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flower 1 may 2015

Thirty-five (35) years ago today I had my last drink. It was after a night of debauchery that accumulated in my driving home and not knowing that I did. I woke up in the morning and found out that I didn’t remember a thing that happened, where I went, what I did. All I know is that I felt dreadful—not in the sense I had a hangover but a feeling ‘something happened’ and I didn’t know what!

I spent the next two hours calling some of the guys I remember starting out the evening with and little by little I pieced together most of what happened.

One of the problems I had drinking was that I never looked or acted drunk and, because I tipped so well, the bartenders not only poured me strong drinks they also would give me 2-3 free nightcaps.

I looked at the television and listened to the radio news, also read quickly through the newspaper to see if I may have possibly been responsible for an accident or worse but none were reported on.

Without going through all the years I went traveling, not remembering very much about the places I saw, because I drank too much or the many friends I left in bars and/or restaurants because of the habit I had of ‘disappearing when I had too much to drink  I just knew that morning I wouldn’t take another drink. What solidified that promise to me was going out and not finding where I thought, or usually, parked my car only to find it parked in back of the building across 3 parking spaces.

Since that day I have not had a sip or taste of any alcohol not even allowing myself to order food cooked in wine as I know my thought process.

As much as I would love to have a drink—Dewer’s White Label or Johnny Walker’s red– when I make a toast on the evening of my 20th Leap Year birthday I will lift up a glass of diet soda!!

All I want to know is where has all the money I have saved not drinking for 35 years gone?!?!?

Oh yes though I was not to meet Bill until the end of 1981 I will never forget his birthday—yes, it is January 21!! Happy Birthday Bill!

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