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7 DECADES SERIES 2002 BIRDS PART 26 A   Leave a comment

Three major events took place in 2002: 1) i discovered birds as pets  2) I completely retired 3) being judgement proof  The most fascinating thing to me were the birds and I learned a lot about them. I started off with one budgie–you call them parakeets—then another–after that I got a cockatiel and then another. I would eventually get 2 zebra finches not knowing they are worse than rabbits! Before I knew it I had 19 finches! I, finally, got wise and put the females in a separate cage.

Let’s start at the beginning. I wanted a pet and was thinking of a pug–if you read the early parts of this series you will know I had a pug that I absolutely adored. There were three main things holding me back with the first being the responsibility of walking them, not being able to go to go away for a weekend–no, I wouldn’t put the dog in a kennel. The second was that Gateway required a $500 deposit for all dogs and then, the deal breaker, the scoop if they poop! On a coffee break at Big Louie’s one of the other servers started talking about birds which perked my interest. The following week I was out looking at birds. At one of the pet shops I talked to the owner and told them what I wanted, which was a pet that wouldn’t be a lot of trouble! (Now I ask you–is there such a thing???)

I really didn’t have the patience to train a bird so he suggested I get two budgies as they would keep each other company. My first question was about bites as my doctor had warned me that if I got a bird bigger than a cockatiel or one that had a sharp bite it could cause problems because of my taking coumidin. That was the first mistake I made as later I learned a single bird is more of a pet because they had to adopt you as part of their flock but if they had a mate why would they need me?!?!!? Oh yes to feed them, give them clean water and clean their cage!

I immediately fell in love with 2 budgies–a male and female–and between the cage, food and toys it cost me $96. I decided to call them Butch and Cassidy after the Sundance Kid movie. Instead of doing all the reading I could on the Internet and bird books BEFORE buying them, being the kind of person who when he wants something wants them now, I started doing research. I went to Border’s and read book after book, bought 2 bird magazines plus a book on budgies.

The first thing I had to do, and was a lot easier than I thought it would be or people told me, was to change their diet from only bird seed to pellets and cooked food.

Birds are really very easy to take care of–basically feeding them once a day, changing their water and once a week a good cleaning of their cage. I discovered very early the ‘trick’ of layering the bottom of the cage with newspaper so that each morning all I had to do was pick up the top page and throw it out leaving a clean bottom.

Many people told me to keep their wings clipped so they couldn’t fly out the door or get into trouble. I didn’t–I let them out of their cage any time I was home making sure the doors were locked as well as the windows. They very easily learned to return to the cage on their own at 10 PM for a snack.

Oh yes–I did train the birds to be on my time. I covered their cage after the late news and didn’t take it off until I woke up. I never heard any noise from them in the morning.

Yes I did learn to find poop all over and I was surprised at the damage they could do to anything hanging on a wall like photographs, clocks and plaques!

This was just the beginning of my ‘bird history’!

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#1) I know some people who are going to eat at the Outback today but Allen and I beat them to it–Outback is having a ‘4 for $15’ special–salad and soup, main course and side dish, dessert–we went l;ast Wednesday and I had their cream of onion soup, house salad, pork roast on mashed garlic potatoes with a side of string beans and carrot cake  for dessert–to me that is 6 courses bit I’m not arguing–add coffee, tax and tip and it is more like ‘4 for $22’–it was good though.  (Unlike some people we didn’t have the ‘blooming onion!)

2) We have egrets of all kinds everywhere you go in Ft. Lauderdale including when walking around Gateway–these are brown and white–their beaks amaze me

3) I took this picture looking out my east window–the trees have beautiful sprays of red groups that just catch the eye

4) Say hello to Peter Pigeon–also brown and white–he has been hanging out at the mailboxes for months now to get any snacks the neighbors are willing to share

5) Before going to see “Oblivion” yesterday we stopped at IHOP to have a bite–I usually have the cheese omelet with a side of pancakes–this time I had their meat omelet and it was good–had bacon, ham, cheese, shredded meat–it just yelled cholesterol city but I enjoyed every bite, including the pancakes!!

6) We have hibiscus flowers of all colors around the property–this yellow isn’t as beautiful as it looks on the bush but it will have to do!


Time to run out and see the tail end of the air show we are having at the beach and I also need to get back as I want to put out all my potted plants as we are suppose to have a good rain today and tomorrow. I should take a picture of them all out there!

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Fall has finally arrived in South Florida. Our highs are only in the mid-eighties and it goes down to the mid-seventies in the early morning hours. In the picture on the lower left you can see the color of the leaves changing. The birds in the top left picture look a little cold at sunset!

I don’t know where or when I got the bottle of stout called Lump Of Coal Dark Holiday but I know I didn’t deserve it!

In my apartment I have 21 plants including Aloes, Begonias, Cuban yellow buttercups, Heliconias, Siam tulips, Christmas cactus, Flamingo flowers and more–without doing anything special they seem to thrive and are certainly great to have around.


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I’ve blogged about the wild parrots before but it has been awhile since they have ‘visited’ me. There is a huge tree in front of my building and the parrots use to come around every evening about 5 PM and then they disappeared for some time after hurricane Wilma but they have been coming back since but to the tree in the back outside my window. They don’t really have a schedule, sometimes coming every day, sometimes every other week.

It is rumored that the parrots were originally pets that somebody let loose and now there are flocks of them all over south Florida. They are beautiful and if I had a better camera I could get better shots of their colors. They have red heads, green bodies and patches of yellow.

Yes, they are loud and poop all over cars and the property but they are really something to watch flying as a flock or just covering the trees. I don’t know how many are in this particular flock but I would guess about100!!


I look forward to seeing them tomorrow–and I will have to do a blog on teh birds I use to keep in my apartment–at one time 21 of them!

For more information go to

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While skinnyguy sips his soda in the sun fatguy eats his nuts in the shade

Bill grows his garden between buildings R, S and T

Every day at any time various birds perch on top of the Avocado tree, from which we got 75+ avocados last year, and nibble on the top branches to the extent that they are getting barer  each day–are they eating the leaves or seeds? There are no nests that I can see just disappearing leaves!


Allen and I in the Dark Shadows Royal Red Chair

Fooling around with/on


You tell them Mae

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Have you been to Wild!!!

Is it saying something that of the over 20 movies I have seen in 2012 so far that the 3 best have been foreign films? And that they didn’t contain violence, the ‘f’ words or bodies writhing nude in bed? And what are the biggest movies in the USA so far this year? “The Hunger Games”,  “The Avengers” and “Safe House” which are filled with violence if not sex and and cursing. Mmmmmm–wonder why teenagers use so many curse words in their every day language ?!?




The first sign of Spring—a bloom on the Queen Crepe Myrtle Tree on the left–by next month all 50 trees will look like the one of the right, which I took a picture of last June.




I miss my birds!!


Someone asked me about a couple of my books–you can probably get a good deal on them at or



The guys are still stalking me–not that I blame them!



I’ll be sitting in a orchestra seat at the Arsht Performing Arts Center this Thursday for the opening of “Walt Disney’s The Lion King”–and you won’t.


“We may not

have it all together,

but together

we have it all.”

(Maria’s cards)

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ME AND MY BIRDS   Leave a comment

Jill took these 4 years ago–you can see my tiels, finches and budgies–I miss them all.since my doc said I had to get rid of them due to respiratory problems–now I grow plants!!!

I did try to post these videos but I am doing something wrong–again!


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