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APRIL 2015 RESUME   1 comment

Aside from breaking records with hitting 96 degrees one day last week we are now in the ‘rainy season’ so you know if you have anything to do outdoors you should get it done by 1 PM.

The main changes you can see are the ones in pictures 2 and 3–the former were the trees in March and the latter are the trees today!

Pictures 4 and 5 are just a couple of the birds around while 16 and 17 are another pigeon nest. The cat is one of the many at Gateway while the dog belongs to Cookie. Pictures 8, 9, 11 and 18 are the seeds I planted in March that I bought at Dollar Tree while the other flower and plants are just a few of those brightening Gateway.

As I usually do every April I switch the dining room table by the window and the couch against the opposite wall, pictures 13 and 14. I tried to put the computer table parallel to the long window wall as I had it before but there are so many wires with the computer, printer, monitor, speakers, phone that it became a hassle and a half so I left it as is but I do know I will have to move the sofa bed against the ‘A Chorus Line” wall by February so it can be opened up but that’s 10 months away!

Saw the touring companies of “Pippin” and “Sister Act’ in April and 6 new movies of which one is definitely going on top of my worst movies of 2015 “While We’re Young”. Ate in 3 new restaurants of which one, Marti’s, was a big disappointment, Taco Grill just okay and Foxy Brown was a winner. 

Though it is still 10 months away I m starting to get things worked out for my Leap Year birthday on Monday, February 29, 2016. I booked a room at Café Vico’s for a dinner that evening, reserved our community room for the night before when the 2015 Oscar show will be on and will have to look into renting the biggest TV I can find for that night plus see about some catering. More planning to do in May!


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I have the craziest Christmas/Easter/ Leap Year cactus!! I don’t remember when I first bought the Christmas cactus plant  but probably 7-8 years ago. It was already in bloom when I bought it that Christmas but stopped blooming after the buds dropped. It didn’t bloom the following Christmas and then all of a sudden there were blooms around Easter. Once again it didn’t bloom at Christmas time but all of a sudden 2012 it started to bloom around my Leap Year birthday!

The last 3 years it seems to bloom around Christmas, the end of February and the week before Easter, whatever date it might be.

At first the blooms were all pink and then all a sudden they were a mixture of pink and white. I did cut off a few branches and before I knew it I had 5 pots of cacti plus the big mother plant.

For the first time this year the mother plant started to bloom 2 weeks before Christmas, both white and pink blooms, and one by one each of the other 5 potted plants started to bloom, some white and some pink. Since then all the plants have remained in bloom and I am wondering if this will continue to Easter and beyond!

The blooms are very pretty but I don’t detect any aroma.


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SPRING IS COMING!   Leave a comment

In January I was reading about the snow falling on the northeast (and it still is!) but when I went to the Dollar Tree store they already had the shelves filled with planters, soil, garden gloves, packages of seeds 4 for a dollar from flowers, to herbs to veggies and fruits! Yep I started buying.

For those of you who were here last year you might remember the disaster I had trying to grow veggies, like beets, so this time I decided to go for the packages that were specifically marked ‘for containers’ and I just stuck to radishes to experiment with. Along the way I picked up a herb garden starter kit of basil, chives, dill and parsley and since I don’t know the meaning of moderation I also got packs of  lavender, cilantro, sage, oregano and thyme.

I goofed, already, with the starter kit by putting in too much water one day but a few greens are coming up. I will have to thin out the radishes which was something I didn’t do with the beets last year. I am open to any and all suggestions from those of you who know what to do! :O)

I also threw in the latest picture of the sweet potato vine that is doing great!

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VEGGIE GARDEN REPORT MAY 11, 2014   Leave a comment


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It looks like I lost the radishes. I went through the whole pot and not a single ‘growth’. I brought the squash pot in and thinned it out just as I did the string beans and peas.

I am hoping the string beans will grow bigger but even if they don’t I will put them in some recipe. I am giving them another week or two. If you look closer in the middle of the peas picture you will see some forming. I had always peas grew on a vine but obviously there are different kind of peas that grow different ways. There were a lot of ‘brown strings’ that I cut out giving the remaining stems room to breathe.

I know the pot for the squash is pretty small so I may have to ‘thin’ it out more but I am hoping to see some growth.

By the way the picture of the gladiolas in my Mother’s Day post are the ones I grew in a pot but of the bulbs this is the only one that has produced so far–I’m waiting for the others! I think Mother Nature decided this one would grow to salute all mothers!!

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I have written a couple of posts about this amazing Christmas cactus that I have and it continues to blow my mind! I got it as a small plant at The Home Depot a number of years ago and for 2 years it bloomed pink flowers right around Christmas time. It was Christmas 2011 that not a single bloom appeared BUT in February, 2012, just in time for my 19th Leap Year birthday it bloomed with white and pink flowers. This year, once again, it fully bloomed right on schedule! How does it know the time? It is indoors, the temperature is always the same and I don’t do the ‘no lights’ thing.

It had really grown massive last year so when I was doing some repotting, and getting new plants, I decided to clip off a few branches (if that is what they are called) from the mother plant (First picture) and, without rhyme or reason, sticking a leaf here and a leaf there. When I woke up Christmas day I was surrounded with Christmas cactus blooms all over the living room. Some were white, some were pink, some consisted of one stem with one bud at the end while another had a few mixed blooms, and buds, in one pot.

It’s all absolutely amazing and makes me admire Mother Nature even more. How anyone can ever say they are bored and have nothing to do when she has laid out everyone’s world with such startling, irrational, happenings can be seen 24/7, is beyond my understanding. Heck even if you don’t have a green thumb she does–just look out your window.

My apartment is filled with plants ranging from Siam tulips–have you ever heard or seen them?–a begonia that has bloomed every month for 3 years now I think– Cuban flowers which I took twigs off a big bush and like the Christmas cactus I just stuck them into dirt in various pots and now every morning when I walk into the living room, bathroom or kitchen it looks like butterflies all over the place.

I have taken a corner of the walkway and planted various herbs to make a great tomato gravy plus a tall plant that someday I’ll learn the name of–my neighbor added a few plants and our walkway stands out.

I have always kept plants but since I had to give up my birds it has almost become an addiction. I can’t go into the Home Depot without walking out with a plant–or two. If I pass a hibiscus bush I take off a twig and stick it into a pot and due to Ana I started to grow Romaine lettuce!!

Need any Aloe??? I have about 16 pots of them. :O)

Right now I am mesmerized by the Christmas cactus and wondering when the last bloom will appear!

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A couple of days ago I wrote about this plant basically saying  there is my amazing Christmas cactus plant that I have had a few years. It once again is in bloom this year having only missed 2011 BUT it did bloom in time for my Leap Birthday February 29, 2012–that was strange. Now it is even stranger as in the past few days among the pink flowers some white ones have bloomed!

Just when you think you have everything figured out Mother Nature throws a curve ball at you. Last year I cut off a few pieces of the mother plant and potted them around the house. Most have continued to grow giving out green leaves but no flowers—until today!!! I was getting ready to water the plants when I noticed one of the odd potted plants had bloomed a white cactus flower!!

Why only this one boggles my mind but I have come to learn when it comes to her you just have to accept whatever Mother Nature throws your way and to just revel in what she bestows on you.

I know the northen half of the USA is having wild storms and will continue to while we have a high of 81 degress today! I really shouldn’t gloat but she can change things around here in a minute. As it is we have not had a hurricane in 8 years so I really shouldn’t tempt fate by saying “Don’t you wish you were here where you could spend the day on the beach and take a swim in December?” I won’t even think about it though I know when we start freezing here with temperatures in the 40s and 50s, for a night or two, you won’t feel any empathy for us.

In any case I want to publicly thank Mother Nature for a beautiful day and surrounding my apartment with beautiful flowers and I wish you all a happy, warm, present filled Christmas holiday week!

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I LEAD A BLOOMING LIFE!!!   Leave a comment

1) I planted these beet (front) and turnip (rear) seeds in March and though they have been putting out many leaves I have a feeling that is all I am going to get BUT I will give them to September to produce–I don’t care if it is a teeny baby turnip or beet!!  I do know I probably should have thinned them out when the leaves first appeared!

2) I don’t know what this blue flower is but it bloomed in the same pot that I had the miniature sunflowers which are still blooming and, in the background, you can see the marigolds are still growing strong.

3) This is a Royal Poinciana tree and they are in bloom all over the city. This one is sort of bare compared to others but when you see them the red just jumps out at you. They are very messy as the blooms fall all over but they are beautiful.

4) This is in Holiday Park–on the left is a Jacaranda tree, not to be confused with the Queen Crepe Myrtle tree in picture 8–and on the right another Royal Poinciana. As beautiful as both are neither have an aroma!

5 and 6) are pictures of the same old tree which has some magnificent wood and is still very much alive.

7) This is a tree about a block away from me–I dion’t have any idea how much more it can bend over without breaking but I check it every day!

8) Queen Crepe Myrtle tree right outside the walkway of my apartment. Another beautiful tree with beautiful flowers but the latter has no aroma! Mother Nature works in mysterious ways.

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There is a  cactus plant near building C that is supposedly a ‘night blooming cactus’ and for 14 years I have been trying to catch it in bloom!!! I want to see how pretty they really are, what color and do they have the aroma that wikipedia talks about –

During the day they have big pods looking about to blossom but I haven’t caught them in the act yet!! I have been there late at night plus early in the morning before the sun comes up but all I see is this ugly. black, wilted, dead thing hanging down when the sun comes up! I have been there at midnight and 5 in the morning–nothing, nada, zero, zip!

Now all our Hibiscus plants bloom during the day and by sunset they are closing up and dying just as the yellow Cuban plants flowers only last  until sunset but at least I get to see them.

I am NOT giving up!!!  I may have to set up a camera all night or slip the security guard a couple of dollars to take a picture if he catches it in bloom or call me when the bud opens.

I am going to have to have a talk with Mother Nature!!!

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So far nothing happening with the beets (far left greens) or turnips (to the right of the almost empty pot) but the marigolds are sure coming out all over and in different colors. The other pictures are just a few of the different colored hibiscus bushes we have all over Gateway. Between the yachts, million dollar homes, The Point, Karen Bay, palms, orchids, birds, trees and, oh yes, people, just walking round the Gateway apartments is an adventure that never gets dull.

This is going to be a busy week with doctor’s appointment tomorrow, going to see “Memphis” in Miami at the Arsht Center Tuesday evening (and, of course, finding a place to eat) and then “Warhorse” here in Fort Lauderdale at the Broward Performing Arts Center on Wednesday (already know we are eating at a new Irish pub not too far from the theatre) then The Pantry plus Dollar Tree and Winn-Dixie on Thursday followed by going to see “The Great Gatsby” on Friday another week whizzes by.

I don’t understand how anyone who is retired can say they are bored—I need a 28 hour day and an 8 day week!!

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For those who may not know—where have you been?–at the beginning of March I bought packets of flower and veggie seeds at the Dollar Tree store–4 packets for a $1 and here we are on the 28th of April.

The marigolds are growing like crazy and in the rear on the left is a miniature sunflower–the rectangle flower pot in front of that are the beets but so far nothing has happened and I am not sure about pulling a couple of the leaves up– same things with the turnips which are in the round bowl in the center. Anybody have any idea as to when beets or turnips are ‘ready’? In any case I’ll give them a couple of more weeks and then pull a few out of both.

Meanwhile would anybody like some marigolds???

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