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Peter and I became friends years ago when we met as bloggers. I found him to be a funny, caring and passionate man who tells things as they are and how he sees them. He has written many books, most thrillers, plus his autobiography which talks of a world many readers will discover for the first time and is a live thriller in its own right.
Born in New Zealand, Rigby Taylor grew up in Europe where he was an actor and creative dancer before becoming a lecturer in Renaissance Art. His two gay themed novels, ‘The Price of Freedom’ in which he explores gay relationships of youth, middle age and the elderly while coping with undercurrents of homophobia, and ‘Dome of Death’ a thriller , are both set on Queensland’s sub-tropical Sunshine Coast.
His autobiography, ‘Dancing Bare’, is a humorous look at his first twenty-five years as a young exhibitionist in Europe and the UK in the ‘swinging sixties’.

Dancing Bare is the sometimes risqué tale of an innocent young man who swaps the suffocating confines of middle-class New Zealand for love and liberation in 1960’s London and Europe. Reveling in the freedom conferred by anonymity, he becomes an actor, a stripper, a rent boy, a lover, a teacher, and a dedicated traveler through Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, where travelers are uncommon and countries still retain many of the differences that makes traveling so interesting. He encounters a wide variety of people, life styles, and customs, eventually settling in Paris where the state does not consider his sexuality to be a criminal offense. A moving and amusing story of hope and love, sex, and sexuality, theatrical showmanship and artless innocence, laced with a little philosophy. Download this FREE e-Book today!
All three books are available from Lulu publishers.

I think the other books might have more appeal  readers than Dancing Bare. I get quite a few emails from contented readers, especially thanking me for “Rough Justice/Price of Freedom” [same book, different title]”. ‘Sebastian” and “Dome of Death” are also very popular… being fictional and sort of thrillers with gay heroes. The memoir is a bit too real for many people…. being “a snapshot of a wonderful time of freedom so long ago it seems like a different planet”…. this last comment was from a pleasant Indian fellow.



                          Jarek by Rigby Taylor
               Price: Free! Approx. 97,080 words. Language: English.    Published on July 29, 2012. Category: Fiction.

                In this sequel to ‘Sebastian’ that begins in an isolated tropical Australian town, the refusal of a student to be victimized by a female teacher leads to his being drafted to assist at a rainforest camp where he teams up with the activities teacher, Jarek, who dumps his girlfriend and becomes the unwitting target of a small group of women dedicated to the elimination of misogynistic males.
Time to Think by Rigby Taylor
Price: Free! Approx. 30,390 words. Language: English. Published on November 8, 2011. Category: Fiction.

Time To Think is an amusing, thoughtful and sexy collection of eight short tales about the human condition and how some gays cope with such things as visiting evangelists, unwelcome visitors, too much praise, unwanted sexual attentions from women, living in a nursing home, unpleasant relations, genetic modification and newly awakened sexual urges.
Sebastian by Rigby Taylor
Price: Free! Approx. 62,120 words. Language: English. Published on February 18, 2011. Category: Fiction.

Sebastian is an enigma. Everyone likes him, but no one knows anything about him. He wears clothes only under protest, but no one seems to mind. To say his home life is unusual would be like saying the Amazon is a stream. Bizarre doesn’t even begin to describe his upbringing. He doesn’t know who his father was, he’s used as a therapist for broken youths, and yet he’s ‘normal’.
Dancing Bare by Rigby Taylor
Price: Free! Approx. 118,650 words. Language: English. Published on February 5, 2011. Category: Nonfiction.

0.75 star (3.67 from 3 reviews)
Dancing Bare is an amusing tale about Rigby, an impossibly innocent young man who swaps the suffocating confines of middle class New Zealand for love and liberation in nineteen-sixties London and Europe. Revelling in the freedom conferred by anonymity, he becomes an actor, stripper, rent boy, lover, teacher and dedicated traveller through Europe and North Africa.
Dome of Death by Rigby Taylor
Price: Free! Approx. 103,100 words. Language: English. Published on February 3, 2011. Category: Fiction.

(4.00 from 2 reviews)
Dome of Death is a thriller; shocking, funny, romantic and thought provoking. When the director of an Art Gallery in Queensland falls to his death from the central dome, his lover, Peter, unwillingly takes over the job. Murder, torture, cyclones, tidal surges, snuff porn shows – are but a few of the complications to be navigated in his search for justice, happiness and love.
The Price of Freedom by Rigby Taylor
Price: Free! Approx. 103,260 words. Language: English. Published on February 1, 2011. Category: Fiction.

(4.00 from 1 review)
Two young men in subtropical Queensland fight for their lives when threatened by homophobic students.



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