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It’s always a pleasure to ‘discover’ an unknown gem and I would give this small ‘sandwich’ shop 5 stars except for 3 reasons: 1) I HATE the latest rage among restaurants of aluminum tables and chairs just as I have gotten tired of all ‘up scale’ restaurants having white square plates 2) there is not full service as one has to place their order at the register and get their own drink 2) the restaurant is misnamed as it has many¬† dinner plates.

I am not all familiar with Peruvian food and when I came across a deal paying half we decided to try it. Bravo is in one of those  thousands of shopping strips in Fort Lauderdale with a bright, attractive window and the inside pleasantly decorated with one wall completely mirrored and the opposite wall with pictures of their food.
Not knowing what to order we asked the hostess/server/cashier to suggest a sandwich and platter that we can share and she did suggest 2 good items.
We first had a lechon pork sandwich ($7.50) made of pork, criolla, olive and rocoto sauce served on an excellent toasted roll and it was very tasty.

Next we had Lomo Satado ($10.95) made up of beef tenderloin strips sauteed in onions, tomatoes and French fries served with white rice. The dish was completely empty when we got finished.

Along with our meal Allen had a can of Fanta orange soda ($1.50) and I, going along with the try something new idea, had Inca Cola which was very sweet.
With tax and tip, before discount, our total was $26, certainly average for lunch but this was an above tasting lunch and I recommend it to anyone who has never had Peruvian food or just wants good food!

We didn’t have dessert there as we were on our way to UdderSweets–an ice cream parlour! See my review on another post.

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