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King Tides & Free Cell   1 comment

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By 11 AM the canals have risen high enough to flood our grounds and by 4 PM the entrance and exit to Gateway Terrace was flooded high enough to stop any idiot going face!!Along with the tides we are getting hit with bands of rain and wind from Dorian about every 40 minutes for 5-10 minutes before it all becomes quiet again and the sun peeks out. We are at the end of the latest attack of rain and wind BUT no complaints as Dorian won’t hit us (or so the weather people are saying!)

“(This past) Friday marks the beginning of Florida’s King Tides, a term that refers to the highest tides in any given period. These high tides follow a cycle — after all, tides are caused by the moon and follow a predictable pattern. King Tides, sometimes called Spring Tides, typically appear in the spring and fall. (Though the term “Spring Tides” refers to spring as in the action, not the season). However, this latest round of King Tides in Florida will be strengthened by a dangerous alignment of factors: One, the moon will be especially close to the earth, an event called “perigee.” (Remember, the moon orbits the Earth in an elliptical pattern, so its distance isn’t always the same.) Two, fall tides in Florida are generally the highest of the year because the water is at its warmest point.”For the whole story 

The tidal phenomenon that could make Dorian’s impact even worse

On a lighter note, shortly after I discovered the Internet (Chuck’s ‘fault’) I discovered Free Cell and, every night, before I go to sleep, I play 3 games, usually winning 2 out of 3, beating Allen, Maria and Mary most of the time but very rarely do I lose! It’s my ‘sleeping pill’!

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Summer–Ft. Lauderdale –2019 Part 1   1 comment

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That’s Bette Davis–our major weather reporter–in the first picture you will notice the 30% chance of rain every day–being rainy season (more about that soon) she is not taking a chance of being wrong! In the second picture that are our lows! (Goes into the 70s at night it means we are having a ‘cold wave’!)And the third picture is from 6 PM until 10 PM and not a stray shower in sight–yet!

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Now that the cold spell of the past week has passed and we are back in the higher 70s, lower 80s,  I don’t care what any one says–I survived it! LOL

We broke or equaled low temperature records in South Florida. I know a lot of you have no empathy and/or sympathy for us but what about the poor tourist who is from your town and is spending $600? Oh right, ‘At least it is warmer here than there.’

For the record on both Thursday and Friday I didn’t even think of shorts, flip-flops and a short sleeve shirt.

The first thing I did on Thursday was to light 2 chocolate aroma candles and then the ’runway show’ started. What to wear? I tried on an old London Fog all weather coat that I haven’t worn since I left Memphis–in 1979! Okay it still fits comfortably which is a good thing to know! Then I tried on a cashmere sports coat that I last wore in New York in 1985. Then there was my suede jacket that I usually pull out once a year or, of course, my chocolate sweat shirt.

On Thursday I wore a shirt under a long sleeved heavy blue shirt while on Friday it was a shirt and that sweat shirt. You know it was cold–for us. And both days trousers, socks and shoes!

Okay to my freezing friends in Memphis, in North Carolina, New York, Philadelphia, etc., I will not talk about the cold the rest of this month!

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Is it Spring already? I know the calendar says January 20, 2015, but we are suppose to be in the 80s by Thursday! Everywhere I look outside I see flowers blooming from the cactus to the Cuban flower.

I walked into the Dollar Tree last week and aside from them having decorations for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter they also have their Spring planting products on sale from 4 packets of flowers or vegetables for a dollar to herb garden starter kits.

At the beginning of the month I planted a sweet potato and already the shoots for the vines are growing like crazy!

Best of all ‘MY’ bluebird family returned to the tree right outside my window and one of the family members posed on the top of the tree long enough for me to take a picture and then flew off.

Is it really only January?

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DON’T LAUGH AT ME!   Leave a comment

Big chill this weekend: Temps could fall into 40s

Yes, that what all the weather people in South Florida are shouting about, whether on television or the newspaper!! Tonight it will only go down to the 50s. Of course we also turn the clocks back tomorrow so it will get darker earlier and without the sun colder earlier.

The thing is I get no sympathy from you people up north. In fact most of you laugh at me but folks you have to realize that low 40s is COLD, VERY COLD, in South Florida. We don’t mind an occasionally low in the mid 60s but that’s low enough.

Now I am not going to moan and groan like those people who moved down here from Minnesota a couple of years ago and cry “My skin is thin and I get colder now being old.” Yeah and I have been taking blood thinners for 14 years and this time have lived here 45 years but just as I don’t care how hot and humid it gets–and it does–I don’t like/want the temperatures going below 70!

Don’t laugh at me when you are busy shoveling snow, scraping the ice off your car windows, slipping, sliding and falling on the sidewalks and/or someone hits you in the head with a snowball because if you laugh at me now I will send you a card when you have your next snowstorm or it is below freezing that says:
“Don’t YOU wish YOU were here?” with a picture of me sitting on the beach!

One thing about cold weather–I get to wear my 2 favorite cold weather shirts–these photos were taken 6 years ago.

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Folks you have to remember this is South Florida where we are known for our heat and humidity so keep that in mind!

Every year we have a ‘cold’ period and right now we are in the middle of it–we had a low of 45 degrees this morning and it is going lower tomorrow morning. I a place where the highs during winter are near 80 it isn’t fun to see 68 degrees as our high.

When the papers have headlines like ‘Brrrr! Chilly temperatures to continue this weekend’ ( you know you are in trouble!

And there are other signs it is winter in Fort Lauderdale:

You don’t have the a/c on or even need it.

I get a chance to wear my 2 sweat shirts–one saying ‘I don’t do mornings’ and the other ‘Give me some chocolate and nobody gets hurt’.  You have to remember the Fort Lauderdale ‘uniform’ is shorts, a short sleeved shirt and flip-flops.

There will always be a picture in the newspaper or on the TV weather report of a fat (they are always fat) French Canadian (sorry–if the shoe fits wear it) sitting on the beach sunbathing without a shirt and saying ‘This is a heat wave compared to where I just came from’)

It is always funny to hear and see people who moved here from New York, Wisconsin, Illinois, etc., wearing  double sweaters, scarves, leather jackets, etc., and talking about how their ‘blood has thinned out living here‘. Heck I take a blood thinner and have lived here more than half my life and I go out in 65 degrees wearing the ‘uniform’–I just wear the sweat shirts because I can without sweating! (Sort of defeating the purpose of the shirt!)

Yes we have 4 seasons down here and hopefully the winter season, at least weather wise, doesn’t last more than 2 weeks.

I understand what a brutal winter it has been in the Northern section of  North America  so far but everything is relative and when it hits 42 in Fort Lauderdale that is COLD!

I am not feeling the sympathy folks!!

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Rainy season in Florida is from June to September with hurricane season June  i to November 30. A couple of the problems with the rainy season is that hurricane season part though we have been lucky for 8 years as there hasn’t been one since 2005. Another problem is that Fort Lauderdale is built on coral so that even if we have 1-2 inches of rain streets get flooded. In the past week we have had over 10 inches of rain and the only thing that has saved us is a couples hours of sun can evaporate a lot of the overflow. Even with that we get mini wading pools all over Gateway. Granted they don’t stay long and they aren’t in the way still you are better off walking barefooted–remember when you were a kid kicking, splashing and jumping in water? For those who went to the movies how many were Gene Kelley singing and dancing in the rain?  And how many romantics have walked on the beach hand in hand or down 5th Avenue?

With all that Mother Nature doesn’t play games when it comes to hurricanes. When I lived in Miami Beach if a hurricane was heading here we would go to Coconut Grove and have hurricane parties which were a lot of fun but after the hurricane left it wasn’t fun seeing sand covering Ocean Drive and in some cases would fill the lobbies of hotels.

Before Wilma in 2005 there was Donna in 1960, Cleo in1964, Betsy in 65 and who can forget Andrew in 1992? Hurricanes, as amazing as they are, are not to be taken for granted. If you live in a Hurricane area be prepared. It isn’t hard and anything you have can be used if the storm passes by.

Meanwhile we will, with these heavy rains, make pools and watch the nutty drivers run through the high levels of water and wonder why their car stops and won’t start up again! And,then again, we will have  draught conditions after the season.

The major plus is that for at least a week in July in South Florida the temps have been around the mid 80’s and humidity hasn’t been THAT high!

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7 DECADES SERIES 2005 HURRICANES PART 30 B   Leave a comment

On Friday, August 26, 2005, hurricane Katrina hit Fort Lauderdale–on Monday, October 24, 2005, hurricane Wilma paid us a visit. I have a big tree out my back window that hides every bit of water that is a few feet behind it. Katrina had broken a few limbs and took off many leaves and then Wilma came along and completely shredded the tree and there was talk of it being cut down and removed but it seems the price was too high so it was left to do what it could. In a way I really couldn’t complain as I had a complete view of the canal and could see the boats going through to the bay and then the ocean. I, also, could see the million dollar homes across the canal, including the TV that was so huge I could watch programs on it from my apartment! It took 3 years for the tree to not only get back to where it was but become thicker, bigger, wider and more beautiful.

During Katrina the Gateway administration did a super job of taking care of the residents who stayed behind for one reason or another. They supplied water, food, a generator to show movies on the breezeway. We didn’t have electricity until the next day and all in all recovered with very little damage to the property. It was another story with Wilma.

We were lucky with Wilma in the sense that the evenings were cool which helped a lot as the electricity was off for a week. The phones were down for a day and there was a ‘boil water’ directive for 5 days. Gateway once again came through including using their bus to take us shopping as soon as the stores opened up. Most of us were prepared for hurricanes with bottled water, jars of food plus cans of tuna, chicken and salmon, though a few people didn’t have hand can openers!! Gateway supplied us with hot dinners a couple of times and the first two days made the bbq grill available for those who had food in their freezer.  Everyone helped everyone which lasted a little past the week! I heard from my sister-in-law, Ladye, Mel, Chuck, Robert from New Jersey and a couple of people I hadn’t heard from in years.

The Gateway and Galleria theatres were closed and the latter never opened. Many stores and gas stations had generators installed. Wilma went back and forth between being a #2 and #3 hurricane and  caused widespread destruction of critical infrastructure, including power, water and sewer systems.  There was significant damage in downtown Fort Lauderdale to older buildings, including the Broward County Courthouse, School Board Building, taller area office buildings built before the implementation of stricter building codes after hurricane Andrew The glass facades in a number of downtown buildings, notably the Templeton Building, were sheared off by high winds. All in all the  cost in South Florida came to about $17 billion but, once again,  Gateway was spared major damage with a few windows knocked out, a few tree branches falling on the cars that had stayed during the storm. Two days before Wilma hit David, the Gateway administrator, arranged with the Galleria Mall to allow Gateway residents with cars to park them there  in the under cover garage and the bus brought them back.  As I mentioned the tree behind my house  was completely bare and had lost most of its branches but it would come back better than ever.

I don’t want to say anything, even if I am not superstitious, but it has been 8 years since Wilma and we haven’t had a hurricane hit us—yet!- since then, but being in hurricane season now all we can do is hope we can make it 9 years!

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We had rain forecast for yesterday evening and again for this evening so I decided, around 4 PM yesterday when I felt a few rain drops to get ALL my potted plants out on the walkway. Hey folks I don’t know how it happened but I have 37 potted plants and it is a lot of work lifting and carrying them out but I did it.

Pictures numbered 1 & 3 show the east and south windows with some of the plants- -plus there are a couple on the bathroom and kitchen sill. Pictures 2 & 4 show the empty windows (except for a vine in picture 2 that I didn’t want to undo) and now the living room feels empty to me!! Pictures # 5 & 6 show the plants lined up on the walkway. My poor neighbor had to pull her wagon filled with packages carefully past them.

In any case the rains came at 6 PM and gave the plants a  good drenching. Nobody, except me, ever said I was smart (HUSH!) but if I was I would have brought them in after it stopped raining. I figured it was suppose to rain tonight so I would leave them out. Needless to say we had a very sunny day and by 3 PM all the dirt in the plants was dry!!!

Now I sit here waiting for this evening’s rain, hoping it will come soon as I have to get the plants back in before the morning when the crew comes into work and bangs on my door to take the plants in then–at 8 AM!!! COME ON RAIN!

Well it did drizzle for an hour so I am going to take them in–next Sunday how the seedlings are coming along!

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For the sixth year in a row, the city has 
decked lamp posts and trees along beachside roadways with custom-designed LED lighting. This year, more than 50,000 lights shimmered along Las Olas Boulevard and A1A, north and south from where the two roads intersect.

There were 113 white and blue starbursts, 44 snowflakes boasting 300 lights apiece, and 35 palm trees wrapped in 600 lights per tree. The centerpiece, constructed of 20,000 recycled bottles illuminated in colored lights, were two fishes, 20 feet tall, that appeared to be springing from the ground.


I was planning to take a ride down to the beach to take pictures of the fish and then drive (yes! I have Allen’s car! Well for another 2 hours after I post this!) back via Los Olas and get a few more pictures of the ICE skaters outside and the wares and fares being offered by the merchants of the Boulevard. The best laid plans, etc. The police have cut off the Sunrise bridge entrance and there is only one way traffic up to a certain point along the beach.

Efforts to keep the ocean from swallowing up a stretch of A1A continued Friday as high tides and rough waves kept eating away chunks of the beach, including palm trees, a seawall and the sidewalk.

City and state workers kept busy at the eroded section north of Sunrise Boulevard on A1A, where part of the beach side road has been closed off since Thursday.

Crews worked on moving sand from other areas to the depleted spot, primarily located at Northwest 16th Court and A1A. Workers also built a sand dune around a traffic signal pole that was in danger of being toppled.

It seems we will be having some  flooding along the beach a couple of more mornings and, at the same time, our parking lot is looking like a swimming pool. Ironically the Gateway swimming pool is being completely redone and there is no water in it! The rest of the city is dry and the weather is perfect ‘tourist’ weather with a lot of sun and near 80 degrees in the afternoon and high 50s late night/early morning.






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