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1) Life on The Point of Gateway–Mac, Carl, Irene and Sue enjoying the afternoon with talk and sun not to forget the million dollar+ homes in the background

2) In spite of what you may have heard we do get dark clouds in Fort Lauderdale– June starts our rainy season and usually around 4 PM the clouds come in–and when was the last time you saw a yellow blimp?

3) Most people know that I love the Gateway theatre. They have been open for over 50 years and this is where “Where The Boys Are” made its debut. Since then it has been remodeled and turned into 4 auditoriums. They show all genres of pictures including ‘Art’, Gay, action, documentaries, specials and you name it films! In the lobby is a board where movie goers can put up their opinions–good or bad–about pictures playing there, which are always fun to read. Take a look:

4) Looking out the east window from my computer table

5,6 7) Hollywood, Florida–5 is looking down Hollywood Boulevard–the other 2 are pictures of a playground in the missle of the city adding color and fun


Playgrounds, movies, blimps,  sitting on The Point–life isn’t easy folks! :O)

Oh yes–I have Allen’s car this week so off I go!

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7 DECADES 1990-1995 GETTING ON WITH LIFE PART 21 E   Leave a comment

I sat down and wrote everyone asking if I could borrow some money and that I would pay it back as soon as I could. I was in financial trouble, out of work 5 months and that my savings have dried up and that if I didn’t pay my rent by August 1 eviction proceedings would start and I could possibly end up sleeping in my car. All in all I got about $4,950 which certainly helped. It would be 8 and ½ months before I would work again and that money saw me through.

It was strange who responded by sending me money and who didn’t. The biggest surprise was a check from Clyde for $1,500–I only knew him from the Wednesday afternoon parties where we would exchange a few pleasantries but that was it. I did make a list of all who sent me money and I got checks from $25 up to that one for $1,500 and, within time, I did pay everyone back. I will always be grateful to each of them for their help plus the ones who didn’t have any money to send me but wish they did.

Between my being broke, Tom’s death, the phone phobia and being out of work for over 8 months 1994 was a pretty rough year so when I got a job at the Hilton Hotel on Griffith Road near 1-95 on November 14 I was very happy! I was working on Thanksgiving Day and by 1995 I was back on my feet. In March I got a tax refund of $279.21 I left the Hilton to go to work at Todd’s which had been Wag’s where I had made money because it was a good location. In October they announced that they were being sold to Denny’s and my immediate thought was to get another job but I didn’t.

All in all 1995 wasn’t a bad year but I still hadn’t changed the habits that had lead me to bankruptcy in 1992–I was still going out to eat, going to the theatre and movies–still picking up checks when I didn’t have to–and then between my teeth and car I was charging the costs on my credit cards which I knew wasn’t a smart thing to do.

I had a feeling the second half of the 1990s was going to be a good one–hey in 1996 I would have my 15th Leap Year birthday how could it be bad?

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7 DECADES SERIES WELCOME TO THE 1990S PART 20 A   Leave a comment

From my diaries: “January 1, 1990–started New Year by getting up at 8 AM to go to work–worked 10 AM to 8 PM–I’m working and healthy and still have a few bucks in the bank –so far so good.”

 “December 31, 1999–I worked–at midnight I was counting the money I made–started work at Big Louie’s–good job–good money month–weight is okay–moved into Gateway.”

A lot happened in that 10 year span: from bankruptcy to swallowing my pride to the deaths of two very close friends to Chuck getting me started on the Computer to making three moves.

I moved from my 1 bedroom apartment on Riverside Drive to a two bedroom apartment at 4431 NW 10th Court which covered a 4 block area, had two swimming pools and everyone minded their own business. I had plenty of windows which meant plenty of light which in turn meant a lot of plants. I had piles of books, loads of VHS recordings and a fish tank.  It was sort of in the center of everything and very convenient. On this page and the next 2-3 seven decades posts you’ll see pictures of the apartment.

There were problems with my car such as needing a new door! Also it was stolen twice so I had to get new (used) steering columns and it was time to redo the interior and exterior but didn’t quite have the money but I did have credit cards!

I was still working at the Holiday Inn and Elaine, who I had worked with at Wag’s had come to work with us. She, Grace (another waitress) and I would go out once a week to real upscale restaurants such as Windows on the World on the ground floor of a hotel. The portions were so small we went to Wag’s after for a bite to eat but in spite of it being VERY expensive–about $65 each and we didn’t drink–it was all worth it to the ladies because Cary Grant was there! One day I came into work and Elaine had quit having gotten a better job behind the desk in another hotel. She needed to take it because she was diagnosed with breast cancer but did come through with flying colors.

Mark Covington, who I had met in Memphis on one of those 3 day holiday invites, called me from Dallas where he currently lived to say he was possibly moving to California but he settled down in Santa Fe.

As always I was going to the movies every week and that January Sally Field, Julia Roberts, Dolly Parton and Shirley McClain opened in the movie version of “Steel Magnolias” and I loved it.

I was writing another book committing myself to 10 pages a day and was moving along.  I was also sending out a monthly newsletter to my friends which caused a problem with my brother. I don’t remember whether he said it by letter or through his wife (though I don’t think she would have sent something like that) but he asked me, “Why did you think anyone would be interested in what you are doing?” I think that put the nail on the coffin as far as our relationship went though there hadn’t been  much of one anyone. All he had to do was ignore it!

“A Chorus Line” was being put on by the Ann White Theatre in February and her partner, Dorothy, invited me to the dress rehearsal on February 21. The kids really did an excellent job and I got tickets for Michael and I to see it on February 25, Ray and I on March 2 finally Grace, Shirley (Michael’s Mother), Donnie (his aunt), (more about them later) and I went to the closing night.

Talking about closing, on Broadway after 15 years “A Chorus Line” announced on February 22 that it would be closing March 31. No matter how much I tried there was no way I could afford to go up to New York. As it was it postponed, due to demand, its closing to April 29. I did tape a lot of TV “Salute to ‘A Chorus Line” shows such as those on Phil Donahue and Geraldo Rivera. In March, I went to see “Les Miserables” on stage for the first time–I have seen it 4 times since then and I will be seeing it again February 26, 2013, on stage in Miami, not to forget seeing the movie December 25 when it opened here and twice since then. The comments I wrote in my diary regarding that first time were “Beautiful songs–beautiful voices–I enjoyed it.”

I got a call about closing night tickets for “ACL” and I was really tempted but the tickets were $500 for orchestra–imagine what they would be today!–which even with credit cards I couldn’t do. Though I was depressed I knew that no matter what they did the performance would never come close to the one I saw September 29, 1983.

Though my writing was going good getting the books published weren’t. I received 3 rejection notes in one day which isn’t easy to handle but at the same time I sold an article, to a service magazine, entitled “Save the Jokes” about ‘funnies’, that aren’t funny, that customers tell waiters thinking they are being original. Example: I couldn’t count how many times a customer would say , “On a plate” when you would ask them how would they like their steak– and you have to laugh if you want that tip! The article I wrote gave me the idea of doing a steady column about service from both the server’s and customer’s point of view, called “Service With A Smile”. I wrote 10 columns and sent them off to a couple of syndications but didn’t get a nibble. I did eventually sell the columns individually to magazines. Someone named Gayle Issacs asked me to send her my columns–I can’t make out my own writing as regards to who she works for–but I don’t have anymore mention of her.

I was having problems with the car, doing way too much charging on credit cards and I wasn’t watching my weight which bugged me enough to do something about it! Things were moving along until I got into a fight with David, the assistant manager, and I was fired from Holiday Inn via the phone telling me not to come in. Well I had a two year run there and an “Employer of the Month” plaque so it wasn’t a total loss. I had $3,000 in my checking account which allowed me to rationalize that since I was going to drive up to Disneyworld and meet Chuck there in June I might as well wait until I got back before I went job hunting!

I admit to many things but being logical isn’t one of them!

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The picture on the left and the top one on the right were taken in Holiday Park about 5 minutes from where I live. The bottom left was taken at The Point overlooking Karen Bay which is at the end of Gateway where I live–come on down!


Next time you are going to, or passing through, Memphis stay at Chuck and Terry’s B & B–take a look at  And since we are talking about Memphis don’t forget for gifts all year round. (Just a hint–I have an unbirtday in February!) Memphis is the city that has everything, except me right now but it will get me back at the end.


Been in agony all day–my tendinitis of the ankle flared up and does it hurt –been off my feet all day–I can never remember if I’m suppose to put cold or hot packs around the ankle!!!


Even after years of driving I still don’t understand how a car works which is why I always belonged to triple A so don’t expect me how to figure out when I play Hearts on the Internet, the other ‘hand’ knows when to use the queen against me!


Sign of the times!!!! LOL

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IT’S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD!   Leave a comment

1. I am still in a state of shock–last night, before turning off the computer , I left a  comment regarding a new movie called, “Dijango Unchained”–OMG! You would have thought the South was on the battlefields AGAIN! I said that it sounds like a Mel Brooks filmI woke up to 800 YES! 800!! notifications–I thought the civil war had started again.

2) On the funny side–in yesterday’s snail mail I got a 72 cents royalty for a book I wrote in 2006–by the way they took out 28 cents withholding tax!!

3) I am debating whether to continue my “7 Decades Series” now or wait until after New Year’s Day–I really appreciate all the mail I have been getting about it–thanks.

4) I know it doesn’t mean much to non New Yorkers but the Stage Deli closed–if people remember it was where I went for a Hymie’s Special that night in March, 1967, that I contemplated suicide–it was such a great restaurant.

5) In 6 days I go to see “Sister Act” on stage and in 20 days, on New Year’s Day, I go see “Mary Poppins” on stage BUT, MORE IMPORTANT, in 14 days I will have Allen’s car for 2 weeks!!!!

6) I am really looking forward to the “Les Miserables” film opening on Christmas Day–hope it is as good as “Dreamgirls” on Christmas Day a few years ago–I went to see it about 10 times after that and bought the DVD–Come on “LM” come through for me.  By the way I see the touring company AGAIN when it comes to Miami for my unbirthday in February!

7) I believe in being politically correct–it only shows you have manners so what’s bad about that? Think what you want but be polite to people.

8) I haven’t done too bad with my ‘no political comments’ though I did come to slipping a few times

9) Don’t pay attention to me (if you do) when I boast how warm (86 degrees here today) it is in Fort Lauderdale or how cold it is when it gets to 60 degrees–that’s why I love it here!

10) For those who are interested in self publishing Time magazine had an excellent article covering all aspects in the December 10 issue.

11) Take a look at   great for last minute gifts (even for yourself!!! And you can share one or two with me–I love them!)

12) I use to love to cook and I was good–and gave dinner parties–but being alone I usually bake, roast, broil or microwave something–one of the many reasons I like to eat out!

13) Does anyone know what the “Federal Subscriber Charge for $6.12” on AT&T bills? I couldn’t get anyone there to explain it to me!!

14) Going to, staying in Memphis? Stop at   great, comfortable B&B

And last, but not least, since it is that time of the year and I haven’t posted it in a while here are my philosophies of life:

A) Eliminate the word ‘try’ from a  sentence and it becomes a positive sentence

B) Use the word won’t instead of can’t–at least it makes you honest’

C) Never say never

D) Using curse words only make you sound rude, crude and dumb

E) No use of cellphones in public

F) Except on Twitter don’t abbreviate words

G) Eliminate all negative people from your life

H) Manners will always make you shine.

(Okay so E and F are new ones–from me!!!)


Thank you Maria


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                                ME                      FRENCH CAFE                ALLEN


1. For anyone who doesn’t believe in global warning go to:    Allen and I took a drive along what was Fort Lauderdale Beach and if something isn’t done soon there won’t be a Fort Lauderdale Beach!

2. So far I haven’t posted any comments regarding politics for over a week–it is not easy and, for now, I’ll leave it at that but in the future I will have to tell about the 2 guys at The Point and Doyle’s comment about the powerball.

3. I know everything on the Internet is considered public but I still believe e-mails and PMs that are personal should NOT be posted without  the permission of the one who sent it and/or the one who received it–otherwise it is just a crude move on the part of the one who posted it for everyone to see.

4. Living in a senior citizen residence it is sort of sad to hear people cry ‘wolf’ all the time. As long as I have known Sonja she has been dying, has no money, etc., and yet she has enough money to buy and drink booze, has the Internet, a cellphone, goes out to the local drinking hole, has dinner out every once in awhile. She has emphysema, C.O.P.D., claims she finds it hard to walk and more than once has hinted that she didn’t think she would be around in a month or so. First of all I don’t understand people ‘crying wolf’ and, second, don’t they realize how boring they are?

5. I was interviewed by a 27 year old ‘kid’ for a local newspaper and I admit he made me feel old. He didn’t know who Johnny Mathis is, had no idea about H.U.D., and I should have ended it when he admitted he had no idea what “A Chorus Line” was. He claimed it was because he was straight–I tried to explain to him that it hadn’t played on Broadway for 15 years just by playing to a gay audience. I have no idea what his profile of me will be but I will reprint it here when it is published.

6. I have had a few instances of people posting blogs in light colored fonts or fancy fonts or size 8 fonts–am I the only one who can’t read them? Not meaning to hurt any feelings but, no, I don’t have time or want to make them readable so I just skip them.

7. People of a certain age–that is a fancy way of saying OLD!–have a serious time of/ with falling and bleeding. I don’t know whether the latter is because as we get old the skin gets thinner or because so many are on blood thinners  but it comes a major problem. I am not just talking about blood on the sleeves of shirts or blouses but also sheets, pillow cases, comforters, towels plus seeing a trail of blood drops and, for a moment, not knowing where they came from. Regarding falling I have seen more seniors break hips, shoulders, knees and other bones, rapidly going downhill, first going to a nursing home and then hospice. If you are old, if you live with or know someone old please make sure their home has the necessary ‘bars’ to help with bathing and, yes, if you think they need a walker, as much as they fight it, insist and talk to their doctor. And then there is the very touchy subject of driving their car–if you feel uncomfortable when she/he is at the wheel it is time to take action before he/she steps on the gas instead of the brake and…

8. WOW! I don’t know what got me started on that rant above but I have this awful habit–I care about people!

9. I started with #1 about Allen and I driving down A1A–I forgot to mention we were coming from 33RD & Dine French Cafe and was on the way to the Cold Stoen Creamery–now that’s a good day!!!

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7 DECADES SERIES ENDING OF THE 1980S PART 19B   Leave a comment


Between New Year’s Day, 1980–“I am at home eating pizza with salad–no plans” and New Year’s Eve 1989–“10th day of work in a row–at the stroke of midnight I was driving Grace home–started my January newsletter”. A lot of what happened in those 10 years I have already written about–here are some things I may have missed.

November 16-22, 1988 I was in the hospital with an appendix attack–made sure I was out in time to work Thanksgiving at the Holiday Inn–I worked my butt off to make a measly $253–people are cheap on holidays!

September 2-6, 1984 Tommy and Chuck came down

Finished my book “And The Oscar Goes to…” in March, 1988, and sent it out to publisher in May

Met Bryan in February, 1986

On February 13, 1985, Marti, Kathy, her sister Fran, Elaine, Grace and I went to the Casa Vecchia for dinner–my favorite restaurant–exquisite service, food and presentations–a small copper bar that almost made me wish I was drinking again!

The Casa Vecchio is now closed as are so many of the restaurants and bars I use to go to. Just a partial list: 2 On A Match, Zelda’s, Acapulco, The Wharf, Blue Grotto, Backstreet, Punjabs, Studio X, The Palms, Victoria Station, Charcoal Pit, 186 Bar, Golden Spike, La Perla,  Christina Wan’s, Wings and Things, and the list never ends.

December 28, 1988 “Ray Blasco and I went to the opening of the movie version of “Torch Song Trilogy” which was excellent–went back to see it 3 more times and bought the VHS version when it came out–a faithful adaptation of the movie and Harvey Fierstein deserved, but didn’t get, an Oscar nomination–guess the world isn’t ready for an out gay man to tell a gay story. (And today gays look at it and “The Boys In The Band” as old fashioned and not relevant–HA!)

August, 1988–Got $5,000 from Ritchie’s estate as Executive of Will, which I used to pay bills, get new top for car and take trip to NYC to see “A Chorus Line”.

October 5, 1988   Michael and I had dinner at 2 Guys and he told me he had AIDS–I promised him I would be there for him (and I was–more about this in the 1990s section.)

November, 1982, I started writing a column for “The Weekly News” and reviewing restaurants for “Out” magazine.

In November, 1989, I started writing a newsletter for Holiday Inn

September 25, 1985, Michael got massage license

March 1985, I met Ray Blasco, a doctor, who would be important to my life in the 1990s

September 9, 1980, Michael and I started “Black and White Men Together” the first chapter in South Florida

May 26-31, 1987 Chuck came for visit–we had dinner one evening at The Historic Byron Homes Restaurant with Michael (and I still have that picture taken of the 3 of us–almost 20 years later Allen and I would go there for his birthday but it had a different name.)


A lot happened in the 1980s but the 1990s was to be a very turbulent decade for me and with all that happened I managed to keep a smile on my face and get through the bankruptcies, congestive heart failure, being unemployed for a long stretch, asking friends for help which wasn’t easy–pride you know–and more.


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1) If you haven’t seen and need a laugh take a look at

2)Read Windancer’s blog    then go to

3) Now Republican christians are calling me a ‘toad’—last I heard when you kiss a toad you get a handsome Prince!! Here I am!

4) I will NOT complain all winter when we have a high of ONLY 70 degrees!!

5) Election Day Eve–November 6–I will be at the theatre seeing “Million Dollar Quartet” listening to “Elvis, Jerry Lee, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash” and not to all the ‘predictions’–hopefully it will be decided by the time I get home!

6) As nasty as this election has been/is it looks like future ones will even be worse because “We the people” don’t rebel against it.

7) On November 14 I will be interviewed for our local newspaper–of course when it is published I will post it here.

8) When did ‘first responders’ become part of our everyday language? 9/11?

9) I HATE IT!!! Turning the clocks ahead and losing an hour of sunlight in the evening–I want DST all year round!

10) Been talking about “A Chorus Line” (again, still, yet) and suggest if you haven’t seen the show or want to relive it again see the DVD “Every Little Step”!

11) How people see me–one person this week said I must have had a sad life– another one, jokingly, said, “If you don’t stop being so positive I am going to slap you!” while a third said “You have had a fascinating life full of adventures.” I’ve never seen my life as sad, adventurous yes with a lot of ups and downs but I have been extremely lucky in having the friends I’ve had and have.

12) If you are interested in having a book published I would suggest you contact Larry E. Grabb at AuthorHouse–  I’ve dealt with him and AuthorHoues and I don’t have a negative thing to say about them–which is rare when it comes to publishers!! LOL

13) Something that drives me crazy, and I haven’t figured out yet, is how or do you even tip in the new type of fast food restaurants where you order and pay at the cashier’s station, get your own drinks and plasticware but you are served your main course by someone. Having been a server I feel guilty but… What do you think/do?




14) Once again 2-3 people (nongay) have mentioned the ‘gay lifestyle’ and once again I will ask them (I think this is the 10th or 11th time) what is the ‘gay lifestyle’ and how does it differ from the nongay lifestyle?

15) For nongay people–2 people, 1 a woman, another a man, both Republicans and christians, referred to being ‘anti-gay’ (the man), not ‘pro-gay’ (the woman) and at the same time claimed to have gay friends. Really the people who you don’t want to let get married when they love each other, you who don’t want them to get the 1000+ tax deductions you get, the people you don’t want to be boy scout leaders or teachers or in the service, you who don’t want them giving a loving home to children–and the list goes on–you who don’t want to give them equal rights and look at them as inferior to you —you really think they of them as friends?!?!? Do you really equate abortion with being gay and people who have sex with animals and men(!!!) who have 6 wives? What makes a gay person your friend? They are civil to you? They don’t put you down? Don’t throw you out when you go to their bars and play darts. They don’t make a pass at you –is that because they have nongay radar or maybe you are just too ugly or your attitude comes across? I am just curious how you define the word friend?

16) Last, but not least, wouldn’t it be great if the ‘losing’ party in the election will not say anything negative, about the winner, for at least a year???



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(flotsam, jetsam, lagan and derelict describe specific kinds of a wreck)

1) Once again 2-3 people (nongay) have mentioned the ‘gay lifestyle’ and once again I will ask them (I think this is the 10th or 11th time) what is the ‘gay lifestyle’ and how does it differ from the nongay lifestyle?

2) For nongay people–2 people, 1 a woman, another a man, both Republicans and christians, referred to being ‘anti-gay’ (the man), not ‘pro-gay’ (the woman) and at the same time claimed to have gay friends. Really the people who you don’t want to let get married when they love each other, you who don’t want them to get the 1000+ tax deductions you get, the people you don’t want to be boy scout leaders or teachers or in the service, you who don’t want them giving a loving home to children–and the list goes on–you who don’t want to give them equal rights and look at them as inferior to you —you really think they of them as friends?!?!? Do you really equate abortion with being gay and people who have sex with animals and men(!!!) who have 6 wives? What makes a gay person your friend? They are civil to you? They don’t put you down? Don’t throw you out when you go to their bars and play darts. They don’t make a pass at you –is that because they have nongay radar or maybe you are just too ugly or your attitude comes across? I am just curious how you define the word friend?

3) For gay people—read # 2–do you really think these are your friends? Is your self-esteem so low? Have you bought the lies they have told you about being a freak, not going to Heaven, that they love the sinner not the sin, to stop throwing your sexuality in their face when your whole life you have had theirs thrown in your face and in many cases (proms, weddings, engagement parties, baby showers, movies, TV, magazines, newspapers, etc.) made you participate in? Do you call them friends like in “I have nongay friends” or do you have some other reason for allowing them to call you friends? What? Why? Is a friend someone who stabs you in the back with trashy ‘gay’ jokes, calls gays all sorts of negative names, teach their children how ‘bad’ gays are?

4) Anyone who reads my posts and/or comments know I love apostrophees!!

5) Why are most people who dislike me Republicans AND christians? Can anyone show me where I have stated I was a Democrat? (Maybe my stalker who keeps a record of EVERYTHING I post can point it out?) And why do christian bloggers show so much hate?

6) I thought I got lucky–one blogger at a site said she was going to ignore me and in the following days left comments (which I didn’t read) for me–guess I’m not lucky! Funny how so irresistible–one blogger even dedicated a blog to me–very abusive but obviously secretly in love with me!! LOL

7) Am I still silly enough to believe that ALL AMERICANS will get behind whomever is elected? At least for the first year? No name calling, no blaming, no trash talk, etc? At 76 I still believe in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Elves, etc.!

8) I won’t go into it but something happened Sunday that made me verify that I really am still a sexy guy and ‘got it’! The joy of life certainly doesn’t end when you are in your 70s!

9) What’s wrong with Republican women? A friend of ours has two daughters who are voting for Romney because their husbands are!! Now isn’t that a nice and dutiful wife? And I hope they walk 2 steps behind their husbands at all times!

10) Fantasy Fest is in Key West this weekend–with all the wind we are getting the news cameras couldn’t show the streets—many of the people wearing bare costumes are wearing less because of the weather! Welcome to our world!

11) On the news just now–next weekend we will be going down to the low 60s, high 50s, by the morning–have to get my wool scarf, ear muffs, heavy jacket– wait I don’t get up in the morning–by the time I get up the sun is out, it is warm and life is good!

12) Just got the news that I have been blocked by two more bloggers on a web site where I think I hold the record for being blocked–it is a badge of honor!! And is it just coincidence that both are christian AND Republican?


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1) Woudn’t it be great, fantastic, unbelievable IF every USA citizen would get behind which ever man gets elected in November whether they voted for him or not? Even if just for one year?? WOW!  (Actually I am too cynical and jaded to believe it will ever happen but it is a nice dream!)

2) I LOVE the Chanel ad with Charlize Theron–what a beautiful woman!

3) Anyone who works full time and blogs and comments and does weekly chores and daily chores has to be very well organized or doing it on the job. I am retired and running out of hours every day and am pretty well organized. I know I have to cut back on commenting and subscribing to so many blogs.

4) A blogger wrote “Let the women do a women’s job”–nice to know there are still male chauvinist pigs around. By the way he is a ‘christian’ if that means anything.

5) Why do women and girls on blogs have to be so vulgar and use street words?

6)  We always state what we would do in certain circumstances but we will never know for sure until we are faced with them.

7) Living among old people can be very depressing—we lost Barry the other day–an exterminator found him lying on the floor–hope he went without any pain.

8) I get very hot under the collar when people put Gays down and tell fat people how to lose weight when they don’t have the experience, knowledge or did whatever they are ‘pushing’.

9) An interesting site–don’t know if it is available where you are but check it out-

10) I just got blocked at one site because I called someone out on their ‘facts’ and they couldn’t/wouldn’t answer. Why do people post things they won’t ahow where they got their ‘facts’ from? Most times they are repeating, accepting whatever someone says.

11) Okay men, cross your legs on this one–male sex hormones (testosterone) decrease the life span of men–get castrated and you can add up to 20 years to your life–make a decision–sex or life? Personally to me life without sex isn’t living!

12) If pro Obama stay away from Home Depot and go to Lowes–the founder of HD is doing an anti-Obama ad for The Jewish Republicans (mmmm–is that the same as a Gay Republican?) Coalition here in Florida.

13) Quote from Felix Salmon in

“It’s notable that [most] of the 0.01 percent moaning about Obama are financiers of one stripe or another. Most billionaires are not financiers–you don’t see Mark Zuckerberg or Mike Bloomberg or Larry page kvetching about how Obama hates them. Financiers are the among the most alpha of all billionaires, the most aggressive, the most attuned to the idea that no matter how rich you are, if you’re not making money then you are losing. And from a purely tactical perspective it makes all the sense in the world for them to go on the offensive against Obama. After all, they might have it good now, but they would have it even better under Romney.”

14) For a sneak preview of my “Rock of Ages” review go to:

http://broadwayshowbiz .com /broadway /broadway-news /florida-tours /945-rock-of-ages-tour





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