Being an admirer of Tyler Perry’s movies (except those where he plays Madea) I was looking forward to Good Deeds and though disappointing I would still recommend it. It is predictable almost from the opening scenes but it will have you crying, laughing, remind you of life lessons, show you more of San Francisco than you want to see, repeating too many of the same shots, as beautiful as it can look, and put a smile on your face as you leave.

Perry wrote the script about Wesley Deeds (Perry himself) who has inherited his father’s successful software business and follows a path his parents sent him on from the age of 5. He has an older brother Walter (Brian White) who saved Wesley from drowning when he was a kid and Wesley the last unpredictable act in his life. Their father passed over Walter and gave the business to Walter who doesn’t hide his resentment toward his kid brother.

Wesley is engaged to Natalie (Gabrielle Union) who knows everything Wesley will do and/or say before he does and says it, not to forget that he won’t deviate from anything he does when they have sex and because his mother Willamina (Phylicia Rashad) has decreed that he will marry Natalie. He meets Lindsey (Thandie Newton) who works as a janitor in his building, has, yes an adorable, child Ariel (Jordenn Thompson) and is homeless unknown to Wesley.

Okay, do we know where this is going and who will end up with who and how it will end? Sure we do but Tyler Perry makes the trip enjoyable in spite of a few missteps such as those what seems endless shots of San Francisco buildings, close-ups of Wesley being/doing ‘good’ over and over again, a whole motorcycle episode that doesn’t make sense but then, like in most movies, you have to check logic at the door.

The troubles that Tyler Perry’s characters get into are troubles that all people get into and though most of us won’t have a prince in shining armour, with money, help us out of trouble he makes us believe that it can happen.

It is no secret that Mr. Perry is doing better than okay in the entertainment field, writing, producing and directing plays, TV series and movies, but it would be great if he could cross over to the white audience as he deserves it!

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