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One Man, Two Guvnors | About | Great Performances | PBS

1) The last time I laughed so much at a play performance was when I saw Judy Holiday on Broadway in “Born Yesterday” in February 1946 but this is a completely different animal! A British farce with a completely looney cast doing impossible things!! I wonder if the lady from the audience was an innocent audience member or part of the cast?!? Catch another showing if you can! I plan on seeing it again.
Don’t miss “Fiddler: A Miracle of Miracles” 9 PM PBS Friday November 13–I’ve seen it and you will never look at “Fiddler on the Roof” in the same way when you see it on stage or film.

Sandbag distribution site set up for Fort Lauderdale residents ahead of Tropical Storm Eta
2) ETA–tropical storm or hurricane???—on the path to hit South Florida scheduled to hit Sunday night, Monday morning–while some people are getting a last-minute canoe ride Gateway was getting sandbags and putting them in front of ground floor apartment doors and we are already getting flooded out at the entrance to Gateway so IF it hits, even just the outer bans, we will be in a lot of trouble.I have an appointment for X-Rays on Monday and I have a feeling they may not be open!

And that leads to last night and my trip to the ER! Short version to decide to go to ER: Monday I went to Doctor because I had been having blood in phlegm problems and he decided I should see a NET doctor before a pulmonary doctor. I went home and started calls with the earliest appointment being November 30!!–and that was after 2 hours on the phone with 5 different doctor offices.While on the phone I, literally, saw my left ankle swelling up and getting red. I immediately called the doctor made an appointment to see him and he called in 2 prescriptions for me to get.Oh, that’s right, this is the short version!

TO BE CONTINUED! (After I get a bite to eat!)

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MY OCTOBER 2015 RESUME IN PICTURES   Leave a comment

It seems like life goes smoothly and then something comes along that makes you think about various things of which one, at my age, is mortality. I do know that at the age of 80 I am still standing and that is what counts so when I wake up in the morning I look forward to another good day not worrying what it will bring.

There are many things I look forward to such as eating out and trying new places. This past month I hit a few familiar good places such as the Quarterdeck, one of my favorite restaurants (see #14–their Jambalaya), along with the IHOP (#13)  and The Cheesecake Factory (#12) Depending what movie house we go to on Friday we will either have a bite at Sweet Tomatoes (#16) or Subway (#11). In addition whenever I can get a groupon for a new restaurant I grab it and in October got to go to Siam Cuisine (#15), Filling Station (#19), Salsa Fiesta (#10) and Flash Fire Pizza (#9) which I have or will post reviews. Also revisited the Sea Club (#s 17 & 18) as Allen’s friend Neil came in for a week from Germany and it is a nice ‘tourist spot’ right across from the beach.

Somewhere I have in the back of my head that if I don’t go to the movies on Friday the world would come to an end so with that thought I saw 4 movies on Fridays and 2 on Tuesday of which I really liked The Martian (#4) , would see Freeheld (#3) again and enjoyed Bridge of Spies (#1) while the other 3 weren’t worth the time except for Sandra Bullock’s (#2) performance in Our Brand is Cruising.

The theatre 2015-2106 season officially started with an excellent musical called “Big Fish” based on the movie and book version. Next comes “Newsies” a show I have seen and really liked before.

Among the good news was the makeover of our library (#21) and the availability of computer lessons to the residents here at Gateway by a computer whiz Christopher–more about that in another post–and I might look in as he is working with Microsoft 10.

After a decade plus of being the mailman here Mark (#20) died. He was more of a friend to all of us than a mailman.

And, of course, last but not least, I had carotid artery surgery done to clean the plaque on October 19—one of the ceiling panels in the pre-op room–(#s 22 &23) giving me a beautiful scar for Halloween!!

Now I look forward to November and all the month will present to me–the good and/or the bad.

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MY AUGUST 2015 RESUME IN PICTURES   Leave a comment


Aside from ending on a slightly sour note–see my post on Saturday’s call from my vascular surgeon!–August was a good month. I started off with my getting rid of the cast for my knee, retiring the wheelchair and being dismissed from the orthopedic surgeon’s care 

I saw  6 movies, ate out in restaurants, had Allen’s car for 10 days, got some good deals at our Gateway Farmer’s Market, started to make arrangements and getting prices for my 20th Leap Year birthday on Monday, February 29, 2016—get use to hearing about!!–and we dodged the bullet regarding hurricane Erika which is always a good sign.

Below is a slideshow of some of my August days starting with the movies I saw: Ant-Man was a delightful surprise, The Diary of a Teenage Girl probably going to be number 1 on my list of worst films for 2015, The Gift a good old fashioned thriller with a great twist at the end, Ricki & The Flash along with We Are Friends disappointing while Phoenix was forgettable.

Any month I get to eat at The Cheesecake Factory, Sweet Tomatoes and Le Bonne Crepe is a good month while the Peter Pan Diner, Arby’s and IHOP are all reliable places.

As always just walking around Gateway brings many delightful site from animals to boats to flowers plus the seeds I bought from The Dollar Tree (like in # 23) are blooming all over my apartment.

And how can a month end without a selfie????


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THE MERRY MONTH OF MAY!   Leave a comment

I learned early in life how up and down it can be whether in a week, a month or years. You go through highs and lows but most of the time your days are at an even keel.

Looking over the month of May 2015 it is more or less a typical month. I take a lot of pictures and they reflect how I spend my life and, luckily, there is more good than bad.

First of all I have to salute my brother and sister-in-law celebrating their 62nd wedding anniversary this year.

Looking over the slideshow some pictures may need explanations such as the second which is a picture of Ali McGraw and Ryan O’Neal who will be doing the play “Love Letters” at the Broward Performing Arts Center. I am sure most want to see the “Love Story” couple who made the movie 45 years ago and how they look today. The picture following that is the curtain call of “Anything Goes” that played here this month. 

Of course along the way you will see pictures from the movies I saw this month including 2 sweet ones “Five Flights Up” and “I’ll See You In My Dreams” not to forget the bad one, in my opinion, “The 100 Year Old Man Who Jumped Out of the Window and Disappeared.”

Places I ate at from Boston Market to Dapur’s, Oaki Steakhouse and Docker’s plus a few meals I cooked at home (#s 8, 18).

There were the flowers I grew from seed (10) and, once again, the vegetables that didn’t grow.

There is the Gateway community room (#6) that I booked for February 28, 2016, for a party but more about that later and The Gateway Theatre (#11) where I see so many good movies and, yes, a few bad ones. 

Of course there are the selfies that I am always taking, not to show me off but to show my shirts off! LOL

And then just to show that not all of life is great there are the pictures of the fall (#21) and ‘cast’ (#20) that I had not paying attention to when I was walking

Don’t forget to look at (#16) Biscuit and Meatball, the former an old dog who allows the latter, the puppy, to ‘bother’ him at The Point!

With the rose (#13) and the Queen Crepe Myrtle Trees (#7) no matter how bad the fall may have been the  life of Mother Nature surrounds me making life good!

Looking to June!

May 2015 Resume Slideshow

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On Thursday morning, April 30, I read the long obituary of Jean Nidetch who had died the night before. She was the founder of Weight Watchers, the most successful weight losing organization for over 50 years. I was lucky to have met and worked for/with her for over one of the most rewarding decades of my life.

It was a March night in 1967 that I can see in my head today as if it happened last night. I had left work at The Brass Rail on 47th Street and 7th Avenue and proceeded to get drunk. I stopped at the Stage Deli after leaving the bar and got a 3 decker sandwich called a ‘Hymie’s Special’. After finishing it I walked up to 74th street, stopped at a bar to have a few more drinks and then at an Italian restaurant and got a pizza to take home. Long story short by 1 AM, disgusted with myself and at the nadir of my life I was contemplating suicide. I ran out of the house, walked around Manhattan until the sun came up and eventually found myself to a hotel where an organization called Weight Watchers was having a meeting. I joined, lost my weight, went to work for them, met Bernie, meet Jean at the Forest Hills office, moved to Memphis to help Bernie start a franchise in Tennessee and Arkansas. In 1972 I went through Transactional Analysis which got my head together and helped me lead a great life, through the highs and lows, up to and including today.

Though I was never friends with Jean I did spend many times with her. There was the week she came to Memphis to celebrate our 5th year in business as one of the fastest growing franchisees in Weight Watchers International. We had breakfasts with her, took her sightseeing, held a full scale staff banquet in her honor and she and I talked about her younger son. I went to Madison Square Garden when WW celebrated their 10th anniversary to a sold out crowd and when she came down to visit the Little Rock, Arkansas franchise she and I had a 4 hour private talk that I have never forgotten. 

Jean Nidetch wrote a cookbook in 1966 that came out in 1967 just after I joined WW and I still have my original copy just as I have my original copy of her autobiography and story of Weight Watchers that wrote in 1970. I, also, have two letters that she wrote me and that I have kept all these years.

Jean was the equivalent of a rock star of the weight world with her picture on the covers of Life and Time magazine and featured stories in newspapers and magazines all over the world.

Jean Nidetch died at the age of 91 after many years of giving hope to millions of people and offering a way of life that fat people didn’t know. It was because of her meeting with 6 women in her apartment to help each other lose weight that Weight Watchers was there that night in March 1967 when I needed it. She is responsible for setting me on a road of life that has been a major adventure for me.



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Some people look at the calendar and think, “DST”, others “Spring”, quite a few “Easter and/or Passover” while others might have plants on their mind or Spring cleaning but I doubt very few are like me and think “IT IS DOCTOR TIME!”

My outlook about doctors might be different from others because I have a family member who is a doctor and one of my best friends in the 1990s was a doctor. Also I never really paid attention or went to doctors on a routine basis until the weekend of New Year’s Eve 1999/2000 when I had congestive heart failure and all of a sudden I found myself surrounded by specialists of all kinds, 14 bottles of pills and a long list of ailments! Over the past 15 years doctors have not only kept me alive but gave me the opportunity to enjoys these years.

I did find two things annoying about specialists and the first was they were always handing me a prescription and their saying, “See you in 5-6 weeks,” Well I’ve battled the pill bottles down to 11 and, unless I was feeling bad and my body was giving me messages, I decided to see specialists only once a year and my primary every 4 months for blood work. I was sent to the hospital once for internal bleeding and once for ‘overdosing’ on coumindin, a blood thinner, due to the home machine giving wrong readings. Instead of the INR level being between 2.5-3.5 it was up to 50 but the machine didn‘t indicate a rise!

I did have stents put into my legs, an aorta valve replacement, cataract surgery on each eye and a couple of scares over the past 15 years but except going to the dentist twice a year for cleanings I saw my specialists once a year and looking at the calendar I knew it was time to book the following: cardiologist, dermatologist,, podiatrist, vascular surgeon, NET, pulmonary, ophthalmologist, neurologist, urologist and, along with them, my primary for blood work that I could bring copies to them plus the dentist. Over the months of April and May I have 6 Mondays, 6 Tuesdays and 1 Wednesday–all afternoons–going to and from doctors and really not being able to do anything else those days mainly because of transportation problems but I do get a lot of reading done!

I am grateful that all 12 of these doctors are keeping me going to get to the theatre, see movies, try new restaurants but when they say, “See you in 5-6 weeks,” I will smile and just say. “Same time next year,” and start getting ready for Monday, February 29, 2016!

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Why do people NEED so much ‘drama’ in their lives and why do they have to share it with everyone? Why when things are pleasant do they have to ‘stir the pot’?

Since I moved into Gateway, which is devoted to old, poor people and since I have been on the Internet the agony, the negativity seems to flow from a certain type of person who can only, wants only, to share their negativity. Luckily there are a lot less of them than those who are positive about what life brings them no matter what it might be. I really do prefer people who make lemonade out of lemons then those who moan and groan if they have a hang nail.

I have had people say they can’t stand my being positive all the time. Well for those who don’t know it being upbeat, happy, positive is a lot of hard work, especially when things are rough emotionally, mentally and/or physically and I’ve been there. I have learned little tricks to get me smiling and when anyone asks me how I am feeling no matter what I will say “Fantastic!”

On one blogging site I let my positive guard down and got involved in a blog war with some of the most negative people who are, of course, know it alls and it has been hard to ignore their stupid comments, their gay slurs, their threats but it sure has been worth it. Now I just sit by and laugh at all their silliness and let them have their ‘wars’ without me.

I truly believe in karma and I have found the more negative a person is the more physical problems they have and it reaches a point where no one listens to them. We have one neighbor here that if you ask how he is you know he will respond with either he should have died yesterday or he thinks he will die today. It has reached a point how long it will take when he starts speaking to mention how he was almost near death. He has been dying every day for 10 years!

Yes we are old folks and most have aches and pains and some have life threatening illnesses but with most you would never know it. There are people going through chemo, people who live with oxygen tanks, some who can’t walk and yet they are as upbeat as only a survivor can be. Oh I will moan and groan too but it is not in a negative way and whether I have an aorta valve replacement or wake up bleeding internally or whatever I’ll talk about it either to give or get information.

It is not so much the physical and/or mental problems that people have but the emotional negativity they constantly throw out. They never have–or at least share–a good day or an upbeat time. They are miserable and everyone is miserable to them and they never do anything to provoke people to be that way towards them or so they say.

Life is NOT easy folks but it works better if you are positive and bring cheer to others in your attitude, words and actions.

Whenever you see me just ask me how I am doing and, yes, the answer will be “Fantastic!” no matter what the circumstances. And I am not sorry if you don’t know how to handle people who enjoy and love life but watch that karma, it comes in all forms.

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1) Did you know that people who take a multitude of selfies are psychotic and narcissist? (hey, don’t look at me!)

2) Not many comments on my music posts but I enjoy doing them and listening to the ‘old’ times and songs.

3) Do you return to other people’s posts to see if they responded to you?

4) Regarding the movie “2 Days, 1 Night” would YOU give up a $1,000 bonus to save someone’s job? Should I believe you?

5) Have you see the ANDROID commercial with all the animal pairs getting along? I love it.

6) I don’t know whether I am proud or mad at myself but I didn’t buy any chocolates on sale after Valentine’s Day and even now when some are almost being given away!

7) May sound too far in advance but I am making plans for my 20th Leap Year birthday on Monday, February 29, 2016. The day before will be the Oscars and the day after will be the opening of “Kinky Boots” touring company. If you are coming check out  near the galleria Mall, a mile from the beach, near lots of restaurants including Big Louie’s and the Café Vico where I am talking to Marco about having my birthday dinner.

8) Do you ever use tags to find posts? Does it ever work?

9) Whether you love or hate or don’t know about him, Frank Sinatra, who would be 100 years old if he were alive today, there is a 4 hour documentary about his life on HBO next month. I suggest you look at it.

10) Why are bitter, negative people so physically ill?

11) I am really amazed at what a contented man I am. Yes I get angry now and then but I have learned to write it down, tear it up and forget it.

12) Have a great week and don’t forget living well is the best revenge! :O)

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IF YOU LOVE ME YOU WOULD…..   3 comments

It is not a secret that I am not good at love relationships. I had 4 exes before I woke up and realized that I was better off living alone and concentrate on just having friends. I made that decision in 1984 and have never regretted it. Oh sure it would be great at my age having someone around to ‘take care of me’ but it isn’t worth the price to me. Also the longer I live alone the more I don’t want to share my space.

The bottom line is that I am too selfish, too unwilling to compromise, that make it very difficult for people to live with me. Yes I’ll ask you where you want to have dinner but I have already picked out the restaurant I want to go to and that’s where we’ll wind up! Oh I am generous and giving but still it is ‘my football and we play the game my way or I’ll take the ball and leave’ which, DUH!, doesn’t go over well when you are suppose to be partners.

It is said that I am willing to share everything I have but my food—mmmmm, I think I said that!–which is true but that’s not enough for some people. They want their partner to share everything!

Another problem is that I am not jealous. I know the person I am with is the best so I expect people to hit on him and that’s okay as I see it a compliment to me that I have someone so hot others want them. That leads to another problem as I don’t believe in physical fidelity. My partner having sex with someone else takes nothing away from our relationship. It is meaningless sex and just a fleeting satisfaction. Okay I know most won’t agree with me and you have the right to be faithful IF you want to be but don’t be selfish and expect me to be. As long, as partners, we don’t take time away from each other what’s the harm?

The last thing I want to hear is, “If you love me you would…..” If you love me you wouldn’t ask me to do anything I don’t want to do!

I would much rather have friend or two, maybe even ‘with benefits’, than be ‘married’ legally or otherwise.

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Many people heard of and saw Fort Lauderdale and Spring Break for the first time when they saw a film “Where The Boys Are” in 1960 and the title song sung by Connie Frances who at the time was one of the biggest American recording stars. In 2010 she came to Fort Lauderdale to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the movie appearing with 6 ‘hunks’ (who she didn’t know were gay!)

The movie, though mainly a comedy, was a look at the eternal mating games of young men and women with the former thinking they were using never tried before tricks though there was nothing new in their approaches though the latter knowingly fell for them.

Underlying the movie was a more serious story about date rape that seemed ahead of its time then but is still very relevant today.

The cast was made up of a young Hollywood with Connie Francis and Paula Prentiss making their film debuts and George Hamilton, Yvette Mimicux,  Jim Hutton, Frank Gorshin and Dolores Hart. (The latter would become a nun a few years later.)

The film was a big hit, as was the song, and I watch it once in awhile to see the old Fort Lauderdale that I remember. Ironically many scenes were filmed in one of the most famous gay hotel on the beach which is no longer in existence. I was living on Miami Beach back then and coming to Fort Lauderdale was like coming to the country!

The Gateway Theatre mentioned is the one I still go practically every week!

Here is a look at the 50th anniversary–she starts singing at 5:49 or see and hear her 50 years ago by looking at the film.

The film. (OMG! I was 24 back then!)

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