The Point 3 April 23 2016

We had a few cold days—hey, a low of 48 and a high of 66 is COLD in South Florida—and then a few days later back to lows of high 60s and mid 70s. While so many around the world (No, not you Australia!!) are experiencing snow, sleet, hail, freezing temps, we have cats strolling along or taking a nap, flowers in bloom, a fairy catcher (don’t laugh—you’ll see) a chest naked paddler on the water, etc. Do I miss the 4 seasons? NO!

Winter slideshow


1 to 3 Yes cats have to take a rest in the sun.

  1. Yes you are reading it right—the box says it is a fairy catcher—so far no fairies caught but I will report on it next month!

5 & 6 The marigolds and morning glory flowers are from seeds I got at The Dollar Tree last February and now they are on sale again!

7 to 9 Boats and that bare-chested paddler enjoying The Point while some people up North are scrapping ice off their wind shields!

10 Signs of Spring to come

11 I LOVE this flower—a candy stripe Amaryllis

12 A collage around Gateway where I live.

As the old commercial use to say “Come on down!” Only a high of 87 degress today!

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