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I have been going over old blogs with intentions of deleting them when I came across this one that I wrote 7 years ago to a fellow blogger–he has come a  long since 2006 and is leading a life by example for those coming up behind him!
Hopefully your 30s won’t be as tumultrious as mine were but from what I have read, and talking to other men, it is 10 years of many changes.My 30s were a remarkable decade on a rollar coaster ride–I went from being a little fish in a HUGE pond to a HUGE fish in a small pond then back to the little fish in a HUGE pond again.
IF I had to pick one decade of my life that was the most interesting it would be the 30s.

I started off living in a very cramped studio apartment in NYC working as a waiter, spending every tip I made on booze and crusing–2 years later I was living in a magnificent townhouse in Memphis netting $90, 000 a year (remember this is 1970s money) with ALL expenses (food, clothes, car, etc.) paid for by the company.
I was interviewed on TV, the radio, in newspapers and magazines–traveling all over the States and the world.
5 years later I was in a very messy business, and relationship, divorce (too bad palimony wasn’t around then!) including appearances in court. I left the business and opened my own.
Left the lover/hater and met another.
I went through TA therapy (that’s when I read “Passages”) and learned who I was.
I was really at my peak physically–lost 100+ pounds (thank god for being young and the skin ‘elastic’)–modestly, a HUNK! And it was the time of real big changes in men’s clothing–see through shirts and trousers–but then there was the Neru suit.
I stopped lying–a big issue for my first 29 years.
I started to give up improbable dreams and faced reality. I became a man instead of remaining a boy. (If you aren’t familiar with it try to read or listen to the Charles Aznavour, a French singer and actor, “What Is A Man?” Or Paul’s–in “A Chorus Line”–monologue about discovering what a man is and there not being many.)
The 30s are the time you want to show the world what you have acquired–I was doing ‘bling’ before it was fashionable.
The most important questions I had–looking at myself, my friends, my world–were: 1) Is this what I want? 2) What do I want? By the time I reached 40 I knew the answers to both questions.

The only advice I can give you as you reach your 30s is to start taking care and being serious about your health–what you do or don’t do in your 30s will start showing up in your mid 50s to 60s.

Life goes faster as you get older so enjoy your 30s–the bad, the good and the ugly–get ready for changes–I wish you only the good!

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