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Brad, I have the birds guarding my TV and so far they have done a good job!



Raven, see what I mean about all the stress when retired? Think it is easy dodging those rays and laying back and reading a book under the sun? I would rather be working–NOT! Of course I would be fired from retiring as I didn’t hide my toe on the lower right when I took the picture! SEE THE STRESS I AM UNDER?!?!!?


Never know what I will find outside my apartment door!


I wish this guy would stop stalking me–granted, looking at my picture, I can’t blame him but enough is enough!


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SORRY FOLKS BUT I AM A HAPPY GUY!! ;O)   Leave a comment

Over the years there seem to be people who resent the fact that I am a happy, positive person who thrives on just living and this post is just about touching on a few of those things in life that contribute to my every day happiness.

The first thing is just the fact that I get up in the morning which is enough to make me happy. Okay, granted I don’t see too many sunrises, though I did take that picture above, because I, usually, don’t get up until 10:30 AM when the day has got itself straightened out and is ready for me!

As you get old(er) you can either become bitter about what didn’t happen in your life or you can realize that the days of worrying and fretting are over and you can just relax–I chose the latter.

There is so much joy in the world available to all–you just have to look–so much of the joy are the friends I have made such as Allen not to forget all those who just made my 19th Leap Year birthday memorable.

And then there are so many bloggers who have added joys and surprises to my life. Remember we really don’t know each other as we are electronically connected and that is different than being in a face to face situation but I have met some bloggers and know I will meet others—Bali here we come!

There is the blogger who knows I love The Cheesecake Factory and sent me a gift certificate to indulge in a piece of Godiva chocolate cheesecake.

Another blogger who I jokingly said something about their baking cookies and not sending me any–DID!!! (And they were good!)

There is the blogger who sent me a box of books knowing how much I love to read.

There is my stalker. Okay, so he may not know he is my stalker but it makes me happy to think he is and what’s wrong with that? I’m not stalking him—yet!

These are just a few of the people who have reached out to me in unexpected ways and continues to let me have faith in human beings.


How can you not be happy when you turn around a corner and come across flowers celebrating what Mother Nature has so freely given us? Or wake and look at your window sill and see a yellow blossom?

Yes, negative things happen to everyone in life but, with people, like the examples I gave, in the world I have no choice but to be happy and thankful.

For those unhappy people who need to attack, feud, have run ins with others, dislike themselves, hate people they don’t even know,  all I can say is that is YOUR choice–open yourself, give of yourself–karma is very strong and what goes round comes round–the more you give the more you will get back and that works in both a positive and negative way.

I wish everyone the joy, the happiness, I get just by living and sharing just that–happiness and joy!


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It seems as soon as you are diagnosed with an illness, though you have never heard about it before, all of a sudden everyone has had it or knows someone who had it!!!  I was at my podiatrist on Tuesday and diagnosed the pain in the heel of my foot as plantar  faciitis.  He gave me a shot of cortisone, told me to ice the foot 3-4 times a day, roll the bottom of the foot on a ball–since I don’t have a tennis ball Allen suggested a can of vegetables–and lose weight–WELL!! In any case here is some more about it just in case!


Comes this Tuesday I will be going to the opening of the touring company of “Come Fly Away” in Miami at the Arsht Center .

This guy keeps following me –I may have to report him as a stalker unless you want to take him off my hands!


Sometimes restaurants spend more imagination decorating their bathrooms than their dining rooms–this is certainly more entertaining than all of Morton’s!


I have been on a no sweet diet since March 1 and have been doing very good. Part of my motivation–and it works for me–is the carrot cake Maria sent me for my birthday. It is in the freezer and as soon as I hit a certain goal out it comes. As illnesses come out of the closet as soon as you say you have one it seems people have to give you cakes when you are on a diet! Today I put the Tres Leche Chocolate Grande cake in the freezer next to the carrot cake but the latter will be eaten first! I hope they don’t merge!!!

It is no secret that I am an admirer of Mother Nature and now she has presented me with another mystery. This bush/tree is growing near the elevator where the white Bird of Paradise tree/bush is. I have no idea what it is if that green ‘bulb’ is a fruit or will it burst out into a flower–anybody have an idea what it is?


This is one of my favorite trees on the Gateway property. It is loaded with bright red flowers which change colors and is about 4 stories high. It is part of the rainbow of colors that Mother Nature surrounds South Florida with.

Got a smile out of Allen!!!


“How many a man has dated a new era

in his life from reading a book?”

Henry David Thoreau  1817-1862  American Writer

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The faster I run the further behind I get but I’ll get there before Feb. 29, 2016! Above is a picture from Texas De Brazil which if I remember–it was only last week!!–correctly was the 19th and last restaurant I went to for my birthday. I have a bunch of restaurants to write about yet!

This was in front of Smokey Bones where Allen is hanging on to one of the long pods on the tree which I don’t know the name of–anyone???


These are the latest pictures of the avocados I am growing.

And this is Poochie from the ‘mindless group’ with her monkey ear muffs when it got below 70 the other day. She is also doing a collage of all my 19th Leap Year mementos which I’ll post as soon as it is done–I told her to take her time.


Next on our show list is “Come Fly Away” in Miami



For those who think they have problems South Florida ranks 5th nationwide of people who were convicted of federal public corruption crimes. We were behind Chicago, Los Angeles, Manhattan and D.C.







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  • February 29, 1288 It becomes legal in Scotland for a woman to propose marriage to a man.

  • February 29, 1504 Christopher Columbus uses a lunar eclipse to frighten hostile Jamaican natives into providing his crew with food. (And I went to Christopher Columbus High School in the Bronx 444 years later!)

  • February 29, 1504 Columbus uses a lunar eclipse to frighten hostile Jamaican Indians

  • February 29, 1528 “Patrick Hamilton, student of Parid, Louvain, St Andrews, Marburg, Abbot of Fearn, burned at St Andrew for heresy, the first Reformation martyr in Scotland”

  • February 29, 1692 “Sarah Good & Tituba, an Indian servant, accused of witchcraft, Salem”

  • February 29, 1696 English ex-premier Earl Danby accused of corruption (Some things stay the same!)

  • February 29, 1704 “Queen Anne’s War: French forces and Native Americans attack and destroy Deerfield, Massachusetts, killing 100 men, women, and children.”

  • February 29, 1712 “February 29 is followed by February 30 in Sweden, in a move to abolish the Swedish calendar for a return to the Old style.”

  • February 29, 1720 “Queen Ulrika Eleonora of Sweden abdicates in favour of her husband, who becomes King Frederick I.”

  • February 29, 1784 Marquis de Sade transferred from Vincennes fortress to the Bastille

  • February 29, 1796 “Jay’s Treaty proclaimed, settles some differences with England”

  • February 29, 1816 Dutch (King) Willem II marries Russian grand-duchess Anna Paulowna

  • February 29, 1848 Neufchatel declares independence of Switzerland

  • February 29, 1856 Hostilities in Russo-Turkish War cease

  • February 29, 1864 “American Civil War: Kilpatrick-Dahlgren Raid fails – Plans to free 15,000 Union soldiers being held near Richmond, Virginia are thwarted.”

  • February 29, 1880 Gotthard railway tunnel between Switzerland & Italy opens

  • February 29, 1892 Britain & US sign treaty on seal hunting in Bering Sea

  • February 29, 1892 “St. Petersburg, Florida incorporated.”

  • February 29, 1904 “Theodore Roosevelt, appoints 7 man committee to study Panama Canal”

  • February 29, 1908 Dutch scientists produce solid helium

  • February 29, 1916 “Child labor: In South Carolina, the minimum working age for factory, mill, and mine workers is raised from twelve to fourteen years old.” (And 96 years later Newt wants kids to work for nothing.)

  • February 29, 1932 Failed coup attempt by fascist Lapua Movement in Finland

  • February 29, 1932 “TIME magazine features eccentric American politician William “”Alfalfa”” Murray on its cover after Murray stated his intention to run for President of the United States.”

  • February 29, 1936 “Baby Snooks, played by Fanny Brice, debuts on the radio program The Ziegfeld Follies of the Air.” (And 28 years later I go see Barbra Streisand as Fanny Brice in “Funny Girl”.)

  • February 29, 1936 FDR signs 2nd neutrality act

  • February 29, 1940 “””Gone with the Wind,”” wins 8 Oscars”

  • February 29, 1940 Finland initiates Winter War peace negotiations

  • February 29, 1940 “For her role as Mammy in Gone with the Wind, Hattie McDaniel becomes the first African American to win an Academy Award.”

  • February 29, 1940 “In a ceremony held in Berkeley, California, due to the war, physicist Ernest Lawrence receives his 1939 Nobel Prize in Physics from the Sweden’s Consul General in San Francisco.”

  • February 29, 1944 5 leaders of Indonesia Communist Party sentenced to death

  • February 29, 1944 “US troop land on Los Negros, Admirality Islands”

  • February 29, 1944 World War II: The Admiralty Islands are invaded in the American General Douglas MacArthur-led Operation Brewer.

  • February 29, 1948 “Stern-group bomb Cairo-Haifa train, 27 British soldiers died”

  • February 29, 1952 Dick Button wins his 5th consecutive world figure skating title

  • February 29, 1952 The island of Heligoland is restored to German authority.

  • February 29, 1956 Islamic Republic established in Pakistan

  • February 29, 1956 President Eisenhower announces he would seek a 2nd term (And Obama does same 56 years later????)
  • February 29, 1960 “An earthquake in Morocco kills over 3,000 people and nearly destroys Agadir in the southern part of the country.”

  • February 29, 1960 “Earthquake kills 1/3 of Agadir Morocco population (12,000) in 15 seconds”

  • February 29, 1960 Hugh Hefner opens the first Playboy Club in Chicago.

  • February 29, 1960 “JFK makes “”missile gap”” the Presidential campaign issue”

  • February 29, 1964 “Frank Rugani sets badminton shuttlecock distance record, 24.3 meters”

  • February 29, 1964 “In Sydney, Australian swimmer Dawn Fraser sets a new world record in the 100-meter freestyle swimming competition (58.9 seconds).” (And 8 years later I go to Sidney!)

  • February 29, 1964 LBJ reveals US secretly developed the A-11 jet fighter

  • February 29, 1964 North Carolina high school basketball teams play to 56-54 score in 13 overtime

  • February 29, 1968 “Beatles’ “”Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”” wins Grammy” (43 years later I see “Rain: A Tribute To The Beatles”)

  • February 29, 1968 Dr. Jocelyn Bell Burnell announces the discovery of the first pulsar (a star that emits regular radio waves).
  • February 29, 1968 US end regular flights with nuclear bombs

  • February 29, 1972 “Hank Aaron becomes first baseball player to sign for $200,000 a year”  (And 1972 is one of the best years in my life financially!)

  • February 29, 1972 “Jack Anderson discloses Dita Beard (ITT) memo indicating antitrust charges were dropped for $400,000 contribution to Republican Party” (Some things never change!)

  • February 29, 1972 “Vietnam War: Vietnamization – South Korea withdraws 11,000 of its 48,000 troops from Vietnam.”

  • February 29, 1980 Gordie Howe becomes first NHL player to score 800 career goals

  • February 29, 1980 “Michael Bracey ends 59 hours 55 minutes trapped in an elevator, England”

  • February 29, 1980 “Yigal Allon, former Israeli foreign minister and supporter of Israeli independence, dies at age 61.”

  • February 29, 1984 Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau announces he is leaving office after serving over 15 years.

  • February 29, 1988 Mark Greatbatch scores 107 vs England on Test Cricket debut

  • February 29, 1988 Nazi document implicates Waldheim in WWII deportations

  • February 29, 1988 “NYC Mayor Koch calls Reagan a “”WIMP”” in the war on drugs”

  • February 29, 1988 South African archbishop Desmond Tutu is arrested along with 100 clergymen during a five-day anti-apartheid demonstration in Cape Town

  • February 29, 1992 Dawn Coe wins LPGA Women’s Kemper Golf Open

  • February 29, 1992 The Professional Spring Football League begins

  • February 29, 1996 “A Peruvian Boeing 737 crashes in the Andes, killing all 123 people aboard.”

  • February 29, 1996 “Daniel Green is convicted of murdering the father of basketball star Michael Jordan during a 1993 holdup, and is sentenced to life in prison.”

  • February 29, 1996 Kenya defeat West Indies (all out 93) in Cricket World Cup

  • February 29, 1996 Novelist Joan Collins awarded US $1 million from Random House for breach of contract. (And she didn’t give me any of it for my 15 Leap Year Birthday!)

  • February 29, 1996 “Soyuz TM-23, lands”

  • February 29, 2000 “Six year old Dedrick Owens shoots and kills Kayla Rolland, also six years old, at Theo J. Buell Elementary School in Mount Morris Township, Michigan. Rolland is currently the youngest victim of a school shooting
    2000 Feb 29 Destiny’s Child Release “Say My Name” Single in the US

    “Say My Name” is a song by American R&B group Destiny’s Child. The song was the third single from the group’s 1999 album The Writing’s on the Wall, released through Columbia label in 2000…
    2000 Feb 29 The Smashing Pumpkins release MACHINA/The Machines of God

    MACHINA/The Machines of God is The Smashing Pumpkins’ fifth studio album, released on February 29, 2000. A concept album, it marked the return of drummer Jimmy Chamberlin and was intended…
    2004 Feb 29 76th Academy Awards

    The 76th Academy Awards ceremony honored the best films of 2003 and was broadcast from the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California on ABC beginning at 5:30 p.m. PST/8:30 p.m. EST, February…(And I wasn’t invited!!!)
    2004 Feb 29 Jean-Bertrand Aristide is Ousted from Power in Coup d’État

    The 2004 Haiti rebellion was a coup d’etat that happened after conflicts that occurred for several weeks in Haiti during February 2004. It resulted in the premature end of President Jean-…
    2008 Feb 29 Boston Celtics defeat Charlotte Bobcats, 108-100

    While several players talked openly about the likely addition of veteran point guard Sam Cassell, Celtics coach Doc Rivers had a more immediate issue on his mind. “I’m not worried abou…
    2008 Feb 29 FDA Approves Wyeth’s Pristiq

    Desvenlafaxine is an antidepressant (serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor type-SNRI) used in the treatment of depression. It works by restoring the balance of natural substances

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(Leap Year Wall)

The picture above only represents 9 birthdays, 36 years, but I remember all 18 of them! I consider myself very lucky  that I am a Leap Year Baby, having a birthday only once every 4 years, and I have always taken advantage of that fact. Of all my birthdays I ‘remember’* (more about that later) the 10th for many reasons including that I was at the zenith of my career, looks, finances and life and I had someone to share it all with me.

Feb. 29, 1976 My 10th (40th) birthday–I rented the Memphis Hilton Hotel Ballroom and 2 banquet rooms–invited 350 of my closest friends–had a jazz cocktail party with Southern themed appetizers to start, then a sit down prime ribs with Yorkshire pudding and  Caesar salad dinner, with a band to play music while we dined, followed by a dessert, liqueur and dancing ending. In  the pictures near the bottom you will see a 5 tier carrot cake! Made the front page society section of the Memphis Commercial Appeal newspaper. The party cost me $14,000–remember these are 1976 dollars! :o)

I was thrilled that Dick Hershey and Mary Culleton (she was the clerk at the first Weight Watchers meeting I ever attended) flew down from New York, Cleo, (my Dad’s mistress, but that’s another blog LOL) from Kansas City. Dr. Robert and Ginny Pozos (she died a few years ago from cancer–I loved her dearly and for some reason, well for many reasons, Maria reminds me of her!) came in from Duluth, Minnesota, but I was disappointed that quite a few people didn’t come like Bernie, my ex, Clara and a few others from Weight Watchers, Gene, my father, my brother and sister-in-law and my beloved Flo.

(The article in the Memphis Commercial Appeal with the sketch made by the paper’s artist.)

That’s me in the light brown tux in each picture and in the picture on the bottom right, standing on the left, was at that time my partner Johnny who now lives in Texas.

The dancing fool is me! I’ll talk about the other folks very soon–it is a mystery!

On the lower left from left to right are Cleo, the mistress LOL, Barbara and Margie who left WW to come with me to open Our Weigh–by the way I was so drunk I was SINGING! And I don’t even carry a tune–let’s talk about that being drunk.

On January 21, 2012 I will celebrate 31 years of sobriety. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case on February 29, 1976 when I vaguely remember(ed) the cocktail party and am not able to tell you a thing that happened during and after dinner. I, literally, have hundreds of pictures taken that evening but just in the pictures above I can only name 6 of the people. Who are, where are, the 350 people who came to that party? Looking over all the pictures I can, maybe, name a dozen but I only know where one is today!

Do you recognize anyone from 35 years ago? maybe I should put a slew of pictures on Facebook and see if anyone responds!?!

Strange to have memories of something you don’t remember but I do know it was a highlight of my life–figure that one out!





February 29th is special…

It’s the reason that a season comes at the same time every year.

If you’re born on Leap Day… Welcome Home!


Just 41 days to our next birthday!


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For anyone who doesn’t know yet–where have you been???–I will be celebrating my 19th Leap Year Day birthday next month on February 29–for those who are bad at math you could also say I will be 76!!! Starting next week I will be doing a 8-9 part series about how I have celebrated my birthdays previously. I DO NOT celebrate the in-between years. It does surprise me how many people know very little about the day and year, how it came about, the reasons, what it means, traditions, etc. so I decided to round up some information from the Internet. A lot of this information comes from the web site. Oh yes, don’t worry–before the series ends and giving you plenty of time I will post my birthday wish list –oh, come on, that surprises you?!?!?  Obviously you don’t know me!!


February 29th is special…

It’s the reason that a season comes at the same time every year.

If you’re born on Leap Day… Welcome Home!


Just 48 days to our next birthday!


A person born on February 29 may be called a “leapling ” or a “leaper “. In common years they usually celebrate their birthdays on February 28 or March 1. In some situations, March 1 is used as the birthday in a non-leap year since it is the day following February 28.

Technically, a leapling will have fewer birthday anniversaries than their age in years. This phenomenon is exploited when a person claims to be only a quarter of their actual age, by counting their leap-year birthday anniversaries only. In Gilbert and Sullivan ‘s 1879 comic opera The Pirates of Penzance , Frederic the pirate apprentice discovers that he is bound to serve the pirates until his 21st birthday rather than until his 21st year.

For legal purposes, legal birthdays depend on how local laws count time intervals.

These events are or were held every four years during leap years

A leap year (or intercalary or bissextile year) is a year containing one extra day (or, in the case of lunisolar calendars , a month) in order to keep the calendar year synchronized with the astronomical or seasonal year . Because seasons and astronomical events do not repeat in a whole number of days, a calendar that had the same number of days in each year would, over time, drift with respect to the event it was supposed to track. By occasionally inserting (or intercalating ) an additional day or month into the year, the drift can be corrected. A year that is not a leap year is called a common year . ( I DO FEEL SORRY FOR YOU COMMON PEOPLE!)

For example, in the Gregorian calendar (a common solar calendar), February in a leap year has 29 days instead of the usual 28, so the year lasts 366 days instead of the usual 365. 

Folk traditions

On the British isles, it is a tradition that women may propose marriage only on leap years. While it has been claimed that the tradition was initiated by Saint Patrick or Brigid of Kildare in 5th century Ireland , this is dubious, as the tradition has not been attested before the 19th century. Supposedly, a 1288 law by Queen Margaret of Scotland (then age five and living in Norway), required that fines be levied if a marriage proposal was refused by the man; compensation ranged from akiss to £1 to a silk gown, in order to soften the blow. Because men felt that put them at too great a risk, the tradition was in some places tightened to restricting female proposals to the modern leap day, February 29, or to the medieval (bissextile) leap day, February 24.

According to Felten: “A play from the turn of the 17th century, ‘The Maydes Metamorphosis,’ has it that ‘this is leape year/women wear breeches.’ A few hundred years later, breeches wouldn’t do at all: Women looking to take advantage of their opportunity to pitch woo were expected to wear a scarlet petticoat—fair warning, if you will.”

In Finland , the tradition is that if a man refuses a woman’s proposal on leap day, he should buy her the fabrics for a skirt.

The following is from

What are your chances of being born on leap day?

About 1 in 1500.

The rules for determining a leap year

Most years that can be divided evenly by 4 are leap years.

Exception: Century years are NOT leap years UNLESS they can be evenly divided by 400.

There are 89 variations of this ‘month poem’–for the other 88 go to
Thirty days hath September
April, June and November
All the rest have thirty-one
Save February, and it alone,
Has twenty-eight we do confine
Till Leap year gives it twenty nine


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