2 Easter Bunnies visited me!!   1 comment

Easter Bunnies April 12 2020
The New Zealand Prime Minister last week declared that the Easter Bunny (and The Tooth Fairy) are essential workers and I agree!
Two Easter bunnies visited me on Sunday, April 12, 2020.
Actually the female bunny is called a doe so Cathy was my doe who brought me a complete Easter dinner (not exactly kosher but it wasn’t for Passover!) with freshly baked ham topped with a slice of pineapple and a cherry plus a side of corn kernels and a side of mashed potatoes!!
I have often posted about John Black’s art and this is just another example so as male bunny aka buck jack this Easter Bunny I have a new plant to water!!  Actually it is not really as the leaves are made of a plant’s carpal modified leaf.  It is very delicate and I have to remember to NOT water them! (I am going to post another story about John and his art soon as he wants to explain some things that people asked about the last post!)

Have I told you I am a lucky guy with my neighbors?!?!

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One response to “2 Easter Bunnies visited me!!

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  1. Easter Bunnies who bring full plated dinners are the best!

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