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Last month I wrote about Karen Bay which is at the east end of the Gateway Terrace apartments I live at. There is always something going on the water whether it is boats coming and going or people water skiing, kayaking, canoeing, riding on paddleboards or going up in the sky with water jet packs.

In the late afternoon and early evening the dogs of Gateway come to The Point, bringing their owners–well, slaves–with them and it is fun watching them interact. In fourth picture you will see sister and brother Kiki and Meatball while in the fifth picture Meatball is giving the old gal Biscuit some sugar. Sometimes she will tolerate the kids but at other times you can see she doesn’t want to be bothered but she lets them have their fun. In the sixth picture, on the left, you will see the small black and white dog who belongs to my neighbor (or they belong to her!)

It is as relaxing a time for the dogs as it is for the residents who come and talk about their day and, yes, gossip! The all white dog belongs to one of the people who have their boat docked here.

I will come down around midnight when it is one of the most peaceful places in the world and even though the ‘big city’ is 5-6 blocks away you don’t see it or hear it. It is me, the moon, the stars, a cloud drifting by and a boat going by–the end to another perfect day! 

Sadly, since I wrote this Meatball’s, owner Irene passed away. 


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On Friday April 24, 2015, I was walking home and decided I would take a video of the  sunset though it was far from the usual spectacular ones we have. Near the end one of the cats from the boats that dock at Gateway came over and you will meet him at the end of the first tape and the 5th tape.

Before I knew it I had made 6 tapes!! The first one is the longest at 2 minutes and 12 seconds and I haven’t posted the 3rd and 4th and let me explain why. In the second the police boat came into view and I have never seen one this far up. I had seen a couple of kids across the way and wasn’t sure what they were doing though it seemed they were having a party. I watched for awhile but nothing really seemed to be happening though I did make a couple of more videos figuring if anything happened I could always sell them to the TV news!!! LOL

The 3RD tape is 17 seconds long of the cat.

The last tape was taken when I got off the elevator to walk to my place–sorry it is so noisy but I will solve that problem eventually.

Hope you enjoy them–if not sorry! I’ll make THAT movie yet!!

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The Point of the Gateway Terrace apartments juts into Karen Bay which allows all kinds of boats access to all the waterways of Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas up to and including the Atlantic ocean. There are 8 docks owned by Westminster which in turn runs the Gateway apartment properties. In and out od ‘season’ we have people from all over the world use the docks and become part of the Gateway family.

At any one time in Karen Bay there are boats anchored in the bay with flags from all nations flying from them. Whether it be sailboats, catamarans, small yachts or large ones along with ‘special’ dinner and lunch boats that cruise out along the inter-coastal there is a continuous change of scenery. In one day you can see all these boats plus kayaks, canoes, motor boats, paddlers, rubber rafts being towed with kids having a ball and being tossed around like one. There are the James Bonds type with their water jet paks walking on the water or flying over it.

Once in awhile, sitting on The Point, you might spot a school of manatees going by and back to their nesting area. And with Labor Day celebrations one can sit on The Point in the evening and watch the fireworks against the dark sky flaring over Fort Lauderdale Beach, Hollywood Beach, Pompano Beach along with those from downtown, all competing with the stars and a moon filling the sky.

Who would want to live anywhere else? Not me!!

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