(SEE YESTERDAY’S POST AS TO WHY I AM REFERRING YOU TO THE REVIEW OF THIS MOVIE THAT I POSTED ON FEBRUARY 6:                                    http://www.blogster.com/greatmartin/amour-movie-review I WENT TO SEE IT AGAIN TODAY AND ALLEN SAW IT FOR THE FIRST TIME.)

These are topics that don’t really fit into blogs I write and since I am so rarely political regarding Democrats and/or Republicans this is one place to get a couple of things off my chest. By the way I am VERY political when it comes to Gay issues-I have been since 1948 when I came out at the age of 12 and will continue as long as I breathe!

1) Treason is defined as ‘betrayal of one’s country to an enemy’–what is it called when Republicans on blog sites call for an overturn of the government with guns as many have done, especially at blogster? Are they out of their mind, as many come across as being? Why aren’t they willing to work with all Americans even though they think they are the only ones who deserve to be called Americans? They deny it but they hate Obama and if they know anything about this country they know he doesn’t have anywhere near the power Congress has and they can stop anything he does or wants to do or do they forget Republicans run the House?

2) Why do Republicans play games with ‘We the people’? John McCain has said that Hagel will win the nomination even though he blasted him and just recently 10 GOP Senators asked Obama to withdraw his nomination. Why does the GOP eat their own?

3) By the pictures above and what you will read the next two days if you see only one movie this year see “Amour”–it is a love story, one that shows you what love is all about and encompasses.

4) Looking at some sites on google maps I wonder if ANYTHING is private on the Internet?

5) I received a royalty check last month for a book I had published years ago–it was for $9.14 with $2.56 taken out in taxes–does that mean my social security will go up? LOL

6) I hate nicknames like Honey, Darling, Sweetie, etc., especially when whoever is calling you that knows your name. What ever happened to respect?

7) I keep on trying to cut back on blogging eliminating subscriptions and commenting. Many don’t respond, so why bother? And some I thought were interesting turned out to be boring. Also, as surprising as it might seem, some people are more egotistical than I am. There is one blogger who every post has to tell you how smart they are like you might forget or not know it or be a new reader–don’t they realize it makes them sound dumb? I, also, know teh world won’t come to an end if I don’t post every day but it was something I committed myself to 7-8 years ago when I started blogging and it is a hard thing to stop!

8) I love eating out but it is so hard to find others who do and are willing to go to a restaurant. It isn’t a case of their not being able to afford it as if I can, they can. I would eat out more but without a car it is hard to get to and back from places.

9) Do you prefer single pictures or collages? I have been doing the latter for the past year feeling it takes up less space not only on the blog but for the web site owner. Does it make a difference to YOU?

10) According to new rules I had to take in all 20 plants off the walkway. I now have a jungle in my aprtment, not to mention the ‘friends’ I brought in with the plants!

11) Looks like I will be having cataract surgery in May.

12) Don’t forget to read my “Who Will Win” and “Who Should Win” regarding the Oscars–the post tomorrow–feel free to agree or disagee–and don’t forget to watch the Oscars on Sunday at 8 PM (EST) on ABC–also I will be reporting on the show for broadwayshowbiz.com


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