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THE ODDS AND ENDS OF 2013 PART 1   Leave a comment

If one didn’t know better you would think my life revolves around food! (Shhhhh– it does!)

Just this month I received Christmas boxes from Chuck and Terry sending me bars of Mississippi Mud and Turtle brownies from (check it out and salivate!!!) while the week before there was another box from the same place from Alfredo and Michael with carrot cake and white chocolate truufle bars–all gone! (Pictures 3 & 4)

The day after Christmas I got a gift box sent by Mary from Rossi Pasta (pictures 1 & 2). It consisted of: a 12 ounce package each of Parsley Garlic Fettuccini,Capelli d’Angelo angels hair and of Wild Mushroom Linguini. Also enclosed was a 215.5 ounce jar of Artichoke sauce and one of Classic Marinara. Now I just have to go out and get some good garlic rolls for a Heavenly meal!

Talking about garlic rolls some of you know that I worked as a waiter at Big Louie’s here in Fort Lauderdale which was my last job before retiring and one of my best. I very seldom go to rerstaurants that I have worked at but Big Louie’s is the exception. I hadn’t been there for awhile so on Christmas Day, after seeing “The Wolf of Wall Street” we went there walking the block away. We had a bid fresh salad with blue cheese dressing, their fabulous garlic roles (I had one for you Terry!) and then a pizza with sausage, pepparoni, meatball, pepper and onions all tasting as good as ever! (See pictures 5 & 6)

Talking about eating out we did go to the Outback twice–the fisrt time I had a big cheeseburger and the second time a 6 ounce steak with mushroom sauce.

Still on the subject of food—who? Me? Talking about food?–somewhere in Fort Lauderdale is the carrot cake Maria sent me–I have already listed a reward and/or a threat of death for anyone who stole it!!! My neighbors know better so this is a warning to anyone who took that cake–you have never seen the wrath of GreatMartin!

For those who want to keep in touch with me please take note of my email address–will explain in a very future blog.

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I was born on February 29th which comes once every 4 years therefore I celebrate my birthday only in years divisible by 4 and this year isn’t. Folks, I am only 19 and 1/4 years old starting to  plan for my 20th birthday on February 29, 2016, but some people are just pushy and insist I am a year older this year so, against my better judgement, I am going along with them. (And some people think I am not nice–HA!)

Though it wasn’t part of my unbirthday plan I was surprised when I decided NOT to write/post a blog either Tuesday or Wednesday but even more surprising the world didn’t end nor did I suffer any withdrawal pains! I might release myself from feeling I have to post every day–oh stop the cheering!!

Just some quick notes about the above pictures–this week was like any other week with a few additions which I wouldn’t mind every week.

#1  I was at home waiting to find out whether I was getting tickets to see Stephanie Powers in “Looped” which was opening at the Parker PLayhouse. I got a call asking if I would be home as they had a delivery–I explained the situation and he said he would be over within 40 minutes and he was with a package in his hand. He told me to put it in the fridge which I did knowing it was a carrot cake just from what the box said on it “” and I was right!! As it turned out I never got the theatre call BUT I didn’t even have a slice of the carrot cake.

#2 & 3  I had received a gift set box of movie musicals by Rodgers & Hammerstein including “Carousel”, “Oklahoma”, “The King and I”, “State Fair”, “South Pacific” and “The Sound Of Music” a few weeks ago and was waiting for a special time to watch them. I figured between the DVDs, the carrot cake and my unbirthday I would stay in this weekend but look at picture 2–obviously I have mice in the apartment so I have to eat the cake before it is gone!

#4 & 10  Tuesday, before going to see “Les Miserables” we grabbed a quick bite at the DRB (Democratic Republic of Beers #10–don’t ask–see my review Saturday) and this afternoon we had lunch at Wild East Asian Bistro–#4–(see my review next week).

#5 & 6  Gift cards to Subways and Home Depot

#7, 8 & 9  At “Les Miserables”–#7 is a publicity still–#8 Are Charlie, the PA, and Charlotte, PR, for Broadway Across America at the Arsht Center opening night–#9 is something I have to stop doing–it is the cast taking their curtain call! (Next Tuesday we go to see the stage production of “Flashdance” before it heads to Broadway.) You can see my review of “Les Miz” at now

#11  My unbirthday table–can you see the blooming February birthday/unbirthday cactus?

I would like to say “Thank You” to those who posted happy ‘unbirthday’ wishes as part of your blogs and those who added your comments. I love the ecards many of you sent and, of course, those who sent snail mail cards.

Okay folks start saving your pennies to come to my 20th birthday party on Monday, February 29, 2016–well actually I celebrate that birthday all week long!

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WHO IS STEALING MY FOOD?   Leave a comment

If I didn’t know better I would think some people want to make me fat(ter)! On the 20th a package arrived and I emailed the sender to ask if it was perishable as I had already eaten too much that day and they said no so I put it aside until Monday (after I did my semi weekly weigh in!) and opened the box and I dived in!! It was a large snow scene tin split into quarters with cashews in one, chocolate walnuts in another, white frosted pecans in a third and the last quarter had honey roasted cinnamon pecans. Within an hour I had eaten at least half of each quarter even the cinnamon pecans which I didn’t particularly like, but in the spirit of the holiday while reading the nutritional information enclosed with the tin–as if anyone is really interested in the nutritional information as they are eating this assortment!!! Let’s face it, both nuts and chocolate are good for you though I don’t think you are suppose to eata years requirement in one hour!

And then that afternoon I received another package and something happened–it all disappeared and all I had was the empty woven basket it came in! There had been cheeses, crackers, chocolate cookies, assorted candies and small cakes in the package–now all gone!

I really have to call the exterminator because no one could eat ALL that–both packages–unless they were squirrels storing it or mice taking it all into a private hole. I did suspect Santa but he wasn’t due until that night.

This is a mystery—-mmmmmm–maybe I should call Olivia from “Law & Order” or one of the other police or Sherlock Holmes–Agatha Christie? Well before I call anyone guess I better get rid of some evidence–my scale doesn’t lie!


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Between Mary and Maria I may have gained a few pounds in February!!!!

4 boxes of cookies (Mary) and a carrot cake (Maria)–no the 19 restaurants I ate out at had nothing to do with it–you may gain weight reading the reviews!!


Did I mention that a crazy lady in North Carolina–guess who? LOL–sent me card after card after card by snail mail and I loved them all!!!!


There were people who sent me some of their art work–Brad’s birds and Laura’s holder–which will be displayed always in a different way.


There was so much more and, of course, I will share the pictures with you but one more picture on this blog. One of the many highlights of my Leap Year birthday was seeing Donna McKechnie in person–this woman who moved me so much for 8 and 1/2 minutes when she danced, sang and acted “The Music And The Mirror”  as Cassie in “A Chorus Line. She absolutely set a standard in musical theatre that hasn’t been matched since and, in my mind, probably never will. One of the cards I received was hand made by Gene especially for me as you can see and it will definitely have a place of honor in my home!

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