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As I have mentioned THE POINT is sort of a meeting place but what I didn’t mention is that if you have ANYTHING wrong with you this is the place to come for information–forget google!

Where I live at Gateway in Fort Lauderdale there are about 290 senior citizens. If you have any health problems this is the place to come and discuss it. You will hear all the good and bad about any procedure you are thinking of going through, what it will involve, whether you will be up and about in a day or a week or a month!

Going to have a hip replaced? A new knee? Cataract surgery? Diagnosed with diabetes? Cancer? Want to know about chemo or rehab? Heart surgery? Hey they walk around showing their ‘zippers’ with pride! (Only those who have had heart surgery or live with someone who has had it know what I am talking about!) Have a pain in your left side? Foot? Leg? Back? Head? Worried about shingles? Should you get the flu shot and when is the best time to get it? How often should you get a pneumonia vaccine? Have psoriasis? Cirrhosis? Nuerothapy? An ache here a pain there?

This is THE place to come! You will find at least 10 people with 10 experiences and 10 suggestions! They will tell you that everything will be fine, that you shouldn’t worry, that you will be back on your feet before you know. They will tell you what to eat and what not to eat when you have gout or an upset stomach or have a cold. They know EVERY medicine available and every side effect.

And folks the best part is that there are no office hours! And they don’t rush you. In fact they take hours describing what they went through and what you will be going through. They will tell you the best and the worst doctors and what hospitals serve the best food and which have the best nurses!

One thing, well two things, I will tell you and that is: 1) You will know everything and anything that you could ever want to know about any particular problem and 2) They will not only wish you well and tell you that ‘it is a breeze’ but they know–they definitely know–everything will be fine.

By the way if you need anything at least 200 of them will be there for you!


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And before you know it Friday has come around and it is movie day. On this particular day we went to see “The Family” and, as always, the discussion afterwards was where to get a bite to eat. Usually it is between the Quarterdeck if we want to have jambalaya and a heavier meal or, going for something lighter it might be IHOP or Denny’s.

A few months ago Allen mentioned his seeing a new burger place knowing I am a burger lover. We were talking about the Quarterdeck and I said something about having one of their burgers for a change and he mentioned the burger place so off we went.

Does the world really need another burger place? Not unless they have standout items and smashburger doesn’t. Their burger is okay and the fries are nothing special–not even the seasoned ‘smash’ ones ($1.99)  which didn’t taste any different then the regular fries ($1.99).
The place is immaculate and the help friendly with smiles.
There was a little confusion as far as the order going went with Allen ordering the classic burger ($4.99) and I ordered the cheeseburger ($4.99) which turned out to be the same thing. WE both had a fountain drink ($1.89 each) so the check, with tax, came to $18.80 for an ordinary, small burger.
Afterwards I discovered the Miami Burger on the to go menu which I certainly would have ordered as it seems to be a ‘different’ item from the other burger places.
I don’t think I will be going back to try it.


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In the first picture walking east from Victoria Park Road on NE 6th Court takes you right into Gateway Terrace past exotic southern blooms like Birds of Paradise bushes or the unbelievable fragnant Frangipani flowers. On the right (south) is a Catholic church while on the left (north) are million dollar homes. The road is clear with very little traffic and as you can see the sky is blue with wispy clouds and the day is sunny.

It almost feels as if you can see Opie and Andy walking down the road with a fishing pole and it being pictured on the Saturday Evening Post in a painting by Norman Rockwell!

If you would like to see more of the roads surrounding Gateway and inside of Gateway go to my youtube page:


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1) I went in a little bit early for my semi-annual crew cut and the skunk haircut disappeared (see last week) even though the mustache is still dark but the white on the sides is natural!

2) Took a picture of the poster for the new Smurfs movie coming–Allen was in there somewhere!!!  Talking about movies–not quite sure what we want to see Friday–have no desire to see  The Lone Ranger and Allen has seen the World War Z–so that leave Whitehouse down or 3 ‘art’ movies. We will decide tomorrow.

4 & 5) Have you ever had Khakhara ?  I had never heard of it until I came across it at the Pantry.  I binged it and got the following from wikipedia :

“Originating from the state of Gujarat , as part of Gujarati cuisine in India , Khakhara’s are thin crackers made from mat bean and wheat flour and oil. It is served usually during breakfast. khakhra’s are uniquely hand-made and roasted to provide a delicious, crunchy”.   Khakhra , a famous gujrati snack is made from whole wheat flour, salt, oil and water. The dough is rolled out and cooked on a tava withpressure applied till crisp. Khakhra is healthy, quick to make and goes with curds, chutney, jeeralo and methya keri sambhar . Basically khakhra is a crispy version ofroti .

It came with a small package of masala seasoning–it is extremely tasty and a new taste treat for me.

3) As it is July 4th tomorrow I assumed Cafe Vico wouldn’t be serving their 2-4-1 so I suggested we got today after the contrast cat scan since Allen was driving me there. As it turned out it will be closed tomorrow so I was glad we came today. We both had the Pork Oreganata which are two roasted pork tenderloins topped with seasoned bread crumbs, oregano, paremesian cheese on a lemon white sauce and saffron risotto. It was excellent just as the Italian rolls with a cup f seasoned olive oil on the side served with all meals. Mmmmm –can’t wait until next Thursday.


I really have to thank all of you for responding to my nervousness regarding the contrast scan—I don’t know if it was all your reinforcement or, just maybe , that little lorazapam pill I popped a half hour before. All I know is that it was over before it begand –certainly seemed shorter than the one the previous Monday. We got their at one and before I knew it we were in the car on our way to the bank  at 1:30!!!

I am sure I won’r hear from the doctor until Momday or Tuesday so with all that iodine in me I guess I better have  chocolate ice cream!!!!


Talking about chocolate ice cream–our local supermarket Publix has a great commercial showing 2 young girls sitting on the porch each with a bowl of organic chocolate ice cream. One asks the other “What does organis taste like?” and the other asnwers “Chocolate icream ” and then get s up and starts running into the house. The first girl asks “Where are you going?” And the second girl answers, “Mom said she got organic brocoli !” The first girl is getti gup and says < “Well don’t eat it all”, as they go running in the houes . I tried to find it on YouTube to post it here but couldn’t–keep an eye out for it!


Another commercial is with 4 kids and a man who asks him questions like “What would you wish for if you could wish for anything?”. Another question is “Would you rather be fast or slow?” There are about a half a dozen commercials (sorry the name of the company escapes me) along those lines and the kids are just great. One kid wishes she could have a bunny brother so she could take him to show and tell!


Has anyone but me been watching Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and The Have Nots ” on the OWN (Oprah) cable channel? What do you think?


And the icing on the cake??? My bridge just split in half and no way can I get a doctor until Monday or Tuesday!!!

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With the exception of the first picture which is the new pier Dania Beach–John U Lloyd State Park looks exactly as it did when I first saw it in 1956. I lived in Miami Beach at the time working at Picciolo’s Restaurant and on my day off a group of us would go up to Dania Beach which, though not officially, had a nude gay beach which was also visited by nongays from Europe. There were rivers west of the beach area separated by high bushes that sort of divided the two areas.

Back in that time Miami Beach was the mecca for tourists who might take a trip up to the Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood in the late 1950s, early 1960s, to see top stars perform at night but both Hollywood and Dania Beach were known to be filled with open fields, cows roaming around and as a ‘day in the country’ for those of us who lived further south. There is now a huge parking lot–back then no meters and you made your own spaces–and, as I reviewed two weeks ago, a new Quarterdeck Restaurant that has quickly become a tourist spot which is at the entrance, and on, a brand new pier. The beach is so pristine it is as if it arose overnight.

The State park offers another way to park and visit the beach plus you will also see the new huge cruise liners that dock at the Everglades Port.

As far as I know Dania Beach is no longer a nude beach but then I haven’t been there in awhile–I may just have to check it out in the name of research–just for you, of course!!


Below are some notes from about the area.


Dania Beach is a city in Broward County, Florida, United States. As of the 2010 census, the city’s population was 29,639. It is part of the South Florida metropolitan area, which was home to 5,564,635 people at the 2010 census. Dania Beach is the location of one of the largest jai alai frontons in the United States, Dania Jai-Alai. It is also the location for an amusement center named Boomers! , was home to the Pirate’s World amusement park and home to the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum.


Population: 30,183 (2011)

Area: 6.31 sq miles (16.34 km²)


Welcome to John U. Lloyd Beach State Park

Perfect for a day at the beach or a family picnic, this park provides an abundance of recreational activities. Surf fishing, canoeing, swimming, nature study, boating, and picnicking will keep the whole family busy. For those interested in South Florida’s underwater beauty, Lloyd Beach has one of the easiest and most interesting shore dives in the area. The park has two boat ramps with easy access to the ocean through the Port Everglades Inlet, which will please those who prefer to fish in open water. The mangrove-lined waterway is a scenic place to canoe, observe bird life, and take photographs.

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People are always making fun about Fort Lauderdale and not having 4 seasons–well these pictures were taken during a cold spell where the temperatures didn’t go above the 60s–that IS cold for FT. Lauderdale.

The first picture is just a representative of one of the thousands of canals around the city which is referred to as “The Venice of the USA”–nope not cold enough to freeze over though it did go down to 42 degrees the other morning. Las Olas is the high end dining and shopping area of Fort Lauderdale and includes the Riverfront Hotel, an historical landmark–a few years ago they built a Cheesecake Factory next door to it. Across the street is Kilwin’s which is known for home made ice cream and fudge.

If you will notice the trees in picture two have very few leaves–it is winter folks- -they will burst with green leaves comes Spring. The trees are over 100 years old and are in the heart of what was once the shipping center of Fort Lauderdale when it first came into being–their trunks are massive–they sit as a welcome into Riverfront Park which went under a renovation and is still changing continuously.

In the center of Riverfront is a commercial building which has been a ‘white elephant’ since it opened. Restaurants along with other businesses have come and gone but the movie, cut back from 15 auditoriums to 11, keeps on going and that’s where we usually go on Fridays.

A cloudy gray  night is rare in Fort Lauderdale but I caught the Bigyear blimp one night flying over the Fort Lauderdale downtown sky almost invisible but certainly loud.

Spring Break has started and the Gay Pride Feast opened this past weekend and we also celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with turning the New River downtown green. Wherever you turn there are hot bodies, male and female, each checking out the other seeing what their competition is and a good time is had by all!


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7 DECADES SERIES TYING UP THE 80S PART 18A   Leave a comment



1980 was a mixed bag as I was drinking very heavy, working, spending money and adjusting to life in Fort Lauderdale.


1981 I bought a Chevy Caprice red convertible that I would have for 23 years– stopped drinking–met Bill


1982 I was working at Dan Dowd’s who I had worked for in New York–became friendly with Bruce, Brad and Andy who I introduced to Bill and the 5 of us would go out for dinner, the movies and, in general, became friends–on November 5 Dan approached me and said I had a shortage on a check from New Year’s Eve–I had worked the banquet room which was opened to the public by myself and had served close to 100 people–long story short I refused to pay the shortage and I was fired–on the 23rd Anita (Bill’s ‘girlfriend’–don’t ask!) Bill’s son Stu, Bill and I had dinner at The Spiced Apple–now closed–On January 24 I gave a surprise birthday party for Bill and Bruce said he and Andy wanted to get ‘married’ and suggested we combine the parties, which we did–cost $750 and a good time was had by all.–In February we saw Martha Raye, Rosemary Clooney, Helen O’Connell and Teresea Brewer at one show, Johnny Mathis at the Sunrise Musical theatre,Steve lawrence and Edye Gormie on another night–on March 1 Bill ‘got back’ at me by throwing me a surprise party and Chuck, Dr. K, Tommy and Mary Culleton were there.

Mary had been the one who weighed me in at Weight Watchers the first time I went and was a one woman cheer leading squad as I lost weight each week–I assumed (DON’T ASSUME) she knew I was gay but it was obvious she wasn’t from the moment she walked in with her friend and saw all the gay guys. I never heard from or saw her again.

Funny the things you remember–Bill and I took his son Chris to see “Quest of Fire” which was awful. I remember Bill and I going to see Connie Francis and also “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Coat” at the Parker Playhoues–on March 6 I went to work at the Rooftop where we had Bill’s birthday party–it was a circular restaurant and bar on the top of a building that had been a Spanish nightclub and now catered to gays–working in a gay restaurant is one of the hardest jobs I have ever worked–will have to do a blog on just that in the future–and 6 weeks later got fired after having a fight with the chef Pierre, a prima donna if there ever was one–in June we went to the Fountainblu in Miam Beach to see Geoffry Holder–Dr. K and Issac Searcy came into town–hadn’t seen the latter since I left Memphis–Dr. K was seeing a local guy named Chuck–my Uncle Ritchie went ito the hospital with heart problems so Bill and I stayed over at Flo’s–Albyn and I wenttotheCoconutGrovetheatre to see a Tennessee Williams’ play and it was so bad I walked out! The second time I have ever done that–in July the touring company of “A Chorus Line” came to town and on the 13th Bill and I went to see it, on the 14th Bill, Stu and I and on the 15th Mafia Mike, Vince, Bill and I went to see it the night before Bill and I were leaving for a vacation driving up to Memphis–by the way on the 22nd and 23rd we saw “A Chorus Line” in Memphis–I met Bill’s parents on the way there–they lived in North Fkorida–on July 26th I started work at  Brickyard West and by September 17 it was out of business–Bill went up to move his parents and Mike McCarroll, Eastern, Raymond and I went to see Sammy Davis, Jr.

The cracks were starting to appear in my relationship with Bill–I have a refernce to Lou, Bill’s Monday night trick and Bill who was Bill’s Tuesday night trick–and I certainly wasn’t being an angel–that’s for the X rated version!! We did celebrate our first anniversary going back to The Rooftop where we had gone the first night we met–we had a dinner party for Thanksgiving with Andy, Tom, Emir, Phillip, Michael and Granville.

On December 25, 1982 Flo died–sitting here, just thinking of her, the tears come.


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While skinnyguy sips his soda in the sun fatguy eats his nuts in the shade

Bill grows his garden between buildings R, S and T

Every day at any time various birds perch on top of the Avocado tree, from which we got 75+ avocados last year, and nibble on the top branches to the extent that they are getting barer  each day–are they eating the leaves or seeds? There are no nests that I can see just disappearing leaves!


Allen and I in the Dark Shadows Royal Red Chair

Fooling around with/on


You tell them Mae

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