AIR SHOW & BBQ APRIL 28 2012   Leave a comment

I took 10 video clips running from 12 seconds to 42 seconds–unfortunately it was a very cloudy day not to mention the planes went to fast and wouldn’t slow down for me so I didn’t get too many actual shots–okay, okay so I got one clip of a couple of the planes (see

airshow april28 2012 1   

I did get some interesting things here and there while video taping and I also learned a few things like I don’t know how to rename clips or add what’s in them once I have downloaded them!!

airshow manatee

This one if you look at the bottom of the screen at the 11 second mark you will see very briefly a manatee swimming by–I should have trained my camera on her but I was too busy trying to get some plane shots.

Also on the clip, plus a couple of others, someone has in vented a new ‘ride’ that he is trying to sell–you put a jet pack on your back which is attached to the boat and it propels you into the air and you just go along above the water.

airshow precious

Precious, is what she is called but that isn’t her name, has been here since she was a couple of months old–her owner died last year and one of the neighbors took her over–I think she is about 8-9 years old now–I did give the ‘lady’ her privacy–she was about to poop!

airshow point 5

Always seeing something new on the water–kayaks are not new but I never saw ‘fancy’ ones like with umbrellas!

airshow bbq 2

Before and during the air show the resident’s committee offered an all you can eat bbq for $5–since I had just finished breakfast I didn’t partake–everyone raved about the food–now Romney make have an elevator for his cars but he has nothing on senior citizens–in case you didn’t know it the latest ‘in’ thing is motorized wheelchairs and it seems like everyone here is getting one–if you haven’t seen them there are a couple in this clip–people use them to go shopping!!!

For these clips and the rest of them just go to:

Not that my ego needs it but how about subscribing to my YouTube page if you haven’t yet and you will be notified when I post a video clip or two–and, by the way, gladly will take any constructive criticism

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