This review may be tainted by something that happened at the end which I will get to at the end.

Going to the Parker Playhouse and having a groupon we decided to go to the Daily Melt. I tried to get the hours but couldn’t find them though I did see something about being open ‘morning, noon and night’ so we figured we would chance it as there are many restaurants in the Playhouse area just in case this was closed. We figured getting there around 6 we shouldn’t have a hard time finding a parking place in the middle of downtown, WRONG!!! There weren’t any meter spots open and the garage fees are outrageous. We did luck out about 3 blocks away.

When we approached the Daily Melt we noticed it was in the middle of a not so lighted street but there was a flow of driving and walking traffic, the latter people going to their cars to go home. There wasn’t anything on the front about hours but the place was lit and there was a young lady behind the counter. I distinctly got the feeling the place closes when the business ends. The time we were there one other customer came in. I don’t know if the late business warrants it being open after lunch.

It is another upscale fast food place where you are serving yourself. As far as I could see the whole time we were there the lady behind the counter was the only employee there.

I ordered the Turkey Club melt ($6.95) and added the “full melty” for $2.95 which included a soda and a bag of chips. The melt came with bacon, Swiss, Roma tomato and basil aioli on sourdough bread. They did talk about their pickle bar but it either had been taken down already or not even put up to begin with. I did ask about it but the bottom line is that it wasn’t available. The melt was no better or worse than other club melts I have had.

Allen ordered the Chicken Cordone Bleu melt ($7.95 plus the $2.95 addition) consisting of the chicken, ham, Swiss and special mustard on French Demi. He wasn’t very impressed with it and was the first time I can remember him not finishing a sandwich.

With the groupon, for which I paid $12 for $20 worth of food we about broke even not counting a tip Allen left her. The food was okay but without the groupon it certainly wouldn’t have been worth it and I know I won’t be going back.

Okay, now my gripe. As I said as far as I could tell she was the only one working in the restaurant. The door was wide open and it was very easy to see inside. Whether it is company policy or, as would be normal, she wanted to close up and leave as soon as we left, she started counting the receipts and the bank. All I know is I saw a load of bills and too many rolls of coins to count. Most of the money was in a clear plastic container. We are downtown where at 7 PM traffic has almost disappeared, it is dark outside and anyone could have walked in and taken the money and, hopefully, not harm her. The door should be locked, all the customers out of the restaurant and the counting of the money done in the back of the house or she should have a co-worker with her! I don’t want the young lady to be fired if she is not following a policy I am not aware of but neither do I want her to be hurt or possibly killed if this continues.
P.S. Restaurants devoted to grilled cheese sandwiches in many forms are the “IN” places now!

Can you read what it says on the wall?? LOL