1) “My Dad’s Christmas Date”–Netflix–Christmas Movie–1 hour and 31 minutes–it’s a Christmas film–a good one–though listed as a comedy it has a twist–his wife, her mother had died a few years ago and the daughter puts her dad’s profile on a dating site–yes, the laughs come but soon the tears will flow–IT IS A GOOD CHRISTMAS FILM

2) “On My Block”–Netfix–series–4 seasons–season 1–10 episodes–4 hours & 33 minutes–we follow 4 (3 males and 1 female) through high school from freshmen to senior year–completely different families, backgrounds, problems–THE 4 LEADS ARE GOOD ENOUGH TO HOLD YOUR ATTENTION THROUGH ALL THE SEASONS

3) “True Story”–Netflix–limited series–7 episodes–4 hours & 15 minutes–I am not a fan of Kevin Hart but he does a good job here–Wesley Snipes is getting the good reviews but he seems a little ‘off’ to me–they are brothers with Snipes always ripping Hart off–A GRADE B MOVIE EXTENDED 4+ HOURS–WASTE OF TIME

4) “Just Short of Perfect”–Netflix–Brazilian Film–1 hour & 34 minutes–she is VERY tall while he is VERY short and they fall in love causing problems with her family–POLITICALLY INCORRECT, SILLY, FUNNY –ENJOY

5) “Timeout”–Netflix–Indian film–1 hour & 38 minutes–a brother idolizes his older brother who is much admired in their high school–when he finds out his hero is gay he doesn’t know how to handle it–NOT A NEW IDEA BUT HANDLED BEAUTIFULLY AND WILL LEAVE YOU CRYING AT THE END

6) “Snowbound for Christmas”–Netflix–Canadian film–1 hour & 24 minutes–completely “G”–if the two male leads had changed roles this would have been a much more interesting film–A HOLIDAY FILM SO LET’S LEAVE IT AT THAT

Posted December 1, 2021 by greatmartin in ENTERTAINMENT, REVIEWS, Streaming

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