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I started to leave a comment as a response to a friend who was writing about depression and the following paragraph was what I said before I realized that I was writing a post, having more to say, so here I am continuing what I wanted to say.

I have worked very hard most of my life to remain positive whether I have been arrested for being gay or being discharged dishonorably after serving my country and killing kids (probably my age at that time!) in the Korean War, being homeless, losing the love of my life, going bankrupt twice, going through congestive heart failure, etc., etc,–just living life. I do not know about depression except for the month I experienced it.

In July 2008 I went under severe depression not realizing this can happen after an aorta valve replacement. The surgeon didn’t give me any heads up and I was lost. I called my primary doctor in tears telling him I needed held and he got me to a psychiatrist. It took talking to him, medicine, doing all the things I had learned40 years ago to be positive no matter what. I spent 18 days working at getting those feelings back again. I was blogging at that time and most were positive blogs and idiots–that’s what they were–not knowing what I was going through made snide remarks like “He couldn’t really be that positive”–“no one feels that good all the time”–and so on. I worked hard to get out of that depression 24/7 like I worked, and work, to stay positive 24/7

To my friend:  I won’t say I know what you are going through and I won’t say I understand people who chronically have depression but I do know you have to fight it 24/7. You have dealt with it long enough now to know what you have to do– please do it–need help? Go for it! Need the meds? Take them! Need to be alone? Then be alone. Can a person going through depression do things to get out of it? I don’t know but I do know that people suffering from/with depression have to talk about it, have to educate others about what it involves and what it does to them.

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  1. I, too, experienced depression. Exactly 10 years ago, I went through the worst and it took me months to recover – almost a year actually. It was more chemical imbalance with a combination of ignorance of people surrounding me at that time, contributing more to the state I was in. Happy to say those people are no longer in my life.
    Yes, I made sure to help myself in whatever way I can – surround myself with better people; be alone when I need to; talk; ask for professional help.
    It’s a very tricky one to rise above on but with the right elements, it can be conquered. I hope your friend becomes well soon.

  2. (hugs) I’m glad you made it through and glad your friend has someone to turn to

  3. well put

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