Streaming reviews–week of September 28, 2020–2 MUST SEES!   Leave a comment

Inline image1) VIVA BROADWAY–Hear Our Voices–1 hour and 45 minutes–Presented by Broadcares as a fund raiser–available until Monday on youtube–so many good performances including a jaw-dropping tango, Antonio Banderas leading the cast of “A Chorus Line” in the finale “One”, a gentleman’s name who I must look up singing “The “Quest” from “Man of La Mancha” just to mention a few highlights. It also introduced me to Robin de Jesus–see next review.  A MUST SEE or on youtube

2) “The Boys in the Band”–movie–2 hours and 1 minute–Netflx–I saw the first preview of the play “The Boys in the Band” in New York City in 1968 and it immediately became part of of my top 10 legitimate plays. When the movie was made in 1970 with the original cast it is was a faithful version of the play. I have seen the play and movie many times since and was glad when I heard a new movie was being made with the cast of the revival and it is a good job. There are a couple of scenes to ‘open it up’ and not having it stagebound but except for one full frontal nudity underwater and a quite not explainable ending it sticks mainly to Mart Crowley’s original story.
The cast, on the whole, excellent with most making me forget the original players except Robin de Jesus who wiped the memory of Cliff Gorman playing Emory. Between seeing him sing last night on VIVA and seeing him act in “Boys” and having never heard of him before except as a 3 time Tony nominee I will definitely be following his career!
From the first time I saw the play I go caught up with the story arc of Larry and Hank and again did watching this and it still affects me.

A constant criticism I hear of the story is that it is outdated but I don’t see that! Take me anywhere and I will show you each of these characters very much alive and in our society today! A MUST SEE!

3) “Greenleaf”–series–5 seasons–5th season 8 episodes for a total of 5 hours and 31 minutes–I saw the first 4 seasons on OWN and was glad to see it transferred to Netflix–good old Southern melodrama with a strong cast–fun.

4) “The Last Word”–German series–season 1–6 episodes–Netflix–4 hours–we meet Karla and Stephan celebrating their 25th anniversary giving a party for family and friends–after everyone leaves the couple are ready to have sex and Stephan dies of an aneurysm–we follow Karla and her quest to survive by going to work at the funeral parlor as a Eurologist!  Not a must, nothing earth-shattering but fun!

5) “Sneakerheads”–American series–season 1–6 episodes–2 hours and 18 minutes–Netflix–Why did I watch any of the episodes after watching the first? I don’t know–maybe I thought it had to get better but it didn’t. I won’t be back for season 2 if they have a season2!! This is for you if you believe a pair of sneakers are worth $10,000 and not for you if you question that!



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