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As I wrote in a previous blog I didn’t always listen to what my parents said nor did I usually do what they said to do but when they advised me not to discuss religion or politics with anyone I took that to heart.

It is easy for me to NOT talk about religion but when it comes to politics it is another story. I do try to stay out of ‘party’ fights though when any POTUS is insulted I will say something. Which party I belong to isn’t relevant to anything and how I vote is my secret and my right to keep it secret.

The problem I have with politics is that I have been a gay activist since I was 16 and after 62 years I know fighting for equal rights is political. I also know that many people out there want gay people to disappear, don’t deserve any rights and have stereotyped ideas of gay people. I know gay people are being beaten, bullied and killed just because they are gay.

I read posts by people who live in the Philippines and I see they are where the USA was in the 1950s and 1960s. They are anti-gay unless you are a feminine man then it is okay. It is hard for me to stay silent when I read garbage like that because I know there is a young Pilipino  reading that post and hurting.

I don’t see discrimination as a conservative or liberal problem but as a humane problem that people don’t care who they hurt and attack.

I am secure enough in my masculinity that I don’t have to wear a sign around my neck proclaiming that I am gay but I am not shy about it either. I will NOT stand by when you tell a stupid/hateful gay joke or laugh at one. I will not stay silent when a gay person is discriminated against.

For over 25 years I have been working with teenagers who are HIV+ and/or have AIDS. They have been thrown out of their homes, bullied and beaten in school and they hear their church leaders condemning them and they are eventually on the streets prostituting themselves for a bite to eat, a floor to sleep on or a place to take a shower. They are abused by adults and tossed aside when finished with. They come to us to die and many do until I can’t stay silent, until I have no choice but to get political.

Our organization fights for clothes, beds, food but most of all life saving medicine that the USA sends overseas while their own citizens are deprived of the same and die in our arms.

No I won’t fight Democrat against Republican, conservative against liberal, the haves and the have nots but I will rail against all of them for not caring for children who are seen as disposable by them.

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These are topics that don’t really fit into blogs I write and since I am so rarely political regarding Democrats and/or Republicans this is one place to get a couple of things off my chest. By the way I am VERY political when it comes to Gay issues-I have been since 1948 when I came out at the age of 12 and will continue as long as I breathe!

1) Treason is defined as ‘betrayal of one’s country to an enemy’–what is it called when Republicans on blog sites call for an overturn of the government with guns as many have done, especially at blogster? Are they out of their mind, as many come across as being? Why aren’t they willing to work with all Americans even though they think they are the only ones who deserve to be called Americans? They deny it but they hate Obama and if they know anything about this country they know he doesn’t have anywhere near the power Congress has and they can stop anything he does or wants to do or do they forget Republicans run the House?

2) Why do Republicans play games with ‘We the people’? John McCain has said that Hagel will win the nomination even though he blasted him and just recently 10 GOP Senators asked Obama to withdraw his nomination. Why does the GOP eat their own?

3) By the pictures above and what you will read the next two days if you see only one movie this year see “Amour”–it is a love story, one that shows you what love is all about and encompasses.

4) Looking at some sites on google maps I wonder if ANYTHING is private on the Internet?

5) I received a royalty check last month for a book I had published years ago–it was for $9.14 with $2.56 taken out in taxes–does that mean my social security will go up? LOL

6) I hate nicknames like Honey, Darling, Sweetie, etc., especially when whoever is calling you that knows your name. What ever happened to respect?

7) I keep on trying to cut back on blogging eliminating subscriptions and commenting. Many don’t respond, so why bother? And some I thought were interesting turned out to be boring. Also, as surprising as it might seem, some people are more egotistical than I am. There is one blogger who every post has to tell you how smart they are like you might forget or not know it or be a new reader–don’t they realize it makes them sound dumb? I, also, know teh world won’t come to an end if I don’t post every day but it was something I committed myself to 7-8 years ago when I started blogging and it is a hard thing to stop!

8) I love eating out but it is so hard to find others who do and are willing to go to a restaurant. It isn’t a case of their not being able to afford it as if I can, they can. I would eat out more but without a car it is hard to get to and back from places.

9) Do you prefer single pictures or collages? I have been doing the latter for the past year feeling it takes up less space not only on the blog but for the web site owner. Does it make a difference to YOU?

10) According to new rules I had to take in all 20 plants off the walkway. I now have a jungle in my aprtment, not to mention the ‘friends’ I brought in with the plants!

11) Looks like I will be having cataract surgery in May.

12) Don’t forget to read my “Who Will Win” and “Who Should Win” regarding the Oscars–the post tomorrow–feel free to agree or disagee–and don’t forget to watch the Oscars on Sunday at 8 PM (EST) on ABC–also I will be reporting on the show for


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1) GreatMartin (me) very seldom will write a political blog though he has, stupidly, made comments on people’s blogs and got raked over the coals for it–mainly when I asked for facts. With that said I must state that I was extremely proud of Hillary Clinton when she faced the anti-Obama, Republicans are afraid she may run for President (and win) in 2016–she was honest, straight forward, said how she felt, accepted the blame as much as McCain (whatever happened to this man? The past few years he has gone over the edge) wanted to blame her boss she told him, and the rest, that the buck stopped at her desk–she was honest with her feelings about the 4 dead Americans. Most important was her question regarding “What difference did it make whether it was a video or guys walking down the street…?” I really don’t think she will run for President but she did a super job as First Lady, NY Senator and Secretary of State. Thanks for your service Hillary!

2) I saw “Wicked” two years ago and will be seeing it again next Thursday!

3) Is it just me or do the new TV smoking ads turn you off as much as they do me to the point I turn them off–which is no way to get someone to stop smoking!

4) Doctor called me yesterday to tell me I have gout and that I would have to give up steaks and other red meats–my response? HA! I am now taking ANOTHER pill! UGH!

5) Regarding the picture on top–Allen and I went to the Courtyard for lunch again this week but Kimberly had the day off. We had Lee as our server and he did a good job. Allen had the Turkey club and I had the Roast Beef and  Swiss on rye sandwich both being good–looks like the  Courtyard is a winner! After we went to Double Dippers which had opened as Gelato Station–no more gelato just all kind of Hershey’s ice cream so we were forced ( like the guy behind the counter twisted our arms!) to have ice cream.

6) Tomorrow we are goping to The Gateway Theatre to see “Quartet”. Look for my review tomorrow night.

7) After going to the Post Office, CVS, Winn-Dixie, The Dollar Tree and The Home Depot we went all over looking for a place for Allen to get keys made–it was almost impossible!!! I didn’t realize getting a duplicate made today was so difficult!

8) Now I am waiting to find out whether we won the Lotto and/or Powerball Saturday night–don’t worry when we do I will still be blogging on Sunday!

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1. I am well aware this is going to be very hard for me to follow but it is ugly  reading political blogs anymore. There were two posts by rabid Gaza followers who ranted and raved and are not open to listening to anyone who questioned what they were saying. Honestly they sounded like the unbelievable shrieking Republican women–yes, women, who made Republican men sound like wimps–with their name calling and the “Woe is me” attitude before and after the election. I am going to do my best, though it will be hard to ignore stupidity, not to read any political posts or make any comments.

‘Free” cellphone–no camera, no texting, nothing but a phone

2. There has been a lot of talk about ‘welfare queens’ with long painted fingernails carrying iPhones, etc. Sorry I don’t know where you are seeing them because I go to the welfare centers and don’t see any just like there aren’t Caddies lined up–that’s all BS that one unknowing person tells another unknowing person and just repeats it. As far as FREE cellphones here is the LAW–a person below poverty level has a choice of getting a PLAIN cellphone with no camera, no texting, etc., with 250 free minutes a month or a lifeline credit on their AT&T landline–not both. (I think/hope that people have learned from Sandy–landlines worked in the northeast while many cell towers were down and not working.) I have the landline and take the credit but I can count on 1 hand how many calls I make a month and I haven’t made a long distance call in probably 20-30 years. Most poor people I know take the cellphone to use as 911 use when they are out andaboutjust in case. Sure there are a few people who ‘work’ the system  but stop this shouting about how YOU are paying for it–that is BS!

3. Folks who know nothing about it shouldn’t be talking about H.U.D., food stamps, etc., and other items that help people survive. Instead of talking about something that you have no idea about, do some research, see what the requirements are  and, whether you like it or not, your vision of a ‘welfare queen’ went out of vogue a long time ago. Today it is mainly families who are living in poverty and old people who have gone broke because they either didn’t have health insurance or used all their assets for a sick mate.

4. I would really love to read all your blogs but as it is I subscribe close to 100+ bloggers on 9 different sites and I come home in the evening to 90 notifications and 65 e-mails. I have to cut back so for those of you who post 3-6  blogs a day or those who are always posting YouTube songs accept my apologies for not reading/looking/commenting on all of them. Aside from my own commitment to myself to post 1 blog a day I do some other writing and am currently finishing up the last 2 books I will write.

5. I’ve read 5 post by nongay bloggers–both married or not–who do get or can get over 1,000 Federal tax deductions–and they wrote about a subject they know nothing about. They do provide gays with laughs but they keep repeating the same nonsense that in no way helps two people of the same sex who love each other get married. I am gay(no surprise there) and I have no, have never had, desire to get married but I know why people do (and it doesn’t have to do with that 1,000+ deductions–hey Republicans how about cutting those out for revenue? You would certainly see a change in attitude about who gets married!) but the way it will happen is if these so called allies would help get DOMA defeated.


6. I love the Tony and Oscar shows and never miss them. It looks like the male Oscar race will be the ‘hot’ one this year–so far I have seen 8 performances worthy of nominations and the ‘big’ movies have yet to come out!

7. I am just curious–where do you live? In the USA? Another country? What city? I live in Fort Lauderdale in Florida and I know people from all over the world blog.

8. I believe in ‘silly’ things like: the man in the moon and that the moon is made of cheese,–hey it makes me smile when I look at the moon and what’s wrong with that? I also believe in some serious things like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, etc.

9. Putting in a plug for–great gifts for the holidays!!

10. I have a few more things to talk about but I have a 20 pound (+ stuffing with pecans) turkey to roast, a bean, mushroom and fried onion casserole plus 2 pumpkin/ applesauce/marshmellow pies, not to forget the yams and salad.





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A PREAMBLE–FOLKS THIS IS SCARY BUT TRUE–FLORIDA IS YOUR FUTURE    This article is very long but must be read if you are at all political

1) I had 14 items listed here and I goofed and somehow deleted them–will try to remember them but I did empty them from my mind!!!

2) “The Affordable Care Act would extend Medicaid coverage to more than a million uninsured hard working Floridians–if Gov. Rick Scott would let it. But Scott continues to reject the promised $20 billion in federal funds over the next decade–even though the expansion would hike the State’s Medicaid budget by 2% over 10 years. When the uninsured get emergency  care the rest of us end up paying for it through higher insurance premiums. Yet Scott, who became fantastically rich in the health care business wants to keep on sending the tab to the majority of Floridians.”   Stephen Galvacky

3) If you know someone alone and are not financially prepared for their death tell them to check out  I believe Sherabella told me about this. I will blog about it in the future.

4) Why do some people feel they have to be nasty and rile up people just because their life is boring?

5) Why do people read blogs and not comment on them? Oh I can understand a few don’t know what to say but when you have 85 people reading a blog at least a few should say something right? LOL

6) In most profiles I will explain myself as being “Gay, Old and Poor”–I love being Gay and I love being old–hopefully I’ll win the Powerball and/or the Lottery and not be poor anymore though I am really only missing 2  things in my life: a car (and insurance for same) and more theatre going though I am very lucky I have been hired to review all the touring Broadway companies for and

7) I am so happy to wake up every morning!

8) Okay, I really don’t remember the others–see I can blame being old for that–one of the many GOOD reasons for being old!


“How to speak Republican” by Pete Kotz  Abortion: Reproductive issue best decided by preachers from rural Georgia who believe babies are conceived by using public rest rooms.



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1) IMO I find most, not all, Republican women bloggers are very sick physically, some at the edge of death. Does one thing have to do with another? Karma? They seem so bitter about so many things. A lot of us have had a hard life but we aren’t so hard on others. Again this is MY opinion.

2) Why don’t ‘political’ posters have a sense of humor? Why are they always so rude, crude and angry?

3) On to more pleasant subjects–I apologize that I don’t remember who posted this information (sherabella)? but they suggested I look into and I not only found it fascinating but an answer I have been looking for–I will write a post about it one day but if you are alone–no partner or family–possibly poor– this is a perfect answer for ‘the end’. My ‘heirs’ will be relieved to know all they will be getting are my bills and not any last minute expenses.

4) I blog on about 8-9 sites and it is sad when a good poster leaves and one is leaving because of the “angry and hate filled people” who blog on one of the sites. Hope you come back soon winning. The ‘bullies’ win again. Folks don’t ever let anyone chase you away from what you want to say.

5) As some of you know I LOVE the stage production of “A Chorus Line” and have seen over 100 productions from New York City to Dallas to Atlanta to Miami and, sadly the composer Marvin Hamlisch died this week. The only ‘upside’ of his death was that most TV and Internet reports showed a clip from “ACL”.

6) I’ve been having a lot of fun with if you have noticed my last couple of pictures plus they are great for making collages. I am also playing with photobucket but it is a little harder.

7) For those who asked, thank you–the dermatologist called me to tell me the mole was benign.

8) As usual, it being Thursday, Allen came over and we went for lunch plus he also took me to The Dollar Tree, Winn-Dixie, Home Depot, Publix, CVS, the post office, The Pantry, the cleaners to pick up my shirts–a busy, expensive, fun afternoon.

9) I learned a long time ago that if you want traffic on your blog site visit and comment on others. I find that to be true on some sites and not on others and then there is one site where I got 40 comments from one guy today–he waited a month to comment on my blogs–I had to tell him please don’t do that again–it takes up too much time just to open 40 e-mail notifications!!! LOL

10) Not that I am in a rut but Friday means movie day–choices are: “The Campaign”–Will Ferrell in another movie with crude, rude, penis jokes–I don’t think so–“Hope Springs”–I am not a Meryl Streep fan but I do like Tommy Lee Jones–“Bourne Legacy”–have I had my fill of ‘summer’ movies with car chases, special effects, fights?–“Ruby Sparks”–a ‘small art’ film where an author brings his heroine to real life–WHAT DO YOU VOTE FOR?????

11) Back to politics–am I the only one to find spending $33 mil on a Senate seat in Missouri to be obscene? And $175 Mil to BUY the White House? I’d say let’s limit the amount of money all candidates spend but we can’t even get term limits or Congress perks cut!!!

12) I wonder how much candidates for various offices spend, say, in Australia, England, etc.? And do your elections run for 2-3 years with TV, newspaper, magazine ads??

13) I don’t always eat at fancy places–for instance we had lunch at Boston Market today–but more about that over the weekend!




                                                               Mae West


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Can’t make this stuff up folks–this is politics in 2012!!

“Former state Senate Democratic Majority Leader Malcolm Smith is considering running for mayor — as a Republican — in a move that could shake up the 2013 mayoral contest.”   Read more:

1) I was going to rant against Republican and/or Conservative bloggers who are a breed of their own but they don’t know how to read just to copy and paste the party line and/or lie so on to other things . (Though I still might say something further down the list!)

2) Don’t remember where I read this but it is smart: “To the optimist and to the pessimist–this is from the realist–while you were arguing whether the glass was half full or half empty, I drank it.”

3) Former Senate leader Fist and 2 other Republicans said, “Stop wasting time and money and get with the Health Care program”–smart men.

4) I really enjoy watching “The Newsroom” and “Political Animals”.

5) Chick-A-Fil spokesperson Donald Perry died last Friday. Karma? Payback? Coincidence? Mother always said, “If you can’t say something nice about someone don’t say anything” so I won’t.

6) Get rid of negative people in your life and you will have a better life–they feed off you so ignore them.

7) When you get a compliment just say “Thank you”–don’t add a ‘but’.

8) Blogs are a funny thing–on 2 sites I get some responses, on 2 others I get more and on 3-4 I get a minimum of 10-12 comments. Unfortunately on 1 site the people are rude and crude, name callers, some not liking anyone who isn’t like them with a majority of them being two faced.

9) A couple of people asked, regarding my “7 Decades” series–from 1972-1979 I paid 35-37% in taxes and still had everything I wanted and needed.

10) I wonder why people blog if they are going to disable all comments unless they are so alone they have no one to talk to and get things off their chest?

11) I fell for it–there is a blogger  called myolympicjourney who caught me in her web–I thought she was really writing a journal regarding her first experience of participating in the Olympics when all the time she was a student doing  a writing experience–I usually read a blogger’s profile and first blog but I didn’t in this case–that’s okay as others fell into the trap also which makes me feel better! LOL

12) What makes Blu-Ray so much better than a regular DVD?

13) I never understood, still don’t, about the ‘friends’ topic–I have over 250 ‘friends’ on one of my blogging sites and I don’t know most of them nor have I ever heard from them after they requested to be my friend and I said yes. And if people are going to do ‘friends only’ posts why not just e-mail them?

14) Strange–all we hear is about the 1% and higher taxes–meanwhile AT&T has raised their residential rates and cut back their lifeline by $4 and no one, including AARP or other organizations, have complained that poor people are paying an extra $6 a month.

15) Did the Right really think the British did the Health Care segment in the Olympics opening night ceremonies purposely against them and not because they are very proud of their system and part of their history?

16) We lost some great entertainers recently like Tony Martin, Gore Vidal 86 Sherman Hemsley 74 and Chad Everett 74 with the latter 2 younger than me but Tony made it to 98.

17) Though most TV commercials are as annoying as hell there are a few I enjoy each time I see them like Shaq in the Buick ad where he points his finger at the camera at the end and gives that ‘cute kid’ smile. Then there is John Cleese in the DirectTv commercial and I crack up each time I see the ‘wooing my daughter’ Toyota and one in the Subaru where the father and daughter chase the rainbow. And I won’t get into the Ford ads with the hunk! LOL

18) Oh heck, I’ve been good up to this point so (if the shoe fits wear it) why are most Republican/Conservative bloggers homophobic but will die saying they aren’t while posting anti-gay blogs? And why don’t they ever answer a direct question with a direct answer? Why are they so quick to call people names and get uptight if you call them a name? And because Romney said something stupid in Britain why did Republicans have to write such horrible posts about Britain and the English knowing many bloggers are British?



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