Last month I wrote about Karen Bay which is at the east end of the Gateway Terrace apartments I live at. There is always something going on the water whether it is boats coming and going or people water skiing, kayaking, canoeing, riding on paddleboards or going up in the sky with water jet packs.

In the late afternoon and early evening the dogs of Gateway come to The Point, bringing their owners–well, slaves–with them and it is fun watching them interact. In fourth picture you will see sister and brother Kiki and Meatball while in the fifth picture Meatball is giving the old gal Biscuit some sugar. Sometimes she will tolerate the kids but at other times you can see she doesn’t want to be bothered but she lets them have their fun. In the sixth picture, on the left, you will see the small black and white dog who belongs to my neighbor (or they belong to her!)

It is as relaxing a time for the dogs as it is for the residents who come and talk about their day and, yes, gossip! The all white dog belongs to one of the people who have their boat docked here.

I will come down around midnight when it is one of the most peaceful places in the world and even though the ‘big city’ is 5-6 blocks away you don’t see it or hear it. It is me, the moon, the stars, a cloud drifting by and a boat going by–the end to another perfect day! 

Sadly, since I wrote this Meatball’s, owner Irene passed away. 



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  1. Sounds idyllic, and pets really do rule their owners. Hope Meatball is ok

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