC working as a waiter, spending every tip I made on booze and crusing–2 years later I was living in a magnificent townhouse in Memphis netting $90, 000 a year (remember this is 1970s money) with ALL expenses (food, clothes, car, etc.) paid for by the company.
I was interviewed on TV, the radio, in newspapers and magazines–traveling all over the States and the world.
5 years later I was in a very messy business, and relationship, divorce (too bad palimony wasn’t around then!) including appearances in court. I left the business and opened my own.
Left the lover/hater and met another.
I went through TA therapy (that’s when I read “Passages”) and learned who I was.
I was really at my peak physically–lost 100+ pounds (thank god for being young and the skin ‘elastic’)–modestly, a HUNK! And it was the time of real big changes in men’s clothing–see through shirts and trousers–but then there was the Neru suit.
I stopped lying–a big issue for my first 29 years.
I started to give up improbable dreams and faced reality. I became a man instead of remaining a boy. (If you aren’t familiar with it try to read or listen to the Charles Aznavour, a French singer and actor, “What Is A Man?” Or Paul’s–in “A Chorus Line”–monologue about discovering what a man is and there not being many.)
The 30s are the time you want to show the world what you have acquired–I was doing ‘bling’ before it was fashionable.
The most important questions I had–looking at myself, my friends, my world–were: 1) Is this what I want? 2) What do I want? By the time I reached 40 I knew the answers to both questions.

The only advice I can give you as you reach your 30s is to start taking care and being serious about your health–what you do or don’t do in your 30s will start showing up in your mid 50s to 60s.

Life goes faster as you get older so enjoy your 30s–the bad, the good and the ugly–get ready for changes–I wish you only the good!

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It was 1967,  I was 31, fat, living in New York and at one of the lowest points  in my life. Next thing I knew it was 1970, I was 34, very thin, had a lover and was living in Memphis.

The calendar tells me it was 1980, I was 44,  had lost a business and 2 lovers, had moved to Fort Lauderdale and went back to waiting on tables.

All of a sudden, or so it seemed, it was 2000, I was celebrating my Sweet 16 Leap Year birthday and before I knew it, what couldn’t have possibly been 4 years, it was February 29, 2004 and I was 68 years old.

Something was happening, something was going on because just ‘yesterday’ it was 1967, I was 31 and all of a sudden it is 2013 and I am going to be 78 in 4 months.

A lot has happened in that 43 years, one of the many lifetimes in the times of my life, and it would take a long time to list all the twists and turns my path has taken, a lot of highs and a few lows.  It seems time plays tricks. It goes faster than a speeding bullet and before you know it tomorrow is yesterday and things  that should have been dome weren’t and the list of things to do tomorrow are too long to get all done.

Awhile back I wrote a blog about all those lies, myths, you hear such as, “You are only as old as you feel.”. “Age is just a number,” and so on which are not true as you body points out when you wake in the morning or you unexpectedly see yourself in the mirror.

And then there is the dead give-a-way–the hands!  LOL

One thing I have learned about time is that when you are happy it goes by very quickly and when you are in pain, hurting, sad it seems to drag but even though you may be in your 30s or 40s today you will be in your 70s tomorrow so enjoy the next few hours.


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WHAT HAVE I GOT TO LOSE???   Leave a comment

“I’M TOO OLD TO BE HUMBLE,” Marilyn Maye averred recently  in an interview before appearing in a New York nightclub and I know exactly how she feels. When you reach a certain age you can ignore people who try to criticize you or put you in a bad light because they are just, basically, jealous .

In my 40s I learned a very important lesson and that was to discard all negative people in my life and I have kept to that rule. Negative people have negative vibes that can invade a person and have them choose to be mad, sad and down. At 78 I certainly don’t have time for those kind of people in my life except, maybe, to expose them for who they are.

For most of my life I have paid my own way and even during the previous decade when things have not been too good for me financially I have done all right with the help of friends. I’d admit,  have admitted, that I never got that money gene from my parents–seems my brother got it all–but I have lived a life very few people have. I’ve traveled to Australia, New Zealand, Argentinia, Brazil, Tahiti, Venezuela, Mexico, Vancouver, Canada, 49 of the 50 States just to name a few places, lived in Miami Beach, Hollywood, California, Memphis, Fort Lauderdale, Laguna Beach and known some of the ‘rich and famous’ but mostly the poor and unknown who I am proud to call my friends.

At 78 I have  accomplished a lot, including being independant, having a roof over my head, food in my stomach, overcoming 60+ years of smoking, recovered from congestive heart failure and an aorta valve replacement operation and, not to forget, learning how to work a computer and the basics of the Internet when I was in my 60s. I have had books published, had articles in papers, magazines, wrote a weekly column for over a year plus a dining out monthly feature, was Director Of Operations for a world famous organization, had my own business, was a professional server for 30+ years and proud of it. And just 3 years ago I got the dream job of writing Internet reviews for touring Broadway shows which I couldn’t afford otherwise!


Most of all, because of my friends, the ONLY reason I have to be humble is them. I have NOTHING to lose at 78 except my friends so it is that I wish all, even my enemies, the life I have, the friends I have, the joy I face every day with. I hope that negative people could stop being so bitter, jealous, selfish and instead of hitting out at people look into themselves for what good there is and, maybe, just maybe, they will have half the good life I had and have and can also feel the right to say, “I’m too old to be humble,” and, “At 78 what have I got to lose?” because they earned it as Marilyn Maye and I have.

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I WAS ALWAYS OLDER THAN I WAS!   Leave a comment




I have always had fun with my age after I realized that I was a Leap Year baby meaning I had one birthday for every 4 years I have lived. When I was 16 in 1952 I said I was 4 and in the year 2000 I had a sweet 16 party but it was in 1949, when I had my Bar Mitzvah at the age of 13 that I started to say that I was older than I really was.


It was at 14, when I was going to the bars and baths in NYC when the legal age for drinking was 18, that I got a phony ID and, ironically, I was never ‘carded’.  When I was in the Marines whether in California, Korea or Japan I always added a few years to my age and after I left the Marines and lived in Hollywood, Ca., and Miami Beach, Florida, even though I was in my 20s I said i was 30. Most people, as a rule, found twenty to twenty- nine year olds very obnoxious with their know it all attitude and that doesn’t seem to have changed 50 years later. I don’t know what happens at 30 but it seems like all of a sudden people started to respect you.

It was at the age of 33 when I became ‘Director Of Operations’ for Weight Watchers of Greater Memphis, Eastern Arkansas, Western Tennessee and Chattanooga that I started to have my ‘hair stylist’ spray gray into my temples to give me that distinguished look when I went on TV or did newspaper interviews plus added a year or two to my age, thinking it gave me more authority.


After my Tenth Leap Year birthday it was explained to me that the Chinese always said that you were a year older than you thought you were. For instance when you celebrated your 40th birthday you were actually starting your 41ST year of life and I adapted that idea. I have, since 1978, waited until July to make myself that year older. As an example I am, by my birth certificate, 77, or 19 1/4 Leap years, old but now, when asked I will say I am 78. Somehow or other when February comes around in 2014 my being 78 is already a part of my life.

Just for the record don’t say “Age is only a number” or “You are as old as you feel” or other BS like that–I’ve already written a blog on how stupid those sayings are–they are usually said by people under 60 and people who have not felt just the physical aches and pains of aging or how your body changes as you age.

I have never worried about being old or getting older as much of my left I have lived, loved and been friends with people older than me, with some exceptions, so I know/knew what was ahead of/for me.

I was usually the youngest one in the crowd but that is not true now. Aside from some of the people who live here in Gateway I am the oldest one of my friends. I love being old and being able to look back on where I’ve been and how I came to where I am now. It is, also, amusing to read blogs by kids in their 20s, 30s, 40, 50s and 60s knowing where they are and where they are going and what they will learn. The one thing I have learned is that though we all like to think we are different and/or unique we really aren’t. A book I read in 1972 called “Passages” written by Gail Sheehy, about men and the different stages they go through is as true today as it was then and recommend all 20 year old men read it.

And, oh yes, young people always know better than their elders and do the former never listen to the latter because they know better and aren’t like others–that NEVER changes!!!! {#rofl.gif}

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I was going to write a very deep, thought provoking, incendiary blog about elections regarding poor losers, gloating winners and the shape of the world after November 6 but, folks, my age has caught up with me (for those who don’t know I celebrated my 19th Leap Year birthday on February 29 of this year) and after this week I am exhausted so instead of taht prize winning blog I offer the following as a diversion.

Go ahead and be nice, nasty, give me compliments or insults but VOTE!!! Your vote will decide which glasses I wear–don’t you feel the power you have?  VOTE!

                      NUMBER 1                        NUMBER 2                          NUMBER 3



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I had promised myself that when I was old I wouldn’t say “I told your so” to someone in their 30s or 40s and I have, most of the time, kept to that promise. I have the bitten tongue to prove it!!! I didn’t want to hear that as a younger man and neither do younger men today.

Though we like to think we are individuals we have more in common than we are aware of. We all go through certain steps in our lives though not at the same time or age. As unique as we want to see ourselves there are prevalent stages we all go through.

Yes, many of old men have ‘been there, done that’ but our telling you won’t stop or help you from doing it, also.

Every once in awhile I will read a blogger’s post by child-men in their teens and other men-child in their twenties just for the DRAMA and/or to remember the dreams one has at that age. They have the world ahead of them and limits or boundaries don’t exist. They blame anyone and everyone for their lousy lot in life or take all the credit for their ‘smart’ moves and accomplishments.

I find men most interesting when they are in their 30s and 40s and are discovering who they really are—what their limits are, what dreams they have to let go of, what their future will realistically be, where they may have to compromise.

In the 1970s I read a book called “Passages” by Gail Sheeney that tackled the subject of just that in men from their boyhood up to their 50s and 60s. (She has recently published a book called “New Passages”, basically an update on the same subject in today’s world of technology, which I haven’t read.)

I not only saw myself but all the men I knew in my life and as years went past I saw that she was pretty accurate about the different phases we go through.

I still very highly recommend this book to all men just to see what is ahead for them.

There are about 20 male bloggers here, in their 30-50 age range, that I subscribe to just to watch where they are in their life, hear how they feel about things and how sure they are of these things, their relationships, their work, etc., knowing that a lot of this will change.

I hope they (and I) stay around to see all the changes that will take place in their life regarding how they feel about things today, what their priorities are now, etc., and how most of this will alter—some in small ways, others in ways they couldn’t/wouldn’t imagine.

And I promise not to say, “I told you so”!


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21 REASONS WHY IT IS GOOD TO BE OLD!   Leave a comment


I was going to be a wise arse and just leave this page blank BUT there are many aspects of being old that makes you want to be there before you get there–take your time, kids, take your time! :O)

1. Everywhere you turn you are offered a ‘senior citizen discount from movies to restaurants, clothing stores, supermarkets, etc.

2. You learn to stop worrying, that it is only a waste of what time one has left.

3. Chances are you’re retired and enjoy what you want.

4. There is no need to rush somewhere or do something.

5. You don’t need to shave–unless you want to (ladies included–though I’ve been told different by a lady–I have seen old women with mustaches–okay, okay I’m ducking.)

6. So many excuses and so many accepted as natural for not doing something! “I forgot.” “I didn’t hear.” “I thought I would do it tomorrow.” It’s your fault. You didn’t remind me.” “Oh, was that today.”

7. Time to nap in the afternoon or go to the movies and not have to fight crowds or noise.

8. You can blog and comment to your hearts content.

9. After 70, people, those who do and don’t know you, show you respect and “Yes, M’am ” and “Yes, Sir” you to death.

10. You can fall asleep in the middle of a TV show or movie or reading a book and know the ending.

11. You can say, “When I was your age…”

12. You can tell the world how things were much better years ago.

13. Erectile dysfunction and/or use of Viagra is a lot less than you are led to believe.

14. You start getting rid of ‘things’ and life becomes uncluttered.

15. You forget all the bad in your past relationships and remember only the good.

16. You are outliving your enemies

17. You realize how little knowledgeable people know.

18. For no reason, excepting being old, you are thought of as being wise and experienced.

19. Children are amazed at how you survived a childhood with so little.

20. People fear the wrath of a senior citizen and will defer to them at sales, on line or wherever waiting takes place.

21. You only buy 4 rolls of toilet paper!


Young or old enjoy the stage of life you are in!

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DON’T ASK WHY–JUST BE AND DO!   Leave a comment

The reason for the title of this post is due to a conversation I had this afternoon with a resident I met at the mail boxes. I didn’t know him, haven’t seen him before, so I said hello and asked:

(Me) “How are you doing?”

(Him) Mumbling, “Bad. Blah. Ugh.” or something like that.

(Me) “As long as you are awake and alive you have nothing to complain about.”

(Him) “I keep n asking myself why I am?”

(Me) “Don’t ask why–just be and do.”

I don’t understand people like that. How, why, do they keep getting up every day if they can’t/won’t/don’t appreciate every day they get. I certainly do. I had just come back from shopping and had a box of cookies (shhhhhh) so I took them out, handed them to him, said, “Enjoy,” and left. I hope for how ever long the cookies last he knows why he woke up today and why he is alive!


I dropped Allen off at the airport on Thursday as he is going to see his grand-kids for their birthday–and his. He was born on the 18th and his twin grandsons on the 16! Unless you haven’t been without a car, after years of having one, you don’t know the freedom I feel in being able to use his car for 13 days whether I go anywhere or not. Just knowing I can GO when I want is enough!!


Talking about cars this belongs to one of the ‘poor’ residents who live here. He probably pays the garage more per month than his rents is!                                       


This was in the mail yesterday–a check for $4.93–it is a royalty for a book I wrote 6,7 years ago–you never know when what you did yesterday will pay off today–keep on doing and going!


I thought I lost him but the stalker is back again!!


As Mae said:

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