I know most people complain about the heat and humidity in South Florida during the summer months but the only complaint I have is that you can’t dive into the ocean to cool off as the ocean water temperature along the shore is sometimes higher than the land temperature and that is hot enough to burn your feet walking barefoot on the sand.

With all that you will very seldom see the thermometer hit 100 degrees as it does everywhere else in the USA!  And don’t give me that ‘dry’ versus ‘wet’ heat. You don’t hear about someone burning their fingers opening a car door as they do in Arizona.

Yes we have rain showers in the morning/evening that raise the humidity enough to fog up your glasses when you walk out the door but most people who live here go from an a/c home to an a/c car to a a/c  job and very seldom go out into the heat. In fact you will see a lot of people carrying sweaters or light jackets wherever they go due to enclosed places having their a/c on.

Due to our summer weather we have beautiful blooms and boats not forget beautiful bodies—male and female—paddle boarding! Of the 80 years of my life I have lived more than half in South Florida starting at the age of 12 when we went on vacation in Miami Beach and I knew I wanted to live in South Florida!!

 And, yes, summer is coming to an end–weonly had a high of 87 degrees one day last week and it went all the way down to 77 degrees teh other night!!

Posted September 19, 2016 by greatmartin in LIFE, LIFE EVENTS, MOTHER NATURE, Uncategorized

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