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In 1948 I discovered South Florida when my parents took me and my brother on a vacation there. On and off I would live in Miami Beach for a year or two until I officially moved to Fort Lauderdale in 1979.

In the 50s I explored my sexuality along Ocean Drive where I would meet my ‘parents’/mentors/friends Joe and Albyn and I became one of their kids along with Perry, Joe the Greek and Bernie–and until the day they died they looked after, and were concerned about, us.

In the 60s I lived there for a year during my ‘drunk, party, cruise and the hell with everyone’ period. (By the way, in the 50s and 60s Miami Beach was wilder than it supposedly became in the 90s.)

In the 70s, while living in Memphis, I came down on vacation with lovers (first Bernie and then Johnny) so Joe and Albyn could meet them.

In 1979 when I had to leave Memphis I was coming down to relocate on Miami Beach but Joe and Albyn said I would be better off in Fort Lauderdale as Miami Beach was the pits then. I have now lived here for 34 years and have loved every minute of it–including the ‘down’ times.

Yes, we have a hurricane every now and then but 6 in 34 years isn’t a bad record and we haven’t had any the last eight. Yes, the humidity is high during the summer but from October to May we have temperatures during the day in the high 70s, low 80s and at night in the high 50s, low 60s. There are about 5-6 ‘cold’ days when it might get in the low 40s, high 30s at night and ‘only’ 70-71 during the day.

I don’t remember the last time I wore a suit and tie or sports jacket or sweater–only when I go to the theatre do I wear a shirt, trousers, sock and shoes–other wise I am in my uniform of flip-flops (shhhhhh—don’t tell my doc as he doesn’t want me to wear them!), short sleeved shirts and shorts.

I love the sun, the ocean, the sunsets, the people and the slower life I lead down here.

I have only ONE complaint about South Florida–you don’t dive into the ocean to cool off in the summer as the ocean is warmer than the land! :O)

We are having economic problems down here recently–more so than the rest of the country–but we don’t worry about heating our places in the smmer (in fact most people will wear sweaters to restaurants, theatres, movies, museums or other indoor places) wearing/buying ‘winter’ clothes and, MOST IMPORTANT, we see ‘eye candy’ 12 months a year!!!

Adding up the ‘cold’ days, hurricane days or heavy rainy days, maybe, we have one month of bad weather and I can live with that!

We also have people from all 50 States and from all countries around the world living here which makes for interesting friendships, festivals and culture!

And though there is no such thing as global warming—HA!–with a full moon coming we will have some flooded streets which waters the lawns and plants!

I am very thankful for living in South Florida.

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When I was young life was all about the next adventure and exploring. The next stage for me was being happy in what work I did and I was very lucky that I loved what I did whether it was being a professional waiter or helping/advising people to lose weight and, though I didn’t make a living at it , writing, which I always found to be a mental and physical joy and seeing a magazine article, a book or even a letter to the editor kept me on a high no matter what bad was happening in my life! After I retired , never having been a homebody, I all of a sudden found that where I lived was the most important thing in my life.

In 1999 I went from almost living in my car to living at Gateway. The previous year Perry told me about Gateway and I got on the list and 18 months–June 1, 1999 I moved in. I started my 15th year here and have gone from a small  1 bedroom apartment to a large one on the 3rd (top) floor overlooking an arm of the New River from Karen’s Bay and across the way million dollar homes and boats of all kinds . I have talked so much about The Point, at the eastern most part of the Gateway Terrace apartments that many feel they have been here . There is no way a person can’t feel terric just sitting in a lounge chair with the sun shing on them and all sorts of water activities for them to see and at night it is almost magical.

Today, as I have done many days over the past years, I took the Sunday edition of the Sun-Sentinel paper down to The Point to read and relax but things have changed, with me, in the past year. I love our swimming pool and spent many hours in it but this year, doctor’s orders because of meds, eye and ear problems I am not allowed in the water and shouldn’t be in the sun too long. Okay so I cheat a little on the latter but I keep my shirt on. Also I got into trouble with P.A.D. in my legs along with gout and tendernitis so I have had to stop wearing flip-flops. (Shhhh–don’t tell my vascular surgeon or pediatrist–I cheat by wearing them in my apartment!) Sitting on The Point with my shoes and shirt on isn’t the way I want to go but I made the choice to follow doctor’s orders to a certain extent. (I am now looking for a new vascular surgeon to tell me flip-flops are fine!!)

In spite of all that I envy anyone who couldn’t be me today. Sitting in a lounge chair, reading the paper, feeling the sun and a light breeze over me, hearing motor boats, people paddling along, sailboats going by, two hours of pure luxury and a feeling of peace is something everyone should have  when they are old and I have it!

Old age has been, and is, a blessing to me and when I read posts about people dreading getting older or fighting getting and being old I want to slap them!! As long as you are independent and can adjust to what life hands you being old can be the best time in your life.

I plan on writing a few posts about the bad and good about getting older and trust me there is a heck of a lot more good than bad. I can live very happily without wearing flip flops or going into the pool but I know I will be doing both again—very soon!

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