It’s not Spring yet BUT…
On January 1 I saw I had an extra sweet potato in the fridge and I decided it has been awhile that I have grown a sweet potato vine that I would. It is so easy makes a beautiful window sill plant.

For those who haven’t done it before all you have to do is stick 3 toothpicks around the upper half and put it in a glass of water and the toothpicks will keep that upper half dry. Within a couple of days you will see roots growing under the water. I usually wait for 5-6 long roots before I transfer it into a pot with dirt.

It isn’t long–maybe 2-3 days–and the green leaves will start growing. Within a week I had 5 vines growing and they will soon start ‘draping’ the window.

The plant is the first thing I see when walking into the kitchen and the first thing I do is see what directions the vines are going and how many there are.

Mother Nature constantly amazes me!