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Reading about a dozen web sites you can get the distinct feeling that a functional family doesn’t exist! Though the majority anti parents is done by teenagers many grown ups really don’t have nice things to say about their families. Is blogging only done by discontents?

The roughest blogs are written by teenage girls mainly against their mothers–could it be a normal mother/daughter step to adulthood? Teenage boys also moan and groan but what I found surprising it is against their mothers! In the ‘old days’ the model was mother stayed at home and took care of the kids and father went out to work and brought home the money for all material things like a roof over their head, food on the table and clothes on their back. Now we have mothers in the work force, fathers being stay at home dads and the kids run everything. Are the inmates running the asylum?

Stepping aside, being objective, who has the harder role in parenting today? Has the father never gotten the “How to be a Dad” book or did he never read it? Is he doing what his father did not changing with the times? Is the mother a helicopter mom (hovering over the child too much) or is she busy with outside activities whether is be work or volunteering and turning her kids over to day care or a nanny or grandma? Or has nothing changed as far as parenting goes since 1944?

Though it is hard to do (and shouldn’t be) but for the purposes here put aside the 9 months of pregnancy and the actual childbirth (ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH) who do you think has the harder job raising the child? The bigger responsibility? And why are so many families dysfunctional?

For this blog let’s not hear from functional families and what a “Leave it to Beaver” childhood you had and how great your  “Father Knows Best” was–I promise I will have a post where you can crow all you want!

Ladies, where do you think te fathers are failing? What would you do if you were a father? Men the same questions for you—what do you think you could do that mothers aren’t doing and what do you think men can do that they aren’t? And let loose–your spouse and/or kids won’t read this!!!


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