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High School Graduation 1952

At 76 years of age the mind is full of memories and it is sort of a battle to keep the past away and live in your present. I don’t live in my past but I do think about it when I hear a voice or smell an aroma or  I see something that sort of gives me a flashback to 20, 40 or even 60 years ago. I’ll read a blog someone writes about music and it will touch off memories or like someone had as their topic “Little things mean a lot” and I’ll think of that old song that was such a big hit in ‘my’ time and that will set off a slew of memories.

I am about halfway through my series of “7 Decades of Adventures and Discoveries” I write a different part every other day and I go back to the past through looking at photographs of which I have thousands over the years, but for some reason only have my graduation picture from my teen years. Though I have pictures when I was in the Marines the last 2 years of my teens I don’t think of myself as a teenager at that time.) I, also, have diaries from 1967 though I have kept diaries since I was 10 I lost about 20 of them along the way.

1947 backyard of our summer home in Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey

Last night, just for fun, I picked a date in 1967, looked up what I was doing and then looked at the same date over 30 years. I could see all the changes I went through during those years and the people I knew, some remembered, many forgotten, shows and movies I had been to and with whom, people I had gotten ‘involved’ with and all remembered, trips I had taken, jobs I had and places I had lived.  It was a wild ‘trip’ and I might share it in a future blog–no, not all 30 years!!!

December 1944–My older brother’s Bar Mitzvah at the Essex House in Manhattan

That was then and this is now and I keep them completely apart but it is sort of a mental game remembering all that has happened in my life and I can see all the steps that it took to make me who I am today.

I tell every ‘kid’–that is anyone under 30 but it is not to late too start no matter how old you are–to keep a diary. Use your blogs to write about your life day to day and you can get as personal as you want if you keep one blog site as yours, not letting anyone know where it is, or as horrifying as it may sound keep a written, private diary. Should you decide to do it as a blog print it out every 6 months because even if you save it on your Internet you could ‘lose’ it.

Take pictures everyday, of your friends, people you meet, restaurants you go to, your family, places you go–sure you’ll be told you are ‘a pain in the ass’ but in 2033 when you see yourself with your arm around ‘Jack” you’ll be glad you were a pain in the ass!

I have forgotten so much and wish I had written in more detail and I did it for me, not for anyone to read in the future–actually I have told my heirs to burn my diaries, pictures and erase all my blogs because a lot could be embarrassing to others not to mention myself! I tell a lot in my blogs but not all–that is for my diaries!

Okay, why are you reading this–go take a picture of the world right outside your window so in 2033 you can tell people that don’t know what hot or cold or snow or rain is because ‘back in 2012 it was a lot worse and I have proof!’


“Books are the legacies that a great genius

leaves to mankind, which are delivered down

from generation to generation as presents

to those who are not yet born.”

Joseph Addison, 1672-1719 English Essayist

(From the Complete Pocket Positives)

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